Holistic Medicine has been a part of humanity for thousands of years. Modern medicine, based in corporate greed, was very successful in convincing society that holistic practices such as Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Breath Work were not “real” forms of medicine since they couldn’t provide any “evidence”.

Now we know that scientific proof can be very easily fabricated and much of this mainstream “evidence” has actually been funded by corporate Pharma. For example, a giant company that creates synthetic marijuana supplements was one of the biggest funders for the opposition of cannabis legalization in the United States. Talk about hypocrisy.

In this article we will discuss:

1) The basic wisdom behind Holistic Medicine.
2) Where to find the CURE
3) How to heal anything naturally
4) The steps to awaken Self Healing and Natural Supplements to super charge the process
5) How immortality could actually be possible and why this is important to you
6) The best Holistic Coaching available today to accelerate your healing

Holistic Medicine

Modern medicine believes that “Health” is the absence of disease. Ancient Indian medicine believes that a “healthy individual” is a person exited to go to work and is also exited for compassion.

Holistic Methods such as Ayurveda understands and accepts that living organisms such as virus, germs and bacteria are actually living inside all of us all the time. And that’s totally ok. As long as you wake up happy and exited about your day, you’re healthy.

Nowadays there are so many stories of people healing conditions that modern medicine thought were incurable that Holistic Medicine cannot longer be ignored.

Modern Science Explains Holistic Medicine

For some decades now, passionate scientists dedicated to seeking the truth have been holistic medicinefinding real “evidence” of things that ancient wisdom has claimed for thousands of years.
So much that they are even considering the idea of “imortality” as actually plausible.

I will explain to you, in this article, fully backed by science, how immortality could actually be possible. And more important, how you can use this knowledge to heal yourself.

Holistic Medicine is based around the idea that the body knows exactly how to heal itself. Well, anyone who has healed “incurable” conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis or even Cancer will tell you a similar story.

They paid attention to their diet and changed their attitude towards their health. In some cases natural supplements are a great ally, however it all starts with the mind.

The Cure Is In Knowing The Patient

Modern medicine says that if you have a head ache, you should take a pill.

Holistic Medicine however will look at the patient’s life to find the source of the head ache.
Instead of prescribing a pill, by knowing the patient, it could be very clear that the person with the head ache just had a fight with their spouse. They should simply take a nap, find an agreement with their partner and the head ache will go away.

Most diseases can be treated by simply looking at the patient’s lifestyle.

For example, those that suffer from chronic fatigue might wonder “why am I so tired if I slept for so long”. Well, it’s been found that many factors can affect a person’s deep sleep, which is where the regeneration of the body happens, like too much Fats in diet, not enough physical activity, nicotine and caffeine, too much sugar…all of these elements can have an effect in a person’s energy state.

You might think you’re depressed, but maybe you’re just eating too much sugar. You might be anxious all the time, but maybe you’re just breathing wrong.

The answer can be really simple. If you’re eating healthy and balanced meals, drinking lots of water and have a happy life, your immune system is very likely to be strong and can protect you from most things.

How To Heal Anything

My mom survived cancer. Her story has all the elements that survivors of chronic diseases have in common.

She says that when she was diagnosed with cancer, immediately she took care of her diet. Then, throughout all of her treatments, every pill she took, every conversation she had, etc etc, she kept telling herself “this is healing me…this is healing me”. She tells me that every single day she would keep herself happy, positive, joyful and constantly, consciously held on to the idea that everything she did was healing her.

This is an example of convincing yourself of something as though is real. Which is the number one rule of manifesting and also the number one rule of healing.

Realize That Your Situation Is Only Temporary

The Renegade Pharmacist, Niraj Naik, is another amazing example of self healing. Not only was he diagnosed with an incurable condition, Ulcerative Colitis, but he was a community pharmacist. His job was to help people feel better, yet science couldn’t help him. He was faced with the decision to have his colon removed. Read his story here.

With time, he was able to heal himself through Holistic Medicine. He says that music and meditation played a huge role in his recovery which makes sense because by simply relaxing and listening to music we enjoy, we are entering a state of extreme relaxation.

What Happens During Extreme Relaxation

When you simply allow your body to relax, and by feeding it good, healthy food, you’re giving your body the space and time it needs to enter Self Healing more.

Actually…Self Healing is your body’s natural state. 

In our modern world, we are constantly stressed out. It’s somehow normal. This on going stress expresses itself in illness. By looking at the patient’s life, we can identify the source of stress and thus figure out a plan to manage the condition, and get the person back to waking up exited to start the day.

How To Trigger Self Healing?

The Heart Math institute has been doing research for many years on this topic and they have concluded that to trigger self healing, the best way to go about it is by entering a state called Heart Coherence.

Heart Coherence

holistic medicineIt’s been proven that the heart produces a much stronger electromagnetic field than the brain. Actually, they found that there’s more information going from the heart to the brain than the opposite. They also identified neurones in the heart and even concluded that the heart is also a brain capable of storing memory.

In other words, the heart is what drives your whole body, so when it’s beating in a coherent way, your whole physiology and mind are working at the best of their capacities. This is where Self Healing happens.

How To Reach Heart Coherence

Previously believed impossible by science, yogis have known how to consciously influence their heart for thousands of years. It all stars with Breathwork.

If the Heart drives the body, breathing influences the heart. In other words, through conscious breathing you can influence your heart, make sure it beats in Coherence and thus consciously tell your own body to enter Self Healing.

The technique to reach heart coherence is very easy, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity. A lot of research has gone into this topic and this is science verified. Also, the ancient discipline of Pranayama favours this technique as a a form of reaching self healing, so the technique you’re about to learn is both backed by modern science and ancient wisdom.


  1. Get confortable.
  2. Breathe in long inhales through the belly (not the chest, the belly)
  3. Exhale for the same amount of time as the inhale
  4. Repeat

Here’s a song designed specifically for this purpose. As you listen to it, you will hear someone breathing. Try to match it and notice how fast you will feel more relaxed. Enjoy the visuals too if you want. This is a Hypno Fractal designed to take your brain to really high states of vibration.

If you’re following the steps (breathing from the belly and doing long inhales and exhales) then you might feel very relaxed and alert. A few minutes of that will trigger Self Healing.


***Note: The Renegade Pharmacist has put together a webinar that you can attend for free. This will make sure you’re doing this breathing properly. Although simple, there’s a bit of technique behind so make sure you’re doing it right.

An added boost to Self Healing

This breathing is a good start. However, you might need to tackle a more urgent matter. Here’s the secret element that helped The Renegade Pharmacist heal super fast, along with the meditation and the breathwork. It’s called Colostrum. You can learn all about it here, it might be the answer you need.

best colostrum supplement

How Immortality Could Actually Be Plausible

So after heart coherence and Colostrum, there’s a technique that will super charge you.
Holistic Medicine taken to the next level.

This technique is so powerful that it should be approached with care and proper training. It comes from the ancient wisdom of Pranayama and it has a ton of amazing benefits that have been studied scientifically for decades.

The original name of the technique is “Kumbhaka” which literally means the “pause between inhale and exhale”.

Through this breathing technique, we can reach a state of Intermittent Hypoxia. Check out this article on Intermittent Hypoxic Training to learn more in detail how it works and the benefits.

Now, here’s how immortality could actually be explained:

Intermittent Hypoxia is reached by lowering the Oxygen levels in our body. When you hold your breath in a specific way, the oxygen level drops for a brief period of time. You can learn all about how to do it here.

Free The Stem Cells Hide In Your Bone Marrow

Stem cells are blank cells that have the capacity to transform themselves into any cell the body might need. These cells can only exist in an environment of LOW oxygen, which is why they hide in our bone marrow, surrounded by other cells that dilute the concentration of O2.

All our bones have dormant Stem Cells, which means our bodies are filled with them.
When we lower our oxygen levels enough, this encourages the stem cells to come out of hiding and then they can enter the blood stream. Since the blood takes about 1 minute to do a full body cycle, the stem cells have enough time to go wherever they are needed.

This is how immortality could be explained.

So What About My Illness

The steps are simple. Whatever your condition, here’s how to self heal:

  1. Take care of your diet
  2. Add Colostrum to it
  3. Take the time to relax and listen to music you love, as much as possible
  4. Breathe Heart Coherence
  5. Learn Intermittent Hypoxic Training
  6. Imagine yourself already being fully healthy

Who Can Help Me

This is easier said than done, but with proper guidance, you won’t believe how much faster you can heal. It will take all of your will power to be positive and truly feel relaxed, peaceful and joyful in a challenging moment, but with proper training and discipline, it can definitely be done.

Many have cured chronic and psychological conditions previously believed to be incurable. Many others have simply stoped taking their medication and thanks to Holistic Medicine were able to manage their symptoms and conditions naturally.

Learn The Art Of Self Healing From the Best

After Niraj Naik cured himself with Colostrum and Breathing Meditation Techniques, he created a system to help others.  Almost a decade later, after having heal thousands of people around the world he has now made the system available to anyone. It’s called SOMA Breath.

Join this webinar. It’s free and it will make sure you’re doing the breathing techniques properly. These are the same breathing techniques for Heart Coherence (Self Healing) and Intermittent Hypoxic Training (Natural Stem Cell Therapy). Done the right way will accelerate your healing tremendously.

By the way, if you would like to interact with others that have gone through the SOMA courses, you can join the public facebook group. Ask any questions and receive answers from many different perspectives, plus you will get to read all the amazing testimonials.

Much Love!

Orlando – SOMA Team