Dr Alex Pardhy Explains Why Psychedelics Psilocybin, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Can Be Life Saving Medicines

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This is a brand new Renegade Podcast and discussion with a Renegade Doctor, Dr Alex Pardhy on the current evidence for the use of psychedelics as potentially life saving medicines. aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1naWZOSmY5SFZUbw== Medical Use Of Psychedelics: A Discussion With Dr Alex Pardhy visit https://www.alchemywithalex.com for more information, articles and advice from Dr Alex Pardy FB [...]

What Happens To Creativity With Soma

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Meditation has been proven to provide amazing results to the practitioner, however, what happens when you do SOMA style meditation? One of SOMA's newest instructors, an amazing artist called Lisete Alcalde, posted online a painting that came to her during meditation. Here's the painting: Here's what she said: Soma has awoken incredible emotions for me [...]

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

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Breathing Exercises For Anxiety In this article you will learn two simple breathing exercises for anxiety that you can do whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed, or simply want a wave of good feelings wash over your mind and body. We will also talk about how and why these techniques work. Symptoms of Anxiety Shallow breath : Breathing [...]

Constipation Relief – Best Treatment For Constipation 

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Constipation Relief - Best Treatment For Constipation In this article we will provide you with some simple, natural treatments you can easily do from home for constipation relief. We will also talk about some advanced techniques and supplements that can help you tremendously and some other information you might want to be aware of.  Symptoms of [...]

Opening The Third Eye Leads To Much Weirdness…

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Opening The Third Eye Leads To Much Weirdness... In this special article you are going to learn about a method for opening the third eye that has gained massive popularity and is still spreading fast around Asia through special educational franchises in places like India, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia for creating superhuman abilities in both [...]

Scientific Evidence For Psychic, Paranormal, Spiritual, Magical and Supernatural Phenomenon

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Scientific Evidence For Psychic, Paranormal, Spiritual, Magical and Supernatural Phenomenon Healing at a Distance Astin et al (2000). The Efficacy of “Distant Healing”: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials Leibovici (2001). Effects of remote, retroactive intercessory prayer on outcomes in patients with bloodstream infection: randomised controlled trial Krucoff et al (2001).Integrative noetic therapies as adjuncts [...]

Breath – Amazing Breathing Exercises

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Breath - Breathing exercises to maximise the quality of your life Science has long believed that our automated systems such as heart beat, digestion or body temperature regulation were outside of our “conscious control”. However, there is now scientific evidence that our autonomous systems can be “influenced” and this can be achieved through breath and breathing exercises. In [...]

Benefits Of Meditation Music On Your Brain Function

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Benefits Of Meditation Music On Your Brain Function Its no secret that meditation on a regular basis will do wonders for your wellbeing and mental health. But did you know that when accompanied by specially designed meditation music it can literally transform your brain. If you have ever searched for meditation music before, you should be [...]

Coeur et Coherence Cardiaque

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Le Coeur et La Coherence Cardiaque. Comment contrôler ses émotions, arriver à son plus haut potentiel et ralentir le vieillissement Récemment, la science est arrivée à la conclusion que le coeur a une “intelligence” propre. En fait, c’est l’organe du corps qui produit le plus grand champ électromagnétique. Il y a plus d’information envoyé du coeur au [...]