D.P Mahesha one of India’s top mind power experts believes that poor concentration is the root cause of most of the problems in your life. Trypnaural brainwave entrainment, meditation, neurobics, breathwork and memory exercises are all methods D.P Mahesha uses to improve his concentration.

He also claims that doing these exercises are essential for your brain health to prevent diseases like Alzeimers and Dementia too.

Here are some videos of his demonstration of mind power that he strongly believes with the right training are possible for anyone to achieve.

50 random 2 digits numbers memorized in less than a minute!

The Human Calender – Able to tell you the day of the week for any date in history!

Excerpt From D.P Mahesha’s Master Mind Seminar for one of India’s top schools, Don Bosco

Here are his top methods for creating ultra focused concentration and ‘super human’ mind power.

1. Neurobics are exercises that can help you stimulate both left and right sides of your brain.

Most people only use one side of the brain at a time. The right side of your brain controls the left side, and your left side controls your right side. When you use both sides of your body, you begin to stimulate both sides of your brain.

Dancing using both sides of your body in rhythm.

Playing a musical instrument with two hands

Writing with the hand you are not used to.

Creative visual exercises

Brain games

2. Breathwork

Mahesha is a strong advocate of breathwork using techniques like rebirthing and pranayama to boost his health and mind power.

Here is an exercise you can quickly do to help activate whole brain thinking. There will be future videos on rebirthing and other breathwork exercises.

Alternate nostril breathing

During the day you only actually use one nostril at a time when breathing, which corresponds to the side of the brain that is active.

To create whole brain thinking you can activate both sides of the brain using this special exercise.

a) Hold right nostril shut.

b) Inhale through the left nostril

c) Now close the left nostril

d) Open the right nostril nostril and exhale

e) Now inhale through the right nostril, keeping left nostril shut

f) Now exhale through the left nostril, keeping the right nostril shut.

Please refer to this video for extra guidance based on the exercise above (its so easy to do, you can even do it in an hot tub like me!)

3. Meditation

D.P Mahesha is a strong advocate of meditation. He is founder of one of the worlds top meditation labs in India at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore.

He uses Trypnaural music in his meditations and claims it helps him go even deeper during meditation.

Here is a brand new Trypnaural Meditation called Pyramid Power For Personal Power using Gamma frequencies that are tuned to helping you become ultra focused and become more inspired.

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