Relaxing Sounds are an amazing way to find peace and joy almost instantly. Actually, listening to sounds and music you enjoy will release dopamine in your brain, which is literally the same chemical released during sex!

To take this even further, brilliant scientific-driven music producers have developed amazing sound technology that can not only give you instant stress release, but also help you increase the quality of your life and, done the right way, with the proper training, help you attract into your life what you deeply want.

In this article you will find:

  1. Relaxing Sounds designed to raise the vibrations of your brain 
  2. An explanation of how this music works.
  3. How to take this to the next level and use it as a tool to accelerate the achievement of your goals while increasing the quality of your life.
  4. The best science based training available today

Relaxing Sounds

By now, the art of music has become so advanced that “scientific” producers are able to create sounds designed to “trigger” or “awaken” certain states in the human brain and body. This happens through the concept of Brain Entrainment.

Created by the Renegade Pharmacist himself, here are some relaxing sounds for 30 mins, designed to relax your brain fully. By allowing yourself and your body to completely let go and enjoy a peaceful moment, you’re actually giving your body the time and space it needs to regenerate itself.

By listening to this music regularly, you will develop a great resilience to stress and will be able to tackle your day with more peace and clarity.

Preferably with headphones, play this video in full screen. You can either enjoy the visuals, or simply let them dance in the background of your eyes closed.

The more you listen to these relaxing sounds, the easier you will recognize the feelings of “self-healing”. The more you experience them, the more such feelings will be with you during your day. This is a great way to build resilience to stress.

How To Use Relaxing Sounds To Accelerate The Create The Life You Really Want

Relaxing music will give your brain and body some rest. In such state, your mind is actually very receptive to change. This is how we can use this music to improve our lives.

As you listen to this sounds, and enjoy deep relaxation, try this:

  1. Imagine, as vivid as you can, something that you would like to have
  2. Do your best to imagine it as if you already had it
  3. Ask yourself these questions:
    • How would I FEEL, if I ALREADY HAD what I want?
    • What kind of person do I need to be to have what I want?
    • What would it FEEL like to be that person?
    • What would be my posture and facial expression like…if I already am that person?

During deep relaxation, the more you dive into those feelings, the more you will actually start to feel them as though they were real. This will take some practice, but when you figure out how to Feel as thought you have what you want, BEFORE you have it, this is how we manifest what we want, almost like magic.

Most importantly, you must imagine yourself being the person that you need to be, with the qualities and characteristics, work ethic, loving behavior, etc, so that it makes sense for the world to give you what you ask.

Best Training Available Today

This article is meant to be an introduction. You can use the music and instructions to get started. However with the proper training you can master these skills in a matter of days, and start taking steps towards your ideal life right away!

Try out this webinar, where you will be introduced to the most advanced manifestation techniques available today, fully based in both science and ancient wisdom. Simple breathing techniques, relaxing sounds and the amazing power of your own imagination.

You will build an amazing resilience to stress, train yourself to self heal, have a super strong immune system and figure out what you deeply, truly want in life and come up with a plan to achieve it.

The system is called SOMA Breath and was created by the Renegade Pharmacist himself, based around the methods that not only saved his life, but that are making his dreams (and thousand’s of others around the world) come true. Register here, it’s free.

Much Love
Orlando – Renegade Team