Our heart is so vital to the functioning of our body. It acts like a pump that sends blood to all the organs. So it is extremely important to love your heart and take care of it. Blood pressure has the biggest effect on our arteries that supply blood to the heart as well as to the rest of our organs and tissues.

Tips For A Healthy Heart 

1. Keep blood pressure low – 120/80 or less is ideal.

2. Walk 30 mins a day then keep building up to longer walks.
3. Get a pedometer and monitor how many steps you do. Then add 1000-exercise for healthy heart2000 steps a day.

4. Avoid smoke and second-hand smoke. It’s no surprise that smoking cigarettes will be bad for your heart. Smoking is not only full of toxic chemicals but it also starves your body of vital oxygen, which means your heart has to work much harder. Four hours of second-hand smoking is like smoking 16 cigarettes yourself!

5. Fish is very good for your heart. The protein is good for muscle growth and repair and the oil is full of essential omega 3’s. The oily fish – salmon, mackerel and sardines – are especially good for omega 3s. Also, be on the lookout for varieties of fish which are line caught, those that tend to be less polluted and those that are still not environmentally threatened. Avocado contain omega 3’s, walnuts have the highest omega 3’s of all nuts.

6. Seven to eight hours sleep is essential for rest and repair and to reduce levels of cortisol which raises your blood pressure. Sufficient sleep increases your overall health and vitality.

7. Reduce Stress – Highest stress levels come from financial and emotional fresh airproblems. Stress is directly linked to high blood pressure and heart complications. Always make sure you put time aside for yourself each day, engaging on activities or hobbies you enjoy. Yoga and meditation are great stress reducers.

8. Eat flavonoids  -these are powerful antioxidants found in a variety of coloured vegetables and fruits, including tomatoes and onions, as well as in raw cacao, 85% dark chocolate and green tea.

9.Ten tablespoons a week of fresh tomato sauce is shown to reduce arterial ageing by up to 40%.

10. Eat a diet rich in calcium and magnesium – both minerals are essential for cell function and calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

Learn to read food labels:

Avoid or moderate saturated fats, trans fats, salt and sugar. The more raw and natural the food the better. Any food label that contains twenty unpronounceable ingredients should certainly be avoided.

Learn to research which additives and preservatives to avoid by searching on the internet about the ingredient and the side-effects. 20g of saturated fat is the most you should have in one day to avoid clogging your arteries. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are artery cloggers therefore, cooking with alternative oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are much better for your health. Milk fat, high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup are also known artery cloggers.

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