Tackling Insomnia Naturally

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Insomnia remains the most common sleep complaint amongst Americans. Many sufferers of insomnia find their day to day lives deeply affected by a continual lack of sleep and often present to their doctor, resorting to a recommended prescription of sleeping tablets. Although this is a short-term fix, sleeping pills come with many potential side effects [...]

Essential Oils for Anxiety

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While everyone has experienced a level of anxiety in their life, others experience the feelings of worry, apprehension and fear, to such an extent that it interferes with their daily life. Anxiety is common amongst an estimated 40 million US adults. Some of the worst symptoms that come with anxiety are panic attacks, flashbacks and [...]

The FDA & Big Pharma Alliance: Lethal Cover Ups

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It is undeniable that the FDA has a controversial relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Not a single psychiatric drug is released into the market for administration until the FDA gives its safety a legitimate stamp of approval. But how legitimate is this stamp and are these drugs truly safe? The medical cartel formed by the [...]

Meditation Cured My Depression Without Harmful Drugs!

By |May 6th, 2015|Mental Wellness, Spirituality|

Meditation Cured My Depression & Alcoholism Without Harmful Drugs   This article is based on a letter we received from a man who had learned to meditate... In December 2012, I lost control of my life. Late in December 2012, I had a real bad breakdown. I mean really I was in a terrible place, [...]

Manage Your Anger With Holistic Treatment

By |May 3rd, 2015|Life Style, Mental Wellness, Therapeutic|

Achieve Anger Management Through Natural Means We all get angry sometimes, granted, but some people allow their anger to get the best of them and disrupt their lives (not to mention the lives of others!) The stressful lifestyles we live today oft times provoke us to a point where we all go crazy and could [...]

Natural Remedy For Panic Attacks

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Panic Attacks Panic attacks can strike some of us more than most, but we all go through it sooner or later. Working to beat a deadline, pay a bill, especially in this economic recession paying attention to your mental health is important! Some natural remedies for anxiety and panic attacks [...]

Five Tips To Improve Memory And Boost Brain Power

By |May 3rd, 2015|Mental Wellness, Spirituality|

  Five Tips To Improve Memory And Boost Brain Power Memory loss has become a problem from stress, unhealthy diets, smoking, drugs, alcohol; and memory loss is a common result of this type of lifestyle. Without having a long-term memory, we could not remember the basics of life and who we are. The prospect is [...]

5 Alternative Remedies For Alcoholism

By |April 17th, 2015|Holistic Cures, Life Style, Mental Wellness|

Fighting Back Against Alcoholism With Natural Remedies Alcoholism for some is a very serious chronic disease, and treating it, and other addiction, as a disease, makes sense. Homeopathic medicines take into consideration that nutritional deficiencies and such problems may be affecting a person's psychological condition, and tries to find a balance to lead to wellness. [...]

Ginkgo Bilboa Can Help Alleviate Anxiety Disorders

By |February 23rd, 2015|Holistic Cures, Mental Wellness|

Anxiety seems to be rising more and more as society turns inwardly on itself, is beleaguered by debt, and stressed by a system which seems to increasingly favor some people over others. For those wrestling with anxiety, the Gingko bilboa herb may help you find some relief naturally without taking addictive and harmful anti-depressant and [...]

Amazing Healing Effects of Patchouli

By |January 15th, 2015|Holistic Cures, Mental Wellness, Therapeutic, Traditional Medicines|

Patchouli is a cousin of mint, native to South Asia which has a very pleasant and recognizable scent. Traders who would take long trips between India and England in the 1800s would include patchouli leaves in their merchandise as a type of holistic mothball, and to let buyers know that the clothing they were purchasing [...]