A congested nose can be frustrating to deal with especially when you have trouble breathing throughout the day and feel fatigued from your symptoms.  A congested nose is the result of inflammation of the blood vessels in the lining of your nasal passages. When the lining is inflamed it blocked sinuscauses mucous to build, which is why you find it so hard to breathe through a stuffy nose. Other than a blocked nose, you may also experience pain and swelling in your sinuses throughout your cheeks, forehead, bridge of nose and between your eyes. Blocked sinuses are also due to inflammation and can be a common complaint when suffering from a cold or flu. While the body’s natural defence mechanisms will often remedy the problem over time, in some cases if left untreated, more serious symptoms may develop, such as sinusitis. With the presence of too much mucus, bacteria is more susceptible to grow within the sinuses, leading to possible infection and the presence of yellow or green coloured mucus.

Nasal decongestants are readily found at local supermarkets and pharmacies, however many brands may actually worsen your symptoms. While many decongestants provide immediate relief, this is quite often due to chemicals that act to constrict the inflamed blood vessels. Often the relief is short term and your congestion may be even worse, due to the further irritation of the nasal passage.

Menthol steam inhalation

An alternative method to unblock a stuffy, congested nose is by using menthol. Menthol is an organic plant extract, sourced from the peppermint plant and various other mint plants. The oil is extracted from the leaves through the process of distillation, but is also commonly produced synthetically. Therefore it is important to buy from a trusted source.

Menthol has been widely used in traditional medicine practices largely throughout Asia, in particular the renowned menthol Tigerbalm. The earliest recording of the use of menthol dates back to 23AD when Pliny, a Roman scientist discovered the use of peppermint oil. Evidence of the cultivation of menthol was also discovered in several pyramids throughout Egypt. However, menthol was not introduced to the Western world until the end of the 19th century.

menthol crystals100% pure menthol crystals are available from your local pharmacy.
Simply add a few crystals of pure menthol to a bowl of hot water. Place a
towel over your head in order to trap the steam. Inhale the menthol for at least ten minutes, taking care not to inhale too deeply. You will experience the soothing effects within a few minutes and notice you are able to breath a lot easier, as the steam helps soothe irritated tissue and thin blocked mucus throughout your sinuses. Ensure you do not topically apply the menthol mixture near your nostrils, as the strong menthol will cause further irritability to the already inflamed lining of the nasal passage.


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