Benefits Of Meditation Music On Your Brain Function

Its no secret that meditation on a regular basis will do wonders for your wellbeing and mental health. But did you know that when accompanied by specially designed meditation music it can literally transform your brain. If you have ever searched for meditation music before, you should be aware of the millions of different meditation tracks that you can find on youtube.

So how exactly do you know which is the best meditation music for you?

In this article we will explain in detail which is the best meditation music, based on scientific data, plus some resources on where to find the most advanced sound technology available today.

How Can Meditation Music Benefit You?

There are now literally thousands of research papers showing the clinical evidence for the benefits of meditation and meditation music. It is a proven drug free technique for reducing stress, overcoming depression and even improving your brain function, memory and IQ.

Studies also found that music enhances the effects of meditation and science has pushed the development of sound technology to develop the best meditation music to benefit the brain and human consciousness. 

This type of sound technology is based on the concept of Brain Entraiment which seeks to “vibrate the brain” into a desired frequency. The emotional state of your mind in any moment such as feeling happy, sad, frightened, sleepy or excited can be measured as a frequency.

With sounds, designed in a specific way, you can literally trigger any state that you want. For brain entrainment, sound scientists have explored binaural beats which over time has evolved to Trypnaural brainwave meditation music.

Listen to Shayana in the video below to see an example of Trypnaural Music at work. Close your eyes and let the music transform your brain. (you can find more music like this here)

Now let’s dig into this concept and see how you can benefit from them.

The History Of Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Music

Enthusiasts of brainwave entrainment claim that it has been noted or used in one form or another for centuries (long before the invention of EEG equipment), from shamanistic societies’ use of drum beats to Ptolemy noting in 200 AD the effects of flickering sunlight generated by a spinning wheel.

In the 1930s and ’40s, with then-new EEG equipment and strobe lights, William Grey Walter performed some of the first scientific research on the subject. Later, in the 1960s and ’70s, interest in altered states led some artists to become interested in the subject, most notably Brion Gysin who, along with a Cambridge math student, invented the Dreammachine.

From the 1970s to date there have been numerous studies and various machines built that combine light and sound. These efforts were aided by continued development of micro circuitry and other electronic breakthroughs which allowed for ever more sophisticated equipment.

One of the more frequently noted scientific results claimed for brainwave entrainment was the discovery of binaural beats, published in Scientific American in 1973 by Gerald Oster. However, Oster’s research actually makes no mention of brainwaves. With the development of isochronic tones by Arturo Manns, combined with more sophisticated equipment, these discoveries led to many attempts to use claimed brainwave entrainment techniques in the treatment of numerous psychological and physiological conditions.

The New England Journal of Medicine presented an article by Dr Vincent Giampapa, MD, Former President of American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr Giampapa suggested that brainwave entrainment “dramatically” affects the production of three hormones directly related to longevity of life and overall well-being; cortisol, DHEA and melatonin:

  1. Cortisol is found in the adrenal glands and impacts learning and memory, as too much of it is bad for us and causes stress. This is reduced by binaural beats
  2. DHEA is used as a “source ingredient” for virtually every “good hormone” the body needs, and helps our immune system. This is increased by meditation and brainwave entraiment sessions
  3. Melatonin is the chemical produced during deep, natural sleep. Having lots of DHEA and melatonin is good for us. This is increased by brainwave entrainment using binaural beats.

Research by Dr Margaret Patterson & Dr Ifor Capel, Marie Curie Cancer Foundation Research Department:

Brainwave Entrainment which takes the user into the Alpha brainwave state aids production of serotonin, a hormone which increases relaxation and eases pain.

Our ancestors were actually very advanced when it came to the knowledge of meditation, music and its benefits to your body, mind and spirit.

They were also the pioneers of brainwave entrainment, the ancient tribes of Africa were actually using the techniques 1000’s of years ago.

Entrainment is the process of using one source (A) that is vibrating at a particular frequency to alter the frequency of another source (B) so that both B now vibrates at the same frequency as A.

This technique is also possible with your brain as your brain has a predominant frequency that it operates at when you are in different moods.

All brainwave entrainment really is, is the process of changing the frequency of your brain to the same frequency of an external source. 

There are videos where you can see water reacting differently to different kinds of music. The same thing is happening to your brain all the time, so the right music will trigger the state that we are looking for.

How Can You Control Your Brainwave State?

For many thousands of years spiritual sages, rishis, yogis, shamans, monks, whatever you would like to call them, have been perfecting the process of meditation to induce deep meditative states. They would have to spend many hours a day of quieting the mind and controlling their brainwave states.

This is just not practical for most people to do in their hectic modern lifestyles. Fortunately with the advances of modern technology you can, using specially designed audio technology, train your minds to achieve whatever states you want just after a few short sessions.

The old method of doing this was using specially embedded binaural beats.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

When you play two separate frequencies in each ear, say 140 Hz and 149 Hz, the difference in frequency is 9 hz. Your brain compensates for this difference and a third tone of 9 Hz is experienced. This will result in your brain being raised or lowered and tuned into the desired frequency. This is how binaural beats are produced. Headphones are essential for this to work. This is the least effective of all brainwave technologies. You can learn more about Binaural Beats in this article

If you’re curious to read the story behind the Renegade Pharmacist, you will find that to heal from a terrible illness I used music and meditation to a great extent. Actually, being a musician and a scientist myself, I decided to explore Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats. I actually started creating music on my own and through the natural evolution of my own research, this sound technology gave birth to Trypnaural music.

I’ve personally pioneered Trypnaural music and it is now used worldwide by leading scientists, physiologists and many other experts. Even a scientist and good friend from NASA gave the green light to Trypnaural music as the most advanced form of music and sound technology since it uses the most effective and current of all brainwave entrainment technologies available today called “Isochronic Tones”.

How Do Isochronic Tones Work?

These are by far the most powerful and effective brain trainers. They work by utilizing equal intensity tones and increasing the pulse speed to synchronise your brain with the rhythm. The more distinct and clear wave from harmonises your brain much faster. The effects can be felt without headphones, but using them will greatly enhance the effects.

This actually mimics the same methods used by the ancient tribesman who would beat their drums to a special rhythm. But here it is specially designed to produce exactly the right frequencies in your brain to produce the desired benefits.

The combination of isochronic tones with specially designed sounds and music is what creates the full tryptamic effect of state change, stress reduction, serotonin, melatonin and DMT production.

Free Trypnaural Meditation Music Videos

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Meditation Music For Manifesting & Law Of Attraction

As I mentioned before, I had a terrible illness almost a decade ago. Being a pharmacist you can imagine my frustration when I was confronted to a life or death decision. I had been let down by the system I had dedicated my life to.

You can read about my story here. 

I had to find a solution on my own and over time, meditation and music played a HUGE role on my recovery. After healing myself, I started helping others by sharing this information. Over time, this is how I developed Trypnaural music along with SOMA breathwork. Not only I was able to pioneer the advancement of sound technology and develop some of the best music for meditation, but I also developed a cutting edge meditation style with simple yet potent breath work techniques that combine self hypnosis, meditation, NLP, pranayama, Trypnaural technology, with many other principles. 

All of this is called SOMA and it’s now available online. Is very easy and you can start by joining a free webinar where I’ll be guiding you through our very own meditation techniques. I promise you will feel amazing right away and will understand the main practice plus some of the science behind it. 


Much love peace,

Niraj aka The Renegade Pharmacist