Leaky Gut Shopping List For Full Body Healing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that your diet is the main reason that you do (or do not) have leaky gut syndrome. So, if you would like to improve your gut health or heal your bowel disorder, a leaky gut shopping list can help you ensure that the food on your plate and in your belly heals you rather than hinders you.

leaky gut shopping list

Our gut health is directly related to the overall health of our bodies. If we do not have a healthy gut, it can make us feel tired all the time, we can get skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, allergies, and we can even become depressed and anxious. Leaky gut syndrome has a wide array of symptoms – some are quite surprising. Check out our article on leaky gut symptoms to find out more.

Why We Created The Leaky Gut Shopping List

Imagine being housebound for over 10 months, losing 20 kilos in weight, bleeding from the back side 15 times a day, then being told by your ‘trusted’ doctor that you may need to face having your entire colon removed with a permanent colostomy bag if this new untested drug fails to work.

This is the horror Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist himself, was faced with back in 2010.

Working as an actual pharmacist in the UK, Niraj wanted to help his community heal, but he soon realised that the pharmaceutical industry had other ideas: profit, profit, profit!

Niraj took matters into his own hands. He knew that more could be done to return to full health without any drugs or surgery. Read about how he did it here.

This lead Niraj to become The Renegade Pharmacist. He also created this Leaky Gut Shopping List for patients just like him who want to restore their health fully. It was also the catalyst for his highly successful Leaky Gut Protocol.

Leaky Gut Shopping List

Foods To Avoid

There are certain foods that create an imbalance of gut flora. This can have some serious implications for our health. These foods should be eliminated totally for at least 30 days, and then avoided most of the time.

Find out which foods you should eliminate from your diet by following our free Leaky Gut Protocol.

You will probably notice that you feel significantly better after 30 days without these foods in your diet. Ask yourself if you really want to reintroduce them or if you can live without them (after all, you’ve made it 30 days!).

Foods To Eat In Abundance

Eating a diverse range of foods is the best way to keep your gut healthy and thriving. Our Leaky Gut Shopping List has an extensive list of foods you can enjoy in total abundance. There are so many flavours, colours, and textures to enjoy on this shopping list! Plus you can create endless recipes with all of the options.

Food Depends On You

Everyone is unique. Every body is individual and will respond differently to certain foods and food groups. Our Leaky Gut Shopping List is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You should listen to your body and decide if and when you eat these foods. We advise removing these foods from your diet for 15-30 days before reintroducing slowly. Then feel how your body responds.

The Renegade Pharmacist’s Leaky Gut Shopping List

Download our Leaky Gut Shopping List and follow our Leaky Gut Protocol to begin your journey towards a healthy, high energy life.


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