Honey Treatment for Burns

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It’s amazing how many items in our kitchen can also be utilised in the bathroom and first aid kit. Honey comes out on top for a vast array of treatments for common ailments and illnesses. Honey contains numerous vitamins and minerals including vitamins A to E, calcium, iron, manganese and many more. Aside from reaping [...]

Treating Arthritis Naturally

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It’s estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of arthritis, making it the number one cause of disability. With almost 150 different forms of arthritis it’s easy for many forms to remain undetected and many people may not even know they suffer from arthritis. While the majority of sufferers [...]

Nature’s Top Two Solutions for Glowing Skin

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With the beauty industry estimated to be worth around $24 billion globally, it’s clear we hold high values as to how we present ourselves to the world. With multiple beauty companies wanting a piece of the growing industry, therein exists an overwhelming number of advertising of products claiming to turn the dullest of Cinderella’s into [...]

Instant Stress Reduction With Pranayama

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  Extended Exhalation Your sympathetic nervous system is your flight or fight mechanism which pumps out adrenaline, raises your heart beat and releases stress hormones. For certain tasks this is an essential mechanism, but if it goes on for too long it can lead to chronic stress and disease. A special Ayurvedic breathing exercise known [...]

Israel Has Used Medical Marijuana Since The 1990’s

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Did you know that Israel has been at the forefront of medical marijuana research since the 1990's? More than 10,000 Israelis take it to treat a range of illnesses from cancer, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis to Tourette's syndrome.   Cannabis is still an illegal drug in Israel, however certain companies have been given licences [...]

Acid Alkaline Balance Demystified

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Why We Get Disease According To The Acid-Alkaline Balance. There is a very popular theory that most chronic diseases are caused by a build of excess acid in the body over time. The concept of acid alkaline imbalance as the cause of disease is not new. In 1933 a New York doctor named William Howard [...]

Manage Your Anger With Holistic Treatment

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Achieve Anger Management Through Natural Means We all get angry sometimes, granted, but some people allow their anger to get the best of them and disrupt their lives (not to mention the lives of others!) The stressful lifestyles we live today oft times provoke us to a point where we all go crazy and could [...]

Remedies For Stiff Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Remedies For Stiff Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatments for neck pain can range from simply stretching or yoga to things like dietary supplements, or a combination of both that involves identifying the precise cause of the pain. Either way, there are holistic cures to help muscle pain in the neck and shoulders without addictive drugs. [...]

5 Essential Oils That Can Help You Lose Weight

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We're all aware of the many different causes for putting on extra pounds; lifestyle, exercise, genetics, stress, and diet etc. But there is new information available that says that essential oils can help contribute to losing a few! Note that while essential oils can contribute to helping you lose weight, they aren't a substitute for [...]

Joint Pain Relief Without Drugs In 5 Easy Tips

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When you're suffering from pain in your joints, it becomes hard to function and take care of simple tasks in your life. Just getting out of bed can be painful. You're probably used to reaching for the nearest pain reliever or anti-inflammatory that you can find, but this is just a temporary solution which is [...]