Yoga Nidra Meditation – Relaxation, Sleep, Abundance, Manifesting Intentions

Here is a yoga nidra meditation combined with Trypnaural brainwave entrainment (alpha/theta/delta) for relaxation, sleep, attracting abundance and manifesting your intentions.

Yoga Nidra Meditation, an ancient meditation technique, is an ultra powerful method for harnessing the power of the law of attraction.


Yoga Nidra Meditation can be used for:

  1. Feeling like you had a full nights sleep.
  2. Deep relaxation of your mind and body.
  3. Law of attraction and manifesting intentions.

What is Yoga Nidra Meditation?

Yoga Nidra Meditation is an ancient meditation technique from India that allows your mind to flow into a deep hypnotic state of deep alpha, theta and delta brainwaves where you can enter into a deep feeling of relaxation and healing.

Yoga nidra meditation is also referred to as ‘Yogi Sleep’ – a state of lucid sleeping, when you are close to being asleep yet your mind is still present.

In this state of deep relaxation, yoga nidra meditation can be used to plant your intentions that program your unconscious mind.

Your reticular activating system is located is your brainstem located in the ‘reptilian brain’. Mastery over the function of the brainstem can bring more control over your life. This mean yoga nidra meditation is method to help you attract more of the things you want into your life, even activating your own internal power for self healing.

For example if you set your intention during yoga nidra meditation to recover from chronic illness, your mind will focus more on creating behaviours that are beneficial to boosting your immune system.

How Does Yoga Nidra Meditation Work?

Yoga nidra meditation works by taking your brain on a journey through the 4 main brainwave states of beta, alpha, theta and delta. Yoga nidra meditation results in a ‘hypnagogic state’ – this is the state between wakefulness and sleep. During this brainwave state you can literally command your subconscious mind to reprogram you to manifest your intentions. You can also enjoy a trippy lucid dream like experience.

By combining a yoga nidra meditation with special brainwave entrainment technology called Trypnaural you can help the journey progress faster and deeper.

What Are Intentions?

If you imagine your life is like a constantly flowing river of events and circumstances, the power of your intention influences the probability of an event or circumstance occuring at a certain point in time.

The more you believe something to be true, the greater your reticular activating system will play out your life to make it true.

An intention can be something material such as wanting your dream car or vacation, or it can be something more physiological such as healing from chronic illness or wanting to reach your perfect weight.

It can also be more spiritually aligned by focusing on something you want to attract that could help the greater good.

The more focused you are on exactly what you want, the greater the power of your intention becomes.

How to set your intentions during Yoga Nidra Meditation

You have to be very careful when selecting your intentions and using them during Yoga Nidra as the process is very powerful and sometimes we can manifest things that we do not really want and are not truly beneficial to us.

Here are some guidelines to follow to make sure you have the greatest chance of success with manifesting your intentions during the practice of Yoga Nidra.

1. Be affirmative and said with conviction – Manifesting successfully is dependent on how strongly you believe with pure conviction that what you are trying to create has already happened. Your unconscious mind cannot distinguish between positive and negative, so if you want to reach your perfect weight, you would say ‘I am at my perfect weight and body shape’ rather than ‘I don’t want to be fat’ otherwise your unconscious mind will act on the word fat, ignoring the don’t and manifest that result instead.

2. They must be in the present tense – as you manifest only what you truly believe has already occurred, all intensions should be in the present tense. For example if you want want attract more money, you would say ‘I am wealthy’ or you can be even more specific and say ‘I have $100k in my bank account”

Other points to consider are:

4. They must be in the first person
5. They must involved a specific action
6. Repetition is essential, so the more times you repeat an affirmation the better. It should become a daily practice.
7. Positive intentions do not magically manifest results, what they do instead is open your subconscious mind to new channels of information and opportunity, so you must take action on these in order for any major changes to happen to your life.

Here are some examples of good and bad positive intentions to use.

I am a creative thinker – good

I want to be a creative thinker – bad

I am in perfect health – good

I don’t want to be fat – bad

So remember to pick the right statements for your intentions, then make it a daily habit to clear the clutter and reprogram your subconscious/unconscious mind.

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By Niraj Naik



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  1. Jann Willey November 19, 2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Thank You for this timely beautiful life raft. I encountered you this morning, as I contemplated how to go about regaining my adrenal health.
    Life has been terrifying with nocturnal panic attacks…..I thank those attacks for leading me to this place.🙏🏼 This Meditation is so much more than a one issue fix……I feel a portal to my highest path……finally 🥰
    Your voice and expression were made for this work… beautiful healing music…..encouraging and declarative 🙏🏼

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