5 Essential Oils That Can Help You Lose Weight

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We're all aware of the many different causes for putting on extra pounds; lifestyle, exercise, genetics, stress, and diet etc. But there is new information available that says that essential oils can help contribute to losing a few! Note that while essential oils can contribute to helping you lose weight, they aren't a substitute for [...]

Joint Pain Relief Without Drugs In 5 Easy Tips

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When you're suffering from pain in your joints, it becomes hard to function and take care of simple tasks in your life. Just getting out of bed can be painful. You're probably used to reaching for the nearest pain reliever or anti-inflammatory that you can find, but this is just a temporary solution which is [...]

Amazing Healing Effects of Patchouli

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Patchouli is a cousin of mint, native to South Asia which has a very pleasant and recognizable scent. Traders who would take long trips between India and England in the 1800s would include patchouli leaves in their merchandise as a type of holistic mothball, and to let buyers know that the clothing they were purchasing [...]

5 Surprising Holistic Effects of Wintergreen

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Wintergreen is a perennial native to the Northeast United States, and has been a part of traditional Native American medicine for thousands of years, and was even a part of the folk medicinal tradition of European settlers in America. They were used, as today, for augmenting the flavor of candy, toothpaste, mouthwash, and beverages, and [...]

Can Music Heal Stress?

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As a pharmacist I was well aware of the mindless prescribing of medications that deal with stress related disorders like high blood pressure, insomnia and anxiety. If only doctors and pharmacists were more aware of the more natural remedies for stress, such as music proven in various studies to be as effective as the drugs! [...]

Can Meditation Change Your Genes?

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I was told by my G.P and consultant that I will never recover from ulcerative colitis without medication or even surgery. This is because chronic auto-immune illness is a genetic problem and so I will always be a victim of my genes. Since I recovered from a chronic stress related illness using natural techniques like [...]

Doctors Using Sound Healing

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There is a growing number of doctors and health care professionals integrating conventional medicine with energy healing modalities like sound healing. As a pharmacist who used sound healing a tool to recover from a chronic illness, news like this is very refreshing to see! I have been working with one of the top sound healers [...]

7 Ways Music Improves Your Health

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“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ~ Billy Joel I remember the time I gave birth to our son, the doctor played some relaxing, soothing tunes that helped ease the process of [...]

Prince Reveals Secret of ‘Sonic Geometry’

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Prince, one of the worlds most famous music artists, and a big inspiration for me too, recently made a startling revelation about music. Prince held a Facebook Q&A with over 4000 questions sent in from his fans and this is the only question he answered... "Greetings my dear Brother... Please address the importance of ALL [...]