This article is about the best breathwork certification training available today. In this article you will learn:

  1. How to know what is the best breathwork certification training for you.
  2. What is the best breathwork certification training available today.
  3. What can a breathwork facilitator do after breathwork certification training.
  4. What can a certified breathwork facilitator potentially earn.

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How to know what is the best breathwork certification training for you.

There are many different types of breathwork and breathwork certification training. Here are a few of the most popular styles of breathwork certification trainings available today and brief description of the technique:

  1. Soma Breath – This is a complete course in pranayama (the ancient science of breathwork from India) from a both a scientific and spiritual perspective created by Niraj Naik, a pharmacist turned yogi from the UK. It has become a massive movement online with it’s signature Soma Awakening breathwork journey. Soma Awakening combines ancient pranayama techniques of diaphragmatic rhythmic breathing, breath retention, rhythmic music, and guided meditation that delivers the peak human experience and awakens the full human potential both physically and spiritually. Soma Awakening is now featured as a highlight experience at events and festivals across the world as it helps build love and connection when facilitated in group settings. Large corporations are now bringing Soma Awakening into their companies as a method to align the spirit of the company. Soma Awakening features one core breathwork technique called the Soma Awakening, but also features training on the 5 core pranayama breathing techniques that have the most scientific backing, giving you a ‘pharmacy’ of breathwork techniques for different uses. The training is done with the choice of online via live webinars and comprehensive video training or offline at retreats in places like Thailand and Spain. Soma Breath’s mission statement is to make sure Soma instructors are successful. They are investing heavily in building recognition and awareness of Soma Breath and breathwork in general to make it easy to fill workshops.
  2. Holotropic Breathwork Training – This is one of the first recognised breathwork trainings developed by Dr Stanislav Grof. Dr Stanislav Grof is a pioneer in transpersonal psychology and offers great training on dealing with emotional issues that may come up during practices like Holotropic Breathwork. The purpose of Holotropic breathwork is more geared towards catharsis and trauma release rather than reaching peak experiences. It focuses on one core breathwork technique that is circular connected breathing to dramatic music.
  3. Transformational Breath – Transformational breath is a very similar technique to holotropic breathwork and focuses on one core breathwork technique of continuous connected breathing. However Transformational Breath is more geared towards people interested in new age beliefs. It is a very established breathwork training that has been around for several years. Transformational Breath does not offer much scientific backing if you are looking to have a balanced training on breathwork. They offer both online and offline training, with different levels of training, but to become a certified facilitator you need to attend a retreat.
  4. Rebirthing – Rebirthing breathwork is one of the oldest recognised breathwork trainings developed by Leonard Orr. It is very much geared towards people interested in the new age and spiritual subjects. It is also the same breathwork technique as Holotropic Breathwork and Transformational Breath. There are many places offering rebirthing teacher training, however the best place to learn would be directly from Leonard Orr himself.

What is the best breathwork certification training available today.

If you are looking for a breathwork certification training that offers:

  1. A comprehensive system of breathwork practices from a variety of ancient, traditional and modern sources rather than just one technique.
  2. Scientifically backed method with a strong education on both physiology, anatomy, and psychology of how breathwork relates with healing trauma and reaching peak human states.
  3. Choice of both online and offline breathwork certification training.
  4. Approved by yoga studios as it is based on pranayama and yogic breathing practices.
  5. Affordable breathwork certification training with different levels of training allowing you to grow at your own pace.
  6. Training on how to fill workshops and get clients.
  7. Recognised brand that helps you fill workshops.

Then we recommend Soma Breath. Soma Breath currently gives the most comprehensive education on breathwork. You will learn the science, spirituality and receive training that has an emphasis on pranayama, the oldest and most scientifically validated form of breathwork that gives you a complete tool box of breathwork techniques.

Learn more about Soma Breath and how you can get started as a facilitator today here.

What can a breathwork facilitator do after breathwork certification training.

Breathwork is fast becoming recognised as a powerful method for reaching peak human experiences. Soma Breath is now being featured at major festivals and events worldwide. However pranayama breathwork that Soma Breath breathwork certification training offers is a complete system of breathwork techniques to solve a variety of health and emotional problems for your clients.

Here are some of the things you can help your clients with Soma breathwork training:

  1. Lower stress.
  2. Accelerate healing.
  3. Clear emotional blocks and trauma.
  4. Awaken super human potential.
  5. Strengthen cardio-vascular system, fitness and stamina.
  6. Awaken dormant functions of the brain.
  7. Improve memory, focus, motivation and cognitive function.
  8. Increase energy.
  9. Manifesting and the law of attraction.

Learn more about Soma Breath breathwork certification training here

What can a certified breathwork facilitator potentially earn.

How much you can earn is really down to how much effort you put into promoting yourself. Typically you can charge $20-30 per person for group journeys. A yoga studio can usually fill 25-30 people. This means you can earn $500-600 per class with usually 30% going to the yoga studio. If for example there are two yoga studios in your area that you can partner with, you can earn a decent monthly income if you can promote and market yourself.

Mindbodygreen recently did an article stating breathwork to be one of the biggest health trends for 2018/19. Pranayama is already closely associated to yoga, so finding a yoga studio to partner with should be relatively easy, and attracting clients too. However having some marketing training is useful. Soma Breath gives you a great support system and marketing training to help you fill your workshops. They also show how to attract corporate clients as well as festivals. Soma Breath also have a fantastic online community that is growing fast that you are allowed to tap into to attract clients both online and offline.

Soma Breath facilitators are earning a modest income completely online whilst living in low cost places like Thailand, on the beach!

Learn more about Soma Breath breathwork certification training here