Breathing Exercise For Healing And Longevity

In this article we will be covering a breathing exercise for healing that will extend your life and bring about advanced healing to any preexisting health conditions in the body.

What This Can Do For Me:

  • Improved Cardiac Health
  • Increased Endurance
  • Anti-aging/ Longevity
  • Rapid targeted healing
  • Increased Brain Health

How Does This Affect Your Heart Health?

With this breathing exercise for healing and longevity we can drastically improve the overall health of our heart. This is simply because this breathing exercise improves circulation, due to a process called vasodilation, which assists in the growth of new blood vessels. Which can also increase the production of more capillaries between your veins and arteries.

Your capillaries are an absolute essential part of your circulatory system and the distribution of oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. This higher production of capillaries then allows for a much more efficient use of the O2 and CO2 levels within the body, which improves your overall circulation within the body. This then improves the overall efficiency or your heart’s ability to pump blood through the entire system.

How This Affects Your Endurance and Overall Athletic Performance

If you happen to be an athlete, or simply would like to improve your overall level of fitness and stamina, this breathing exercise for healing and longevity is also great for that. When the overall circulation and blood flow is improved, combined with the production of more red blood cells and new blood vessels, we now have an overall increased functionality and higher levels of athletic endurance available to us.

How Does This Breathing Exercise Create An Anti-Aging Effect Within The Body?

One of the most important aspects of this breathing exercise for healing and longevity is how it actively releases stem cells within the body. The way we actively release these stem cells is actually through an induced state of intermittent hypoxia which causes low levels of oxygen within your blood.

Russian doctors  have actually been researching this particular hypoxic state for decades now. They have also been studying the affects it has on professional athletes and their ability to perform at higher levels. Yogi’s have known the benefits of creating this state within the body as well. They have actually been practicing it for thousands of years.

How We Can Stimulate Stem Cells and Cell Repair With This Breathing Exercise For Healing and Longevity?

When the stem cells are released within the body they can flow to where they are most needed. Stem cells happen to have this amazing adaptive ability to morph and grow into any other cell within the body. This is why there is currently so much research being conducted right now on stem cells and how they can effectively be used to heal, regenerate, and grow new tissue.

Not only are we able to naturally release these stem cells within the body, but we can also target very specific locations within the body through the act of intention and focus. Through utilizing this breathing exercise we can focus our intention, and even contract the muscles in the area we would like to heal. This then tells the body to move the stem cells to that specific location. This can be a very empowering process of self healing and understanding how to work with your body on deeper levels.

How Does This Breathing Exercise For Healing Affect Your Overall Brain Health?

When the overall blood flow is improved along with a much more efficient O2 to CO2 exchange, naturally you have improved functionality within all of the other organs in the body. One of the biggest organs that happens to be affected by this is your brain. This is simply because your brain tends to utilize lots of oxygen on a consistent basis. This added efficiency of oxygen use within the body may also lead to activation of dormant parts of the brain, as well as improving cognitive function, and memory.

How To Do The Breathing Exercise For Healing And Life Extension

1.) Do this in the morning on an empty stomach.

breathing exercise for healing and life extension

2.) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Place the pulse oximeter on your finger tip if you are using one.

Breathing exercise for healing and life extension

3.) Inhale fully through both nostrils filling up your lungs completely with oxygen. You can get more oxygen into your    lungs by imagining your nostrils are in your back as your lungs are actually located in your back. Imaging breathing into your back and expand your chest fully, including your abdomen that should rise first.

breathing exercise for healing and life extension

4.) Then as you get to the top of your inhalation, just simply let go and exhale with no force letting the natural weight of gravity let the air out. As you get to the bottom of your exhalation, breathe in fully again, so you create a continuous connected rhythmical breathing pattern. Imagine your lungs are like bellows, breathing in more oxygen to make the fire burn brighter. Do 20-30 repetitions until you feel tingly or light headed. You will see your SpO2 rise up to 99 or even 100% signaling you are fully saturated with oxygen.

breathing exercise for healing and life extension

5.) After the final exhalation, hold your breath with absolutely no air in your lungs for as long as you possibly can. By making a hissing sound you can completely remove all the air from your lungs. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it as you practice.

breathing exercise for healing and life extension

6.) At around 1-1:30 minutes of holding your breath you will notice your blood saturation begins to drop fast. Go gradually and slowly at first till you are able to comfortable drop your saturation below 90%. This is usually enough to trigger the positive stress response in the body. Around 80% is when the magic starts happening with your stem cells. The more advanced technique I call SOMA is a ritual that will get your saturation down even lower to 50% and below.

Breathing exercise for healing and life extension

7.) When you can no longer hold your breath, take a quick inhalation, then quickly exhale again and repeat, by making a hissing sound to remove all the air from your lungs. This will further bring your oxygen levels down. You can repeat this a few times for as long as you feel comfortable.

breathing exercise for healing and life extension

8.) Do at least 2 rounds of the full sequence above that consists of continuous breathing followed by breath holds each morning on an empty stomach.

9.) During the breath holding phase you will go into a deeply relaxed meditative state. Use this time to visualize stem cells moving around your body and going to the areas where you want new cells to be generated or healing to occur.

10.) ADD ON: When you can no longer hold your breath, you can perform the “Energy” breathing exercise on your final inhalation and tightly squeeze the area you want to send the generated energy for healing and rejuvenation to. You can then hold your breath on the inhalation for as long as you feel comfortable.

Through this breathing exercise for healing and longevity we can truly start to access our full potential and create profound self healing for ourselves. That is why I would say this breathing exercise is all about longevity and life-extension. You are literally extending your life expectancy by utilizing the stem cells within the body, and bringing about higher levels of day to day operating efficiency within the body.



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