How To Do Meditation: The Ultimate Guide To Meditation In 4 Steps

How to do meditation: Focus on a specific idea or set of words for an extended period of time. The focus is internal, commonly silent, however there’s a big variety of styles and schools of thought.

Meditation is loosing its stigma. Study after study reveals more and more its real benefits to everyone- even in the smallest increments. So, ditch any reservations against meditation, this isn’t solely for monks and new-age hippies. You can also experience the healing and stress reducing effects of meditation.

In this article we will:

  1. Touch on different schools of thought regarding meditation
  2. Elaborate on their commun elements
  3. The scientific proven benefits of meditation
  4. How to do meditation from home
  5. What is the most cutting edge form of meditation available today

Different Schools of Thought

It can be overwhelming to look over all the different schools of meditation. There are hundreds of spiritual practices and their nuances make for even greater depth of exploration. Zen Buddhism and Vipassana meditation, for example, focus on mindfulness and presence. Mantra meditation, found in various practices such as Kundalini Yoga, is another example of a different approach. The practitioners will repeat specific words or phrases over and over again while performing poses or simply chanting along relaxing music.

However, one thing that all meditation and yogic disciplines have in common is the importance given to the breath. Actually, there are meditation practices solely based around breathwork, such as Pranayama. When you ask others “how to do meditation” you will often hear things like “pay attention to your breath” or “breathe consciously”. This is because all of these practices have understood that “mastering your breath” is the entrance door towards good health, peace of mind and even reaching amazing skills such as self-healing and manifesting dreams and desires on purpose.

How To Do Meditation At Home – 4 Steps That Permeate All Meditation Types

Think of meditation at home like the easiest workout you’ve ever done:

  1. Warm up – Take a moment to get settled in a chair or a cushion. Lying down is also ok, however you want to avoid falling asleep. The idea is actually to be fully alert.
  2. Start to break a sweat – begin your mantra or breathing exercises. Maybe take a moment to organize or observe your thoughts. But no matter your practice style, you’re going to spend some time releasing any expectations or judgement regarding the quality of your practice. A teacher once tole me, “Meditation is like being cool. If you’re trying, you aren’t doing it.”
  3. Start your work sets – This can be thought of as the meat of the session. You’re either spending time in that mindful breathing state, or completely involved in your mantra meditation. Whatever it is, this is usually the experience of ‘time dilation’ or a complete loss of exactly how long you’ve been meditating. Don’t think this will happen on your first attempt. Don’t think it will happen on every meditation attempt, especially without guidance or instruction. Simply allow it to be whatever it is.
  4. Cool down and stretch – Most meditation practices have a moment of simply ‘being’. Reacclimatization to your reality can be an imperative moment. Allow yourself to an account of your own life.

The Positive Effects Of Meditation In Your Life

Meditation has a ton of health benefits. Some of them may be a bit hard to believe. Luckily, science is putting in its two cents, slowly finding evidence to these thousands of years old beliefs. Here’s what meditation can do for you once you figure out how to do meditation:

  • A greater sense of meaning about your life and you’re experiences
  • Greater heart health and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower all causes of mortality
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved mood in times of extreme stress
  • Ability to self regulate chronic pain
  • Greater attention span (hello parents?!)
  • Increased compassion
  • Psychomotor control (mind body motor connection)
  • Improved sleep and possible insomnia treatment
  • So many more, and new benefits being discovered consistently

Quick Tips On Beginning Meditation

Start small. Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t expect to reach enlightenment after your first session.
Follow through, even if you’re skeptical. Meditation works for even the strongest non-believer!

Finding a meditation practice that works can be a trial and error ordeal. Instead you can work with a trusted source in the meditation community in the proven system with dozens of first time meditators turned lifetime believers.

What To Look For In A Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is like choosing a teacher. You wouldn’t pick one at random. You’d pick a teacher who has authority, who has developed their own beautiful practice and observed what meditation can do in the lives of those that choose to be their students. Guided meditation can be a hypnotic experience.

Just like meditation on its own, don’t expect every guided meditation to blow your socks off. As a general rule, if you’re working with an authority, you’re headed in the right direction.

SOMA – Fun Meditation Accesible To Anyone

SOMA Breath was created to bring the best of all meditation styles to a single, effective practice. Based around fully scientific evidence mixed with ancient wisdom, SOMA will show you how to do meditation by integrating the most cutting edge aspects of this practice in a very fun and modern way. Experience a combination of affective Holotropic Breathwork techniques with guided mindfulness sessions that will allow you to consciously influence your mind and body.

SOMA Breath will show you how to do meditation in a fun way that gets results.

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