Colostrum powder is an important and necessary healthy food supplement for all. Many colostrum powder and similar products are available on the market with growth in popularity. However, there is quite a bit of conflicting and misleading information about colostrum powder on the internet.

That’s why we’ve decided to define which elements and substances are the most vital when choosing the most effective colostrum powder for you. In this article you will find:

  1. What is Colostrum powder
  2. How to identify the good Colostrum
  3. Where to buy high-quality Colostrum at a great price

What is colostrum powder?

Traditional protein (whey) is found in poultry, meat, and eggs. The whey protein, or powder form, is extracted from several different sources.

Colostrum powder extract follows a similar type of process, but the powder is extracted from a completely different source. In fact, colostrum comes from a pre-milk fluid that cows produce and it has many health benefits.

High-Quality colostrum powder is effective for increasing energy levels, in addition to the muscle-building and fat loss properties. There are many types of colostrum powders are available in the market, but of course, it’s never been easy to define the word “best” among them.

There are different kinds of consumers with different choices and look for certain things in their products. Generally, there are specific traits the most effective colostrum powder supplements should possess. Below, we’ll go through what you should consider when you want to choose a good quality colostrum powder supplement.

What to look for in a good colostrum powder supplement

To get an idea of the various colostrum supplements available on the market, we researched health-food stores, did some googling online and checked some alternative pharmacies.

We ended up sampling ten popular brands and were really surprised by the diversity, in terms of how these colostrum powders smelled, looked, felt and tasted. Some products were in lozenges, some in the powder form and some of them were in capsules.

After investigating and sampling the selection we narrowed down on, we talk about our findings and conclude what you should look for and what to avoid when purchasing a colostrum supplement.

High-quality whole-fat colostrum powder

The fat content of colostrum supplements is very important. Essential fatty acids and beta-lipids are found naturally in colostrum products.

But why do few manufacturers take these vitamins out and add them later?

Some manufacturers skim colostrum so they can sell the fat-soluble ingredients and other fat-soluble vitamins separately, just to increase their profits.

The temptation of generating more profitability from selling these (fat-soluble) ingredients in colostrum has led to unnecessary manufacturing of low-quality colostrum brand supplement options.

This resulted in some producers even selling “skimmed” colostrum and calling it “immunoglobulin-concentrate” or “high protein colostrum”.

However, this “skimmed” version is false marketing and doesn’t make much sense since as we mentioned above, the fat content is what provides the necessary amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

If you completely remove the fat from a product, you remove almost 35% of growth factor-I (insulin), one of the most essential growth factors in your colostrum.

At Renegade we feel it’s not fair to sell or offer such kinds of products to customers.

How do you know if the fat of the colostrum has been removed or taken out? Well, you can look at the product labels (supplement facts). Some colostrum powders list zero fat.

This can be an appealing gimmick for marketing in the geography that suffers from regular fatphobia. However, it is an indication of an inferior quality product.

Low sugar and calories

It is somewhat impossible to find anyone who is searching for colostrum powder in the market who wants to ingest any kind of unhealthy ingredients or gain weight. Low-grade and inferior products flood everywhere with cheap ingredients and equally cheaper prices. The sugar (refined) would be a less-than-preferable component.

Sugar could increase the taste of it, but you cannot say it’s a better colostrum powder. This added sugar would make a bad product for your health. Sugar is low in nutritional value and high in calories. It’s quite difficult to burn excess sugar. In fact, the extra sugar turns to unwarranted fat. So, you should seek a low-sugar, low-carb brand instead.

Choose the right flavor

Mixing up colostrum powder with milk or water is fine. The powder will be absorbed into the body blending in with the liquids without any problems. However, is it a great way to ingest colostrum powder supplements?

Well, not indeed. You need to take into consideration the taste and flavor a lot. Good colostrum powder should have an amazing taste. A great variety of flavors wouldn’t make any difference either. In fact, traditional chocolate and vanilla -flavored colostrum can turn almond/soy or dairy milk into a fine meal or snack replacement. You can turn water into a nice beverage with orange flavor colostrum.

Some people love to enjoy drinking something actually bland. The product that has a good taste
is probably different for each customer.

Efficient assimilation into the production system

Taste is a single element when purchasing a renowned colostrum powder brand. Its effectiveness should always be counted as the main attribute. For example, high-quality colostrum powder helps repair muscles like proteins do. To make sure you get all the benefits from your supplement, make sure you research its effectiveness.

Effectiveness means the body’s ability to process the colostrum powder, assimilate and absorb it. High-quality colostrum powder, with better ingredients, are absorbed perfectly by the body. It gives maximum results as the body reflects a superior outcome for taking the supplement. The best quality colostrum powder must be made with natural, excellent ingredients that support smooth, consistent absorption by your system.

Avoid filtrated products

Filtration can be done for specific compounds, but you risk many key ingredients being left out. If you’ve filtrated out components such as immunoglobulins, for example, you’re limiting vital immune components like minerals, vitamins, growth factors, and other essential constituents found in the colostrum supplement.

The price is right

Price is also an important factor for a high-quality colostrum powder. It must be affordable, but the cheapest one will never be the best one. A high-quality colostrum powder that delivers the best scoops with a reasonable price, could be a perfect deal for you.

Renegade Colostrum Powder

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to claim that colostrum can “boost immunity” or “enhance performance”.

However, I would suggest any supplement that claims to be curative or alleviate symptoms of a disease should always be approached with extreme skepticism. Always do your homework and never rely on one thing to fix all.

After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Almost a decade ago, I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. After two years of being housebound, depressed and facing the possibility of having my colon removed, I was given no choice but to turn my attention towards holistic healing.

It was when I took care of my diet and emotional state that I slowly started feeling better. However, my healing accelerated exponentially when I discovered Colostrum. Literally in a matter of days, I noticed a big difference.

After my recovery, I took it upon my mission to help out my community. Now, many years and thousands of success stories later, we’ve actually created our own brand of Renegade Colostrum Powder where we make sure that it follows all the elements that we’ve outlined in this article.

Read what others have said about the Renegade Colostrum and try it out yourself.

All the best!
Niraj Naik – The Renegade Pharmacist