Stress Relief – One Simple Breathing Exercise To Prevent And Cure Chronic Stress

This article is about a special breathing exercise for stress relief, preventing and curing chronic stress.

You Will Discover:

  1. How chronic stress affects your health.
  2. A little known breathing exercise for preventing and curing chronic stress.
  3. How to use the same breathing exercise for stress relief

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breathing exercise stress reliefIf you have been dealing with chronic stress for most of your life or find yourself in stressful situations all the time, this might just be the all natural breathing exercise for stress-relief cure you’ve been looking for. Nowadays it can be rather easy to find yourself in stressful situations, especially if your living in a major city. Even the act of driving to work can put you in a state of chronic stress before you even get to work. Not only that, but their are a slew of other symptoms and problems that arise if this type of stress occurs on a regular consistent basis.

Some Of These Symptoms May Include:

  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • anxiety

Now having mentioned all of these symptoms, I can guarantee you there is no shortage of pharmaceutical drugs out there for each one of these symptoms.

So here’s where the important question comes in, are you willing to put your life at an even greater risk by engaging with these pharmaceutical drugs? Which, mind you, have a whole slew of short term and long term side effects that could potentially give you a whole other set of medical problems that you never asked for in the first place.

What Other Options Are There?

So what if you knew that you had another option available to you? One that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical drugs and happens to be all natural. Not to mention, it’s free! All it takes is a little effort on your part to set aside 10-15 minutes every morning to do this breathing exercise for stress relief and to prevent and cure chronic stress.

How You Can Influence Your Physiology With This Simple Breathing Exercise For Stress Relief

So let’s go into some scientific explanation as to why and how this breathing exercise actually works. The entire principle behind this breathing exercise is that we are actually consciously activating our parasympathetic nervous system in the body. This system deals directly with what is referred to as your “rest and digest” response in the body. This part of the nervous system, believe it or not, actually produces the same types of hormones and chemicals very similar to the types of pharmaceutical drugs that people take for sleep issues, blood pressure issues, and digestive issues.

So now we can see why it would be so important for us to be able to switch this parasympathetic system on at will. The whole idea is to eventually let go of dependency upon pharmaceutical drugs, and to empower yourself by taking control of the functions of the body to heal yourself.

The body actually has an incredible built in ability to heal itself, we just have to come to a better understanding of how to work with the body instead of against it. Essentially by activating this parasympathetic system more frequently, we are actually harmonizing the body and bringing it into greater balance. The reason for this is because most people that are under a lot of stress or in a state of chronic stress, are actually over-breathing or breathing too fast. Breathing in this manner for a time actually stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which floods your system with oxygen.

Contrary to the belief that we need more oxygen (i.e. oxygen bars), oxygen in high volumes and high concentration for extended periods of time can be harmful to the body. It can actually cause oxidative damage within the body.  This is why so many people take antioxidants, because they literally help to reverse the effects of oxidative damage due to taking in too much oxygen. The sympathetic nervous system also activates what is called your “fight or flight” response. In actuality, we don’t really need that much oxygen, we simply need the right amount of oxygen.

So essentially, this breathing exercise for stress relief helps us to get the right amount of oxygen in by shortening the amount of breath we take in, and by extending the exhalation breath. As we’re breathing out, we’re breathing out for a much longer time. This extended exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and has a beneficial calming effect on the nervous system. Not only is this happening on a physiological level, but you can actually feel yourself moving into a more relaxed state as you are practicing it. Through practice, this is how to we can create a more relaxed state within the body at will.

How To Do The Breathing Exercise For Stress Relief, Preventing and Curing Chronic Stress

Heart Rate Before:

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

1.) Sit in a comfortable place.

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

2.) Take a quick inhalation through your nose or mouth.

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

3.) Purse your lips and gently breathe the air out of your mouth very slowly as though you are breathing out through a straw. Do not tense your muscles while doing this- be as relaxed as possible.

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

4.) Imagine as the air is flowing out that a wave of relaxation is flowing down your body from top to bottom.

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

5.) Repeat the process several times for around 5-10 minutes a day. The longer the duration the deeper the effect at lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

6.) You can also hold your breath for a few seconds before repeating the next round, gradually increasing the breath hold time each time you repeat for an even deeper effect.

Heart Rate After:

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

 Enhancements To The Breathing Exercise For Stress Relief

  • Converge your eyes towards the tip of your nose or up towards the third eye (this helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system as well).

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

  • You can also make a long humming sound on the out breath such as AUM or any sound or single tone that feels good. You will feel a vibration going into your head that should feel very relaxing.

Breathing Exercise Stress Relief

  • If you want to improve your digestion, do this directly after a meal.
  • If you want to sleep better, do this just before your about to go to bed while your lying down. You may find that you will fall asleep much easier and wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.

In closing, your best results will come from consistency and maybe even doing a little more each day. This is where you will really start to see the benefits of this breathing exercise for stress relief, preventing and curing chronic stress. It is also important to notice that you can be conscious about the way your breathing throughout your day, then it becomes more of a habit.

If you knew that it was possible just through this simple act everyday to rid yourself of pharmaceutical drugs for good and extend your life, wouldn’t you give it try?

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