Breathing Exercises For Singing: The Most Powerful Breathing Exercise For Increasing Your Total Lung Capacity And Toning Your Vocal Chords


Your About To Learn One Of The Most Powerful Breathing Exercises For Singing and Improving your Singing:

  • You can Increase the amount of air being held in the lungs for better singing results, while also adding more length and control to the notes your singing.
  • Exercise the vocal chords to increase overall strength and longevity while singing.
  • Increase the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response thereby reducing any inflammation of the lungs.
  • Increase your overall mood while boosting your energy at the same time to allow for longer singing practice periods.


Many of us have probably felt moved at some point in our lives by an incredible singer or musician. It’s that song you just can’t seem to get out of your head. Or maybe it’s that specific vibration emanating from their vocal chords that strikes a chord inside of you.

It is also important to see how beneficial singing can be when we start to practice on our own. Whether your singing in the shower, performing at an open mic, or simply working with vocal tones, such as “AUM”.  All of these various vocal practices tend to bring about an enhanced mood and overall state of well being.

How This Breathing Exercise For Singing Increases Overall Performance:

Through the process of taking a deep breath in and doing a simple “breathold”, we actually allow for a greater expansion of the lungs and allow the lungs to get accustomed to holding larger amounts of air for longer periods of time.

When we add in the element of “toning” on our out breath, we then bring in another element of strengthening and exercising the vocal cords in a very gentle way, through the vibrations of the tone being emitted. If you aren’t familiar with the process of toning, it is simply the process of creating an extended vocal sound, usually a single vowel. This will create a specific vibration that can be felt within certain areas of the body, or targeted towards specific areas, like “chakras”.  


When we implement this toning on the outbreath of the breathing exercise, in a slow a controlled manner, this actually allows for you to exercise the diaphragm and bring about better control of the diaphragm. This process happens naturally as you slowly release the tone from your vocal chords. It is important to note that we are not adding any additional strain to the vocal chords by forcefully pushing the sound through our vocal chords, we are simply allowing the tone to flow with ease.

Additional Benefits To This Breathing Exercise:

Maybe your currently experiencing the common “head cold” or your dealing with some type of congestion in the lungs. With this breathing exercise we have the added benefit of producing natural steroids within the body that create an anti-inflammatory response. It also creates a natural rise in body temperature that helps to suppress infections. So if your dealing with some type of lung or throat infection this would be a great breathing exercise to assist the body in it’s healing process, and get you back to singing your heart out in no time.

Another benefit to this breathing exercise is the natural energy boost it produces. It does this through the activation of the body’s sympathetic nervous system for a brief period of time. There is also a production of hormones that occurs, such as dopamine and serotonin. This creates an all natural mood enhancement allowing for you to achieve a higher creative state and sing for longer periods of time. Some people tend to call this feeling a “flow state”, which allows you to enter into a much higher creative state of being.


*** It is also important to mention here that if you have a pre-existing condition of high blood pressure or heart disease it is very important to use caution and introduce this breathing exercise very gradually.***

How to do the Breathing Exercise For Increasing Your Total Lung Capacity And Toning Your Vocal Chords:

1.) Sit comfortably in an upright position with your back straight. Take a deep breath in and hold your breath.

Breathing exercises for singing

2.) Contract tightly all the muscles you would use when holding in your urine. This means contraction of the sphincter muscles, or the perineum as tight as possible.

breathing exercises for singing

3.) Hold your breath in while you contract your muscles it will enhance the effect and you will also feel a rise in body temperature. You can also close your eyes, lower your head and relax. It is fine to hold your breath here for as long as you feel comfortable, or until you can’t hold it anymore.

breathing exercises for singing

4.) Contract as long as you feel comfortable and watch your heart rate go up on your heart rate monitor by around 20-30 BPM.

breathing exercises for singing

5.) When you feel it is time to exhale, make a toning sound as you are slowly releasing the breath. You can utilize a tone that resonates most with you, or you can simply use an “AUM” tone. Allow yourself to feel the vibration of the tone and where it is moving in the body.

breathing exercises for singing

6.) As the tone comes to an end, hold your breath with no air in your lungs for as long as you can. Try and overcome the first urge to breathe. Repeat 3-4 times.

You can relax and return to normal breathing. You will also notice a drop in heart rate, even below your normal resting heart rate. This will occur for a few minutes as your nervous system has a reset.

breathing exercises for singing


Start by practicing this breathing exercise for 3-4 cycles per day and take notice of how it increases your total lung capacity, tones the vocal chords, enhances your mood, boosts your energy, and improves your overall well-being.



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