Miracle Prayer is the ultimate form of prayer. The one that actually works. Some understand religion as a way of life to be good and honour their chosen gods, sources of wisdom and guidance towards compassion and peace. This is a beautiful thing.

However, the prayer we will be discussing in this article goes beyond any religion religion in particular. Regardless of your beliefs, we all understand that LOVE is the universal force that bonds us together.

Thanks to modern scientists, there’s actual scientific explanation and quantification of this universal LOVE and they’ve actually analyzed, in laboratories, the power and efficacy of Miracle Prayer.

In this article you will learn:

  1. The modern form of Miracle Prayer that actually works
  2. Scientific evidence and explanations of the how and why it works
  3. How to do Miracle Prayer
  4. Take this powerful knowledge even further to Heal and Manifest your dreams

Miracle Prayer

There are countless stories of people who have been able to cure conditions and illnesses that modern science thought were incurable. Most of these stories share some commonalities.

Usually, when interviewed, these people will tell you that in the most challenging of moments, they had in mind thoughts like these:

“I just trusted God that I was going to be ok”
“I love my children and want to see them grow, I will go through this”
“This is temporary, I will be fine”

These statements are great examples of the power of prayer. It’s a full conviction in belief and faith over something…wether you know it to be true or not!

Miracle Prayer is actually very similar to the concept of the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, you get what you give. However, in the same way that sometimes the law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work, prayers also often don’t work.

This is because there are rules and guidelines that must be followed for a Prayer to actually work, to the point where the effects seem miraculous. Ancient wisdom has described these rules for thousands of years, and now, scientific research is actually finding evidence and explanations to these claims that we, in a modern society, can understand and assimilate.

miracle prayer

Scientific Explanation of The Power of Prayer

There’s a school of Breathwork Meditation called SOMA. It’s a system based around ancient wisdom from Pranayama, and modern scientific research. Some of the benefits that people get from SOMA is a complete reprograming of their subconscious mind.

The process consists of Raising one’s level of vibration through the power of LOVE and positive energy. Scientists have measured the vibrations of human emotions and they found that a state of peace and relaxation, is actually a very high vibrational state.

This is why meditation is so powerful. When you are completely relaxed, your body and mind are vibrating at a really high frequency. From then, if you start focusing on emotions of LOVE and COMPASSION, you will vibe even higher.

By meditating in this vibrational states, the brain is actually quite receptive to change. This is where prayer comes in. Once you are fully relaxed, and truly feeling the energy of Love, Compassion, Gratitude…all of these beautiful feelings, you are actually charging your body with the strongest of vibrations in our human physiology.

In this state, you can choose an idea and hammer it to your brain through the power of prayer. If you constantly tell yourself something, you convince yourself that is true (wether it’s true or not doesn’t matter) and mix it with high states of vibration such as LOVE and COMPASSION, your brain will accept this idea and start literally forming new neuronal connections around it.

We will go over the steps in a minute, for now, you just have to understand that Miracle Prayer starts with reaching high states of beautiful emotions in your body and then focusing on the prayer that you want to manifest as though it’s already real.

How NOT To Pray (Why Law of Attraction nor Prayer Don’t Work)

Sometimes during a stressful situation it can be a real challenge to switch our emotional states from worry and fear to peace and trust, let alone love and joy. However this is the secret.

Let’s analyze these statements:
“Please! make it work please!”
“please I need the money, please help me get some money”
“I don’t want to die, please help me heal”.

These statements of intent are surrounded by an energy of fear and worry. By saying things like “I need” or “I don’t want to” you are actually mixing the emotion of fear and worry with a statement of not having. “I need” actually means “I don’t have” so even though you’re asking for something, the message you are sending is of not having something…so you will very likely stay where you are.

If you think “I am sick…”, chances are very strong that your recovery will be an uphill battle because you are programming yourself to “be sick”.

This is really tricky, specially when you’re already suffering symptoms and are going through an intense health challenge. However, this is your own life so if there’s a chance of you getting better, why not take it?

How to do Miracle Prayer (How the Law of Attraction Really Works)

When you use statements of “already having” what you want. Or statements of “already being” the person you want to be, you are sending out a msg of already having this thing you desire.

By convincing yourself that you already have what you want or already feel how you want to feel, you are generating inside of yourself the feelings as if you already have what you want. This is tricky to do when you’re feeling ill, however this is how all recovery starts.

You can say to yourself things like:

“I eat a balanced and healthy diet. I am a healthy person. This situation is temporary. I am healthy. I am healing myself. My body knows how to heal iself and I trust it.”

Simply by reading those statements, you can feel how the “energy” around those words is more positive. Again, this is challenging when you feel low in energy and are surrounded by pain, however we’ll talk about that in a second.

“I am hard working and disciplined. I deserve money and financial stability.”

This statement sends out the msg of already being the person that you need to be to manifest what you want.

The Secret Ingredient

The statements alone are a good start, however they are not enough. This is another reason why prayer or the law of attraction might not work.

Once you have a powerful statement, that speaks to you, that is positive and that represents what you want as if you already have it, then is time to mix that statement with powerful energetic vibrations.

Science has found the most powerful emotional energies, among them we find (there’s more, but for now let’s go with these):

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion

The common element around these emotions is that they are heart felt emotions. Science has proven that breathing and feeling from the heart triggers these beautiful, powerful states in human phisionomy having all kinds of amazing benefits.

Breathe From The Heart

Have you noticed how many  symbols and yoga asanas have a hand in the chest?

miracle prayer

There’s a reason for this. Science has proven that “thinking” from the heart has a lot of power in our body. Many have concluded that the rare documented cases of humans living for more than a 100 years old in complete health, have led lives driven by the heart.

Motivated by compassion to others, or by the love to their families. Whatever your source of power is, it’s in there somewhere. You must find it.

When we touch the middle of our chest, it forces us to think from the heart. As you do this, you can concentrate on something or someone you love. Something you are grateful for or compassion for others.

Slowly, you will start to feel a beautiful emotion wash your body. This is the right vibration in your body, from where you can repeat your Positive Statement of being healthy.

Steps to a Successful Miracle Prayer

So here are the basic steps to making sure you’re prayer works:

  1. Come up with a positive statement that describes you as a healthy individual
  2. Meditate. Play music that you love, or use some of the resources in this article
  3. As you relax, put your hand in your chest and think of something you love, are grateful for or feel compassion for
  4. As you feel the energy of your chosen emotion spread through your body repeat the statement to yourself and imagine yourself being fully healthy
  5. Imagine your posture and facial expression as a healthy person fully exited to wake up and go about your day. Make the image in your head as vivid as possible.
  6. Do this all the time


Here’s some music designed to relax you and raise the vibrations of your brain. Use it as much as you want.

Miracle Prayer Training

Yes, there’s training on this. Healing prayers, or manifesting intention, or whatever we want to call it has been around for thousands of years. This is new in the western world, however ancient yogis have been practicing this for many generations.

The best place to learn and master the proper way of Praying, so it actually works, accessible to us in the modern culture is with SOMA Breath.

SOMA is a system created by the Renegade Pharmacist himself, based around the breath work and power of intention he used to heal himself from an “incurable” condition. He has put together a free webinar where you will learn more about how to do Miracle Prayers that actually work mixed with many other elements that will accelerate your healing.

Much Love!
Orlando – SOMA Team

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