The liver performs some of the most important functions within the human body, therefore it is important to detoxify the liver regularly. The liver ensures toxins, bacteria, alcohol and other unwelcome substances are released from the body to prevent infection and disease, while maintaining and storing the vital nutrients liverfrom food that the body requires. When you consume food the liver assists with digestion by producing bile. Bile breaks down the fats from foods into fatty acids so that it can travel through the digestive track and out of the body. The liver also ensures the level of sugar in your blood remains at a constant level. When your body is low on sugar or any vitamin or nutrient, the liver will release these from the blood as required. The liver helps to store and produce energy by the breakdown of foods, in particular protein and carbohydrates.

As the liver works so hard to perform all of its functions, it’s nice to take time out to give thanks to one of our biggest organs in the body. Through our busy modern lifestyles, we are constantly consuming foods that are largely synthetic and high in preservatives and chemicals, we are exposed to pollution and toxic cleaning and skincare products, all of which are slowly absorbed through the skin. Aside from changing your diet to include more clean, raw and organic foods, and being more conscious of your exposure to harmful chemicals, a great liver detox is recommended to give the liver a much needed cleanse. Many natural foods mimic the functions of the liver, in terms of their detoxification and antioxidant properties, therefore consuming certain food types will assist in cleansing the liver.


Throughout the centuries spinach has been dubbed one of the healthiest foods known to man. This dark green, leafy vegetable contains potent anti-inflammatory spinachand antioxidant properties, along with a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Spinach is renowned for boosting energy levels and improving the quality of blood due to its high levels of iron.

Carrot juice 

When the body is overburdened with toxins, carrot juice is a great option to detoxify and clean the liver and assist with moving toxins out of the liver. Much like spinach, carrots also contain high levels of antioxidants which help fight free radical damage. Carrots contain many vitamins including vitamin A, B6, C, D,E and K and minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. Fibre is one of the main minerals responsible for the cleansing qualities found in carrots.


Spinach juice 200mls

Mixed with 300 mls of carrot juice

Making 500 mls of the cleansing mixture.

You can also chop and blend the two together rather than juicing them.

Shopping list 

Large handful of fresh spinach leaves

1kg bag of carrots (organic if possible)

Resources: The benefits of spinach