While everyone has experienced a level of anxiety in their life, others experience the feelings of worry, apprehension and fear, to such an extent that it interferes with their daily life. Anxiety is common amongst an estimated 40 million US adults. Some of the worst symptoms that come with Oils for anxiety anxiety are panic attacks, flashbacks and insomnia. Unfortunately many will resort to pharmaceutical medication, but the medication prescribed is a short term fix, and these powerful drugs can often take a big toll on your health and sanity.

There are many natural alternatives to relieve the feelings associated with anxiety. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to improve emotional well-being. Essential oils are powerful and effective, as they are derived directly from flowers and plants in a highly concentrated form. Aromatherapy assists in reducing the symptoms of anxiety such as stress and restless sleep. Various clinical trials have proven essential oils to have a positive impact on emotional states and brain activity. Our sense of smell is directly linked to our emotional states, even if we are not consciously aware of the effects.


One of the most effective essential oils to assist in the treatment of anxiety. It is beneficial in relieving migraines, emotional stress and nervous tension. lavenderWhen inhaled, it inhibits the racing mind and has a calming and relaxing effect. You can buy a small pocket size bottle to keep on hand when needed. Applying this amazing oil direct to your temples or wearing as a perfume will also be beneficial.


Another popular essential oil that also interacts with brain activity by regulating fear and anxiety. The flower itself emits an alluring, sweet scent and blossoms only at night. If you remember the smell it will most likely spark memories of warm summer nights and this memory will have a calming effect in itself. Jasmine oil is also widely used to combat depression due to its ability to uplift distressing emotional states and calm the nerves. Dubbed as the “king of essential oils” it holds a special place throughout history as a heavenly scent.


An oil derived from an evergreen tree that will take your mind back to the beautiful open countryside. Again this is an oil that dates back many centuries as a popular, effective remedy for anxiety. Sandalwood is even considered as “the holy oil” amongst the Hindu religions and offered to the Hindu gods and goddesses. It has a slightly sedative effect so it is a great oil to burn in the bedroom a few hours before sleep.

The best oils to source are 100% pure essential oils to avoid any synthetic ingredients. There are multiple aromatherapy relaxation techniques including massage, oil burning, the use of a diffuser or adding a few drops of oil to a hot bath. The best aspect of aromatherapy is you can use any of the techniques at home, without the need of expensive aromatherapy clinics.

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