How to unblock nose naturally in minutes

In this article about how to unblock nose and clear stuffy sinuses you will learn:

  1. How to unblock nose naturally in minutes using a very simple method for free.
  2. What causes blocked noses and stuffy sinuses.
  3. Why this method on how to unblock nose actually works.

Here’s a simple, quick technique to unblock nose naturally almost instantaneously:

1 – Take an Deep Inhale (through the nose)
2- Exhale Fully
3- Squeeze your nose
4- Close Your Mouth
5- Hold Your Breath
6- Nod Your Head Repeatedly

how to unblock nosehow to unblock nose

7- Keep nodding your head until you can’t hold your breath any longer
8- Repeat it at least three or four times until you feel your nose completely unblocked
9- Try not to gasp on your inhale after you cannot hold your breath any longer, take as small inhales as possible when you are repeating the process and do not breathe through you mouth. Always through the nose.

You’re going to feel a bit warmer and your face goes a bit red. These are the signals that the technique is working.

How to unblock nose naturally – Why does this work?

By doing this technique, you’re raising the levels of CO2, Carbon dioxide, in your body. This is a good thing because CO2 acts like a vessel dilator. It dilates the blood vessels around your nose and sinuses and it corrects the ratio of oxygen entering the cells, which helps lower inflammation and is great to unblock your nose naturally in minutes.

This technique is actually also great for dealing with High Blood Pressure and Chronic Inflammation. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity, holding your breath with no air in your lungs is a very ancient technique with amazing healing capacities.

Actually, there’s a ton of scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of such a simple technique. I talk about it a lot in my programs and we’ve already helped hundreds improve their lives tremendously with this one and other incredibly simple techniques.

I recommend you go through this free webinar to learn more on how to increase the quality of your life through simple breathing techniques:

As a side note, the nodding of the head doesn’t really do much, it’s simply a little trick to keep your mind occupied so you can hold your breath longer to unblock nose naturally. The real trick is in holding your breath, with no air inside, for as long as possible.

Learn more here.

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