One of Cleopatra’s many beauty secrets was to bathe in the famous Dead Sea that sits between Jordan and Israel. Ancient building remains still exist near The Dead Sea consisting of the cosmetic factories built at Cleopatra’s royal request.

The Dead Sea has captivated visitors from all over the globe due to its incredibly high mineral content and powerful healing properties. Sitting at dead sea salt bath400m below sea level, The Dead Sea is over three million years old and is touted for its mysterious powers in many ancient scriptures and poetry. Don’t let the name fool you, as in fact it is not a sea at all but rather a large inland salt lake spanning some 200 miles (320kms).

Of the 21 minerals found to exist in The Dead Sea, many of those minerals are also naturally occurring in the body. A warm bath in Dead Sea Salts is a primary way to replenish those natural minerals lost through unhealthy diet choice, processed foods, pollution, alcohol and other free-radical damage, as the skin absorbs those essential minerals. Renowned for its ability to cure an array of illnesses and ailments, bathing in The Dead Sea also provides a relaxing experience and is great for glowing skin and balancing skin moisture.

Relieving Sore Muscles 

One of the many minerals present in Dead Sea Salts, Bromide, is found in particular to reduce muscle pain and stiffness, its therapeutic benefits found to last for weeks after sessions. Another mineral to be found in The Dead Sea Salts is Sodium, the ultimate mineral for relieving painful muscle cramps.

While a visit to The Dead Sea itself is highly recommended, the great news is you can experience all of the benefits of The Dead Sea by creating your own rejuvenating bath at home. Many specialty health stores stock Dead dead sea saltSea Salts by the packet. Ensure you shop for Dead Sea Salt that is in its purest form and not processed, otherwise many of the minerals would have been stripped in the production process.

Regular sea salt from your local supermarket wont cut it, as the rich concentration of minerals in Dead Sea Salt is not found anywhere else in the world.

To prepare a bath of Dead Sea Salts, ensure the temperate of the water is only a couple of degrees warmer than your body temperature. If the bath water is too hot, the skin will eliminate the minerals rather than absorb. Add one large cup of The Dead Sea Salts to the warm bath water and 10 drops of your favourite essential oil (100% pure oil). You should choose a therapeutic oil, such as lavender, to maximise the benefits of the bath.


1 x cup of Dead Sea Salts

Warm bath water

10 x drops of your favourite essential oil


1x packet of Dead Sea Salts

1 x vial of your favourite essential oil



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