The Female Orgasm has benefits that go far beyond physical pleasure. Fully proven scientifically, and this also applies also to men, orgasmic energy is the best state for changing the chemistry and the anatomy of the brain.


female orgasm

When we are trapped in the same life, same conversations, same thoughts and behaviour patterns… it’s because we haven’t changed the brain.

To create the life that we want, we must physically change our brain and orgasmic energy is one of the most efficient fuels to achieve this.

Sex and physical stimulation isn’t actually needed to attain these feelings. Orgasmic energy and euphoric states can be reached through simple breathing techniques. This applies to Men too!

For thousands of years, Yogis have been using it to “Reach higher levels of consciousness” or “God”. “Orgasmic Energy” is actually the Key element in the world of Tantra, Kundalini and spirituality. 

Some others have called this practice “Sex Magic“. Many iconic characters in history have created secret cults and even used this knowledge in the dark and occult arts of magic and black magic. Some scholars and historians are even tracing back the use of Sex Magic all the way back to Jesus!

Could orgasmic energy have been the secret ingredient to Christ’s performance of “miracles”?

Since this knowledge is so powerful, it could explain why many societies have put so much effort in repressing sexuality as a sinful, shameful thing. By taking away such power from the people, the elite would have a much easier time controlling the masses.

After all, Tantra, Kundalini, “Sex Magicians” and now Science agree: Sexual Energy is our strongest power. 

In this article we will discuss:

  1. How the Brain can physically change (Science talk)
  2. What happens in the brain during a female orgasm (and males too)
  3. How to reach an orgasmic state using only your breath
  4. How to use this info to reprogram your brain and create your ideal life
  5. Where to find the best training in this topicfor men and women
  6. Kundalini Awakening and Tantra 
  7. Sex Magic, Witchcraft, Jesus and distortion of the truth in history – The Secret kept away from the masses



Female Orgasm and Male Orgasm – What Happens In The Brain?

Although the male and female bodies are completely different, the brain has the same responses during an orgasm. One key difference however is that the Female Orgasm lasts longer, so it’s easier for scientists to keep track of Brain Imagery.

The energy of ORGASM was found to have the most impact on our ability to actually change our brain, thought processes and hard wired habits. Basically the hard disk of our computer.

This is called Neurogenesis.

During the peak of an orgasm, the brain releases huge amounts of Dopamine and Oxytocin. Some compare this to a shot of heroin.

Let’s talk about how these chemicals literally and physically transform our brains and then we’ll discuss how to use this information to unleash our inner super powers!


Dopamine’s job is to manage motivation, power of will, interest, pleasure, attention and concentration. It also plays a role in Neurogenesis (growing the brain by creating neurons).

By stimulating Dopamine, you are creating brain pathways that support your ability to focus and to have reasons to do anything. This will be helpful in setting goals and actually taking action.

Orgasm isn’t the only way to release Dopamine, however during an orgasmic climax, huge amounts of it are released. When we learn to find this feelings without the orgasm, we can literally control the release of dopamine in our systems and actually have more of a “constant dose” being released whenever we want.

More on how to do that later (or you can just go ahead and learn how to do it here)


This hormone is very important in the female reproductive systems: sexual activity, childbirth and breast feeding. It also creates the bond between parent and child.

Males actually produce it in the same way and the same quantity, however it interacts in its own way with testosterone. It seems to balance out the “winning” energy of testosterone with “brotherhood” and attachment.

Oxytocin plays a major role in social bonding, generosity, compassion and neurogenesis (neuron generation). By growing your brain, fuelled by Oxytocin, your relationships will be well nurtured, increasing your quality of life through Win/Win deals in personal and business relationships.

Same as Dopamine, when we learn to find these chemicals at will, we can have a constant “ongoing” dose of “brain changing substances” that feel really good and that can help you create the life that you want. 

More on that later (Or you can go here)

female orgasm

Reaching Orgasmic Euphoric States Using Only Your Breath

Yogis have been actually doing this for thousands of years. Kundalini and Tantra are all about channeling this sexual life force energy towards the brain and the whole body to feel really good and reach higher levels of consciousness.

This is actually separated from sex. Through breathing techniques and energy locks we can actually generate a massive current of energy in the body and gain access to euphoric heightened brain states of emotion and high energy, that mixed with a chosen idea or vision will become a “mold” for your brain, pointing everything in your being towards the thing that you want to manifest.

The Secret Ingredient 

To wake up Sexual Energy that resembles a female orgasm, or male orgasm, we have to use a component very well known in yoga called the Mula Bandha. This refers to the perineum and pelvic floor muscles. The way to stimulate those is to imagine holding your urine.

If you really need to go to the toilet and your holding your pee, you’re cutting off the flow so you don’t wet yourself. Imagine drawing up those muscles on the inhale.


  1. Breathe in and contract the pelvic floor muscles
  2. Fully relax and let go on the exhale
  3. Repeat

It’s like a pump. You’re pumping this sexual energy centres in your body. This will start circulating the good feelings and hormones (Dopamine and Oxytocin) around the body.

This is how we create states similar to the Female Orgasm at will, whenever we want..

How To Reprogram The Brain 

The more you do this exercise, the more you will develop the sensitivity in your body to feel the euphoric energy rise from your pelvic floor, all the way up the spine to the brain and then expand throughout your whole body.

Imagine feeling a 0.01% of the female orgasm or male orgasm as a “default” feeling, with you all the time.

At first it will be very subtle, however each squeeze can actually become very intense and you can get pretty good at making yourself feel really good whenever you want.

As you breathe like this, on each inhale and squeeze you will feel the energy in your body grow and grow. This will put your brain in total receptivity towards a new idea, a new plan or to the development of a new characteristic or quality you want to have.

You simply mix this wonderful feelings with an intention, and imagine it as though it’s already real. This is known as manifesting and it’s literally shaping neurons and neuropath ways into something new, something that you have complete control over.

You can literally become any type of person you want and attract or create the type of life that you dream. It’s very doable and you can actually get trained into this.

SOMA Breath 

Created by the Renegade Pharmacist himself, SOMA is based around very ancient breathing techniques, fully backed by modern science, designed to help people accelerate the healing of any health challenge.

As it turns out, the same protocols can also be used to increase the quality of our lives and get closer to our dreams much faster. This is through the process of Manifestation and SOMA has become a very efficient training method to use and master the feelings similar to the female orgasm, to create the lives of our dreams.

Try it out in this free webinar. It might blow your mind. 

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is believed to have the possibility to transform one’s life. It is described as a form of energy located at the bottom of the spine that, when woken, travels all the way up to the head and spreads throughout the whole body.

This is another way to describe Orgasmic Euphoric Energy. This beautiful practice focuses on identifying energy blockages preventing the flow of this energy and helps you develop a sensitivity to its movement.


Tantra believes in “Sex without sex”. Through meditation, breathing exercises and “eye gazing”, we can accumulate this Force, feed it and let it wash all over our souls and bodies. Although physical sex is also celebrated as a form to “reach god”, Tantra teaches a wonderful way of channeling our sexual force and desires “inwards” in the body.

The emotions of  Female Orgasm and Male Orgasm can be felt, at least a tinny little bit, throughout your day, adding “magic” to the most mundanes of tasks.

When Tantra and many other disciplines use words like “God”, “Universal Love” or “Soul” they might actually be referring to this energy.

Sex Magic – The Secret Kept Away From Us

Many have proclaimed over history to be Sex Magic practitioners. They’ve written books and poetry that has been classified as “occult”. Some have led secret societies and kept them as exclusive gatherings.

These elite societies exist today, as you might have seen in the film “Eyes Wide Shot”. Ritualistic gatherings where participants pray to symbols and indulge in sexual activities. 

The texts written on Sex Magic describe it as the most potent form of manifestation since harnessing it can help a human being “transcend the perception of reality.” These powers were believed to be so strong that many decided to keep them secret.

In fact, pleasure (female orgasm, male orgasm, masturbation…) has been labeled as “sinful” by the most powerful of religion forces in history. Why would they deny such a power to the masses? Did they know themselves…? 

female orgasm

Sex Magic – The Hidden Power Of Secret Societies?

Although literature on this manners and properly identifying “who said what” can be a bit tricky and probably takes some proper research skills, from what one can gather on the internet here’s what we’ve found.

Masons and the Freemasonery have been a known “private” society existant for centuries. Their private rituals seem to exist still today and from what we can learn from “ex-wives testimonials” and other random sources, once a person joins, the “Brotherhood” becomes the most important thing.

Many “occult organizations” have sprouted from Masonery over history and some have become more notorious than others. Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) is one of them, created in the late 1800s. One of the founders claimed to have learned the art of “Sexual Magick” from another brotherhood and O.T.O. became an international fraternal and religious organization.

In the early 1900s, one of the founders of O.T.O. accused a man named Aleister Crowley for revealing their most “important secret”.

Aleister Crowley

Crowley is a very notorious icon in history due to his sexually controversial life and numerous written publications on Ceremonies, Magic, Poetry and Occultism.

He believed that he had found a “secret power” and started the movement of “Sex Magick”. He led many “ceremonies” based around sex and sexual practices since he believed “sex to be the supreme magical power”. Crowley wrote a book called The Book of the Law which, he claimed, was whispered to him by his own “guardian angel”. Some describe it as an initiation to a “new way of life”

In his own autobiography he talks about how he became a rebel against conventional religion and how his conflicting views with authority led to him being casted as a “black magician” and that his aim was always “the progress and spiritual freedom of humanity”.

One of his most notorious works of literature was “The Book of Lies”. After publication, Crowley was approached by one of the founders of O.T.O Society.  This man, Tantric occultist and Freemason, Theodor Reuss, accused him of publicly publishing their biggest secret.

As Crowley describes in his autobiography. “It instantly flashed upon me. The entire symbolism, not only of freemasonry but of many other traditions, blazed upon my spiritual vision. From that moment the O.T.O. assumed its proper importance in my mind. I understood that I held in my hands the key to the future progress of humanity.”

Once Theodor Reuss realized that Crowley simply didn’t know the magnitude of his publication, he invited him to join OTO, and over time, Crowley  became the most influential member of such secret society which grew around the idea of “Love is the law, love under will”.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, a British organization dedicated to the study and practice of metaphysics, paranormal activities and the occult became one of the largest influences in western occultism. The three founders of the Golden Dawn were also Freemasons.

Aleister Crowley was also part of this group and he was actually a part o the conflict which led to the ending of the organization.

A man named Francis X. King, British occult writer and editor who wrote about witchcraft, sex magic, tantra and holistic medicine was a member of the Society of the Inner Light, which can be traced back to the Golden Dawn.

In his book “The Rites of Modern Occult Magic”, published in 1970, he makes reference to an old Masonic periodical created by Reuss, where information was revealed about what the O.T.O. activities really were:

“Our order possesses the key which opens up all Masonic and Hermetic secrets, namely, the teachings of sexual magic, and this teaching explains, without exception, all the secrets of Freemasonry and all systems of religion“.

Jesus Practiced Sex Magic? 

Many historians and researchers have pointed out that maybe Jesus had a sexual relationship with one of his followers Mary Magdalene. Although this is strongly denied by churches and hard core christian believers, the idea that Jesus was a man that accepted his sexual nature and shared wonderful moments with a lover and devoted follower actually might make more sense.

The original tales of these histories leave a lot of room for misinterpretation. Many have said that Mary Magdalena was a prostitute asking for forgiveness. Others have said that Mary actually comes from a wealthy family and enjoyed a sexually liberated lifestyle. 

One element where everyone agrees is that Mary Magdalene was very close to Jesus, generating even jealousy from other pupils, and that she was present at the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of the Christ. 

In the highly acclaimed book “The Templar Revealed”, the writers make a very strong case in their enormous research to prove a few points that could have been distorted, or put aside, by the Roman Catholic Church influencing the choice of texts within the New Testament.

One of such claims is that Jesus and Mary had a sexual relationship. Here’s an actual quotation from the book (found in wikipedia).
“Mary Magdalene had a ritualized, “sacred” sexual relationship with Jesus, in keeping with their religious beliefs, and as his initiator into the sacred mysteries had an equal relationship to Jesus.”

Is it possible that Mary Magdalene understood the power of the Female Orgasm and initiated Jesus into such practice, further helping him increase, or maybe even find, his miraculous powers?


Although these are al hypothesis and evidence of Jesus’ existence is yet to actually be proven, it would actually make a lot of sense that Sexual Energy was at the source of secret powers and sacred rituals over history.

Since Tantra, Kundalini, and now science agree that “Sexual Energy” is the strongest force that we have, it makes a lot of sense as to why Religion and those in power would go through so much trouble to define sex and pleasure as “wrong” and “sinful”.

Today, we are breaking free from old patterns and Mind Control games that “the man” has on us. And the female orgasm, as well as the male orgasm are one of our most powerful ways to tune our bodies and midn with our greatest, higher Self.

 We invite you to welcome pleasure into your life and to learn how to Raise Your Orgasmic Life Force Energy through simple breathing techniques, so you have access to this powerful force at any time you want.

Learn how to do it here. 

Orlando – Renegade Team


What is neurogenesis?
“Neurogenesis is the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain.”

Female Orgasm captured in series of brain scans
“During orgasm, activity reaches a peak (…) which releases a chemical called oxytocin that causes pleasurable sensations (…)”

The effect of dopamine on adult (…) neurogenesis.
“(…) These results suggested that (Dopamine) DA might play, at least in part, a role in adult hippocampal neurogenesis (…)”

(…) dopamine and motivation.
“Dopamine (…) is thought to be important for the attribution of incentive motivational properties to cues that predict reward delivery (…)”

Dopamine Functions
“Dopamine helps in focus and attention”
“Dopamine (…) is released during pleasurable situations and stimulates one to seek out the pleasurable activity or occupation”

Oxytocin stimulates hippocampal neurogenesis (…)
“In addition to the regulation of social and emotional behaviors (…) oxytocin has been shown to stimulate neurogenesis (…)”

Oxytocin: a parenting hormone.
“In the following we focus on oxytocin (OT) as a key hormone in human parenting”

Kundalini: Awakening the Shakti Within
“What is Kundalini? How does one awaken it? What can it do for you? What are Chakras? Is Kundalini the same as Tantra? What is Tantra? Where did this knowledge come from? What is the science behind it? How does one use and practice it in everyday life? Is there a dark side to Tantra? Will I go insane if I awaken my Kundalini? Will it transform my life?”

Female Orgasm More info



“Our Order possesses the KEY which opens up all Masonic and Hermetic secrets, namely, the teaching of sexual magic, and this teaching explains, without exception, all the secrets of Nature, all the symbolism of Freemasonry and all systems of religion.” (Francis King, “The Rites of Modern Occult Magic”, The MacMillan Company 1970 p.119)



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