Wise Advice to Unhappy Doctors, Bankers and Hippies

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If you were told to give one universal piece of advice to everyone you’ve ever met… What would it be? Please don’t answer this fast. There are many good universal advices… like drink more water, make more love, stretch, breathe deeper, laugh more, et cetera et cetera. Yet i’m not talking about the kind of [...]

Fasting: A prime tool for fitness, mental clarity and longevity

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Fasting has been around for as long as we know mankind. It's curious how most religions have some kind of fasting practice. Even by not being religious myself, it is pretty agreeable that religions are often misunderstood scriptures on how to live a prosperous life. And for some reason, fasting has an important role in these [...]

Meditation Cured My Depression Without Harmful Drugs!

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Meditation Cured My Depression & Alcoholism Without Harmful Drugs   This article is based on a letter we received from a man who had learned to meditate using our simple and effective meditation advice... In December 2012, I lost control of my life. Late in December 2012, I had a real bad breakdown. I mean [...]

Natural Remedy For Panic Attacks

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Panic Attacks Panic attacks can strike some of us more than most, but we all go through it sooner or later. Working to beat a deadline, pay a bill, especially in this economic recession paying attention to your mental health is important! Some natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks [...]

Five Tips To Improve Memory And Boost Brain Power

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  Five Tips To Improve Memory And Boost Brain Power Memory loss has become a problem from stress, unhealthy diets, smoking, drugs, alcohol; and memory loss is a common result of this type of lifestyle. Without having a long-term memory, we could not remember the basics of life and who we are. The prospect is [...]

The Mind-Body Connection: Can Consciousness Influence Immune Response?

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  The Mind-Body Connection: Can Consciousness Influence Immune Response? A study was carried out by "The Iceman", a Dutch practitioner named Wim Hof, who is a world-record holder famous for his ability to resist cold. A team of researchers of the RadBoud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands studied Wim Hof's method, making use of special breathing exercises, [...]

Can Music Heal Stress?

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As a pharmacist I was well aware of the mindless prescribing of medications that deal with stress related disorders like high blood pressure, insomnia and anxiety. If only doctors and pharmacists were more aware of the more natural remedies for stress, such as music proven in various studies to be as effective as the drugs! [...]

Can Meditation Change Your Genes?

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I was told by my G.P and consultant that I will never recover from ulcerative colitis without medication or even surgery. This is because chronic auto-immune illness is a genetic problem and so I will always be a victim of my genes. Since I recovered from a chronic stress related illness using natural techniques like [...]

Mind Power Experts – D.P. Mahesha

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D.P Mahesha one of India's top mind power experts believes that poor concentration is the root cause of most of the problems in your life. Trypnaural brainwave entrainment, meditation, neurobics, breathwork and memory exercises are all methods D.P Mahesha uses to improve his concentration. He also claims that doing these exercises are essential for your [...]

Doctors Using Sound Healing

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There is a growing number of doctors and health care professionals integrating conventional medicine with energy healing modalities like sound healing. As a pharmacist who used sound healing a tool to recover from a chronic illness, news like this is very refreshing to see! I have been working with one of the top sound healers [...]