Kaki Mudra Pranayama: How To Do Kaki Mudra Pranayama Breathing Exercises To Eliminate Stomach Ulcers While Introducing An All Natural Appetite Suppressant

In this article we will discuss how Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises can:

  • Effectively treat H. Pylori infection in order to heal stomach ulcers.
  • Greatly reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Utilize an all natural appetite suppressant that is freely available at all times.

What Is Kaki Mudra Pranayama?

In these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises, we will literally be “drinking air” into our stomach’s. In ancient Yogic traditions many Yogi’s would simply copy animals and the various movements and behaviors that the animals were doing on a consistent basis.

One of these animals happens to be the crow. This is why these Pranayama breathing exercises are called Kaki meaning “crow” and Mudra meaning “gesture”. With these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises we are literally imitating what crow’s do all the time.

Crows happen to live for an exceptionally long time when it comes to the animal kingdom. Most crows have an average life span of about 17-21 years, or in some cases even longer. With continued practice of this Kati Mudra Pranayama we are literally bringing about greater health benefits that can extend our lives as well.

How Do These Kaki Mudra Pranyama Breathing Exercises Eliminate Stomach Ulcers While Greatly Reducing Acid Reflux Symptoms?

With these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises we will literally cleanse our entire digestive tract through the process of oxygenation. When we boost oxygen levels in the stomach and the intestines, something incredible happens, we actually change the atmospheric environment of our entire gut.

When the process of oxygenation occurs, the environment within the gut changes to what’s known as “aerobic”. Or in other words, a highly oxygenated environment. When this happens all the stomach bacteria starts to change. Certain stomach bacteria actually cannot survive when introduced to an aerobic oxygenated environment.

A particular stomach bacteria we are targeting with these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises happens to be H. Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori). This particular stomach bacteria has been linked to causing stomach ulcers and adapts to the higher acidity in the stomach by embedding themselves into the stomach lining. This type of stomach bacteria is also the cause of an inflammatory condition known as gastritis.

The H. Pylori stomach bacteria happens to thrive in an anaerobic environment, or an environment that lacks oxygen. When we add the element of oxygenation to our entire digestive tract, we literally create an environment that is no longer inhabitable by the H. Pylori stomach bacteria.

The added beneficial side effect of creating this aerobic environment within the digestive tract is that “good” bacteria now have an environment in which they thrive.

Not only does these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises create this type of environment in the gut, but the oxygenation also helps to relieve pain from excess acidity and indigestion in the stomach. If your someone that suffers from acid reflux and takes a lot of antacids and other medications, this is actually a natural way to reduce the acid production in the stomach.

How Do These Kaki Mudra Pranayama Breathing Exercises Act As An All Natural Appetite Suppressant?

If you are someone who has suffered from issues related to overeating, or if you happen to be starting a fast, these Kaki Mudra Pranayama breathing exercises will be extremely helpful in your process.

When we bring all of this fresh oxygen into the stomach it actually has an added effect of making you feel full, as if you have just had a meal so to speak. This effect will even last for a few hours, and greatly assist you if you are experiencing hunger pangs due to fasting.

How To Do The Kaki Mudra Pranayama Breathing Exercise To Eliminate Stomach Ulcers And Create An All Natural Appetite Suppressant:

1.) Do this in the morning only on an empty stomach or on your fasting days.

Kati mudra pranayama

2.) Kneel in a comfortable position with your back upright. Make sure the muscles of your abdomen are very relaxed.

Kati Mudra pranayama

3.) Take a small inhalation then jut your neck out, while making a beak shape with your lips. This will open your esophagus and allow air to flow into your stomach.

Kati Mudra pranayama

4.) Slowly drink the air into your stomach. You may hear or feel a gurgling sensation from the air entering your stomach.

Kati mudra pranayama

5.) Once you have taken in an adequate quantity of air, immediately swallow and drop your neck down so that your chin nearly touches your chest. Hold this position in a relaxed manner without force.

Kati Mudra Pranayama

6.) Visualize the air moving down your esophagus and into your stomach. Keep your abdominal muscles very relaxed.

Kati Mudra Pranayama

7.) Repeat this process a few times till your belly fills up with air. You may even get a pot belly as a lot of air can enter into your stomach.

Kati Mudra Pranayama

8.) Once you feel you have taken in enough air, staying with your knees on the floor, lean forward so that the top of your head now touches the ground. Your abdomen will now be slightly higher than your stomach as your in an inverted position. This will allow the air from your belly to flow into your intestines to cleanse and nourish them.

Kati Mudra Pranayama

9.) You can now repeat this process a few times throughout the day if you are fasting throughout the day.

Kati Mudra Pranayama

10.) After a few hours you will pass the air out of your anus naturally without any odors.

kati Mudra Pranayama

You may feel some gurgling sensations as the air travels through the digestive tract. What ends up happening, is you will naturally release the air  via belching or flatulence at a later time. Since this is pure fresh air moving through your system you do not have to be concerned about any foul odors. If your someone that currently suffers from foul smelling flatulence or belching this continued practice will actually eliminate that foul smell.

It is important to never practice this on a full stomach as this may cause unnecessary discomfort. This Kaki Mudra Pranayama is a great practice to use during a fast, as it will make you feel full, and relieve hunger pangs. Feel free to utilize this practice multiple times a day while your in the process of fasting.