Jamu Juice: A Renegade Recipe For Indonesia’s Cure-all Elixir

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Jamu Juice (pic courtesy of Natasha Zo) Ok so it may not cure everything, but Jamu Juice is certainly good for you! I first discovered Jamu juice when a close friend and fellow meditation music producer David Dunn came back from Bali raving about this yellow turmeric based concoction that is famous among [...]

Immune System Boost

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When your body is taken over with a cold, flu or virus it’s a sign your immune system is running low and in need of a boost. As the immune system’s primary function is to protect the body against viruses and infections, when our bodies are run down from overworking, high stress and other factors, [...]

Powerful Natural Remedies for Acne Treatment

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Think back to the early days of civilisation, the days when Clean & Clear and Clearasil were millennia away. Did you ever wonder what products they used to naturally treat acne? The key to longevity lies within nature and also taking care of what you apply to your body, especially in this day and age [...]

Sage Tea to Relieve Stress

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Sage is a herb which is not only popular for its culinary uses but for centuries has been renowned for its powerful medicinal properties.  It is native to many countries which surround the Mediterranean Sea and has been dubbed as the “secret to long life”. In great Roman mythology it is believed that sage could [...]

Honey Treatment for Burns

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It’s amazing how many items in our kitchen can also be utilised in the bathroom and first aid kit. Honey comes out on top for a vast array of treatments for common ailments and illnesses. Honey contains numerous vitamins and minerals including vitamins A to E, calcium, iron, manganese and many more. Aside from reaping [...]

Treating Arthritis Naturally

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It’s estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of arthritis, making it the number one cause of disability. With almost 150 different forms of arthritis it’s easy for many forms to remain undetected and many people may not even know they suffer from arthritis. While the majority of sufferers [...]

Amazing Cures By Neem Oil

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  I first got attracted to Neem after visiting India and being attacked by mosquitos most nights! I also heard that dengue fever had become a huge problem in India, and that was the last thing I wanted to get on my travels. In the past it was common for people to grow a Neem [...]

8 Traditional Cures For 8 Common Problems

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Tired Feet: Soak your feet in warm mint or rosemary tea for 15-20 minutes. You can also use a sponge bath for the elderly or bedridden. Motion Sickness: Get some candied ginger and take it with you while travelling, this tangy treat can also help digestion, quell upset stomach and nausea. Sore Working Hands: Put a few drops [...]

5 Holistic Cures For Stomach Ache

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 Afflicted by painful stomach aches? Check out these simple household remedies to relieve your symptoms. There can be many problems of abdominal cramps, whether originating in the digestive organs, aorta, appendix, kidney, spleen, or as a result of an infection inside of the body. The majority of women get painful cramps during their menstrual cycle, [...]

7 Holistic Remedies For Sore Throat Relief

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Getting a sore throat is usually due to bacterial or viral infection, but other causes can be cold weather, irritation, too many cold drinks, smoking, as well as allergies, dry air, or straining your vocal chords. Viral infections can last several days, while bacterial infections can last longer and develop into more serious complications. These [...]