A sore throat can be a common first sign of an onset of a cold or virus. There are some powerful natural remedies to prevent your sore throat from progressing into a full blown cold. A cold can be a sign that you have been overdoing it and your body is in desperate need of rest. While you should allow your body to run its natural course, without interfering your system with pharmaceutical medicines, it is a far healthier method to get plenty of rest, while combining the natural remedies into your healing routine below:-

Suck on a clove 

Cloves contain one of the highest antioxidant values of any food known tofresh cloves man, making it one of the most prized spices in th
e world. Renowned for its incredible medicinal properties, cloves revent inflammation, contain powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties and contain a
warming and soothing effect. High in vitamins and minerals, in particular Vitamin A, which is required for the body to maintain health mucus membranes. Cloves also contain a high content of Vitamin C, which we already known is vital for fighting colds and infections. Suck on one whole clove each day until your symptoms begin to dissipate.

Sage throat gargle 

Throughout history, sage has been recognised as the most frequently used medicinal herb. Sage is used to treat a variety of ailments but is most commonly known for its ability to cure a painful throat at the onset of a cold or flu. The best way to utilise this powerful herb is using a herbal formulation. Sage leaves can be purchased at your local supermarket or fresh fruit and vegetable market. Place a handful of sage leaves in a large pan together with ½ litre of boiling water. Allow the water to cool to a moderate temperature before adding a small amount of vinegar and honey. Taste test and add more if necessary to get the desired flavour. Use the mixture as a gargle. You can further drink 1 teaspoon of the mixture for its tonic effects.

Cayenne pepper gargle

Cayenne pepper is another spice that holds popular throughout history. Its anti-irritant properties soothes a raw throat, preventing coughing and tickling in the throat. Cayenne pepper contains anti-fungal properties andcayenne pepper due to its spicy properties, is perfect for effectively breaking down congested mucus. Cayenne is well known for fighting infections and is great for detoxing the body of unwanted bacteria. Take a pinch of cayenne pepper and add it to a cup of hot water. Mix in a teaspoon of honey and gargle when its cooled down.


Clove remedy

One clove per day

Sage remedy

Handful of sage leaves

Cayenne remedy

Pinch of cayenne pepper

½ litre of boiling waterCup of hot water

Vinegar/Honey to taste tsp of honey


12 fresh cloves

Large handful of fresh sage leaves

1 x bottle of vinegar

1 x pot of honey

1 x sachet of cayenne pepper ground powder