Treating Arthritis Naturally

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It’s estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of arthritis, making it the number one cause of disability. With almost 150 different forms of arthritis it’s easy for many forms to remain undetected and many people may not even know they suffer from arthritis. While the majority of sufferers [...]

Nature’s Top Two Solutions for Glowing Skin

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With the beauty industry estimated to be worth around $24 billion globally, it’s clear we hold high values as to how we present ourselves to the world. With multiple beauty companies wanting a piece of the growing industry, therein exists an overwhelming number of advertising of products claiming to turn the dullest of Cinderella’s into [...]

3 Healthy Alternatives To Soda

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We should all know by now the health risks associated with soda due to its highly acid forming recipe of sugar, carbonated water and additives like salt and phosphorous. But a recent Gallup poll reveals that 48 percent of surveyed Americans  - nearly half! still drink soda on a daily basis. What's more, among those who [...]

Recipe for Homemade Shampoo That’s Better Than The Brand Names

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Recipes for Homemade Shampoo The feeling of a freshly washed head of hair is delightful. The problem is that there are toxic chemicals in certain brand name shampoos that you wouldn't even want in your home, so why put it in your hair? You may have many shampoos you think you can't do without! But [...]

Kaniwa The New Superfood Taking Healthy Cooking By Storm

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With Quinoa rapidly gaining notoriety among health fooders, it's time we looked at Quinoa's cousin, a 'superfood' grain native to the Andes region of South America. Coming from the same region as Quinoa (native to Peru & Bolivia), Kaniwa is smaller than it's cousin, slightly darker, and more sweet. Sold as a whole grain, Kaniwa [...]

Alpha Omega – The Peak Performance Drink

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Alpha Omega The Peak Performance Drink Ingredients 1 tablespoon of organic-grade hemp protein powder or hemp seed shells 2 tablespoons of organic-grade hemp seed oil 1 tablespoon of maca 1 tablespoon of raw chocolate powder 1⁄2 cup of kefir (optional) 1 or 2 tablespoons of 6-hour colostrum (optional) 1 ripe banana 1 cup of organic [...]