What Happens When You Hold Your Breath For A Few Minutes A Day? The Benefits Of Intermittent Hypoxia, Rechaka Kumbhaka, Buteyko + The Wim Hof Method

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Recently scientists have been studying the effect of intermittent hypoxia on health and its potential as a treatment for various diseases. The results are surprisingly promising, so keep reading to discover exactly what this is... In January 2016 I released an article about the real life super human Wim Hof, detailing my time spent training [...]

What Happens When You Take Niacin – Benefits of Niacin – Natures Wonder Vitamin

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What Happens When You Take Niacin? 20 - 30 mins - Your blood vessels dilates, a warming sensation spreads across your body, you start to itch and your face flushes. This is known as the ‘niacin flush’, a sign it is working its magic. 30 mins - 1hr - You have this warm glowing sensation [...]

The Creation Of Renegade Cola

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling out to all my friends, future investors, entrepreneurs and tribe. The Creation Of Renegade Cola - The Worlds Most Transparent, Conscious & Healthy Soft Drink Brand! I am putting myself out here with the most audaciously mentalist goal ever - to take on Coca Cola and bring to the world a really [...]


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How To Make Your Own Probiotics Did you know that bacterial cells on your body out number your human cells by a ratio of 10:1? Many different varieties of bacteria are responsible for the optimum functioning of various life functions such as your immune system, digestion, metabolism and even your thoughts and mood. The fact [...]

Make Your Own Probiotics: Coconut Water Kefir/Renegade Kola

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A jug of super healthy coconut water kefir! Coconut water kefir a drink that provides an incredible dose of beneficial good bacteria without any artificial ingredients or harmful sugars. It is my new staple daily drink and its a very refreshing alternative to fizzy soda drinks that are filled with unhealthy sugars and [...]

7 Steps To Personal Freedom So You Can Live Anywhere & Do What You Love

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7 Steps To Personal Freedom So You Can Live Anywhere & Do What You Love Back in 2010 I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis and in my darkest hour I had to make a decision that would go on to change my life. When I heard the words of the [...]

About The Renegade Pharmacist

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Interview for BreakthruRadio.com: aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1kVEJUMWMxb3NuOA== Interview on Radio One Mumbai: Part 1: Part 2: What you will learn: 1. How and why I became the Renegade Pharmacist. 2. Some insights from my community pharmacy experience. 3. Why high fructose corn syrup is bad for you. 4. A plant found in India, [...]

The FDA & Big Pharma Alliance: Lethal Cover Ups

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It is undeniable that the FDA has a controversial relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Not a single psychiatric drug is released into the market for administration until the FDA gives its safety a legitimate stamp of approval. But how legitimate is this stamp and are these drugs truly safe? The medical cartel formed by the [...]