Jamu Juice Recipe

Jamu Juice (pic courtesy of Natasha Zo)

Ok so it may not cure everything, but Jamu Juice is certainly good for you!

I first discovered Jamu juice when a close friend and fellow meditation music producer David Dunn came back from Bali raving about this yellow turmeric based concoction that is famous among locals for its health benefits.

For many Indonesian’s it’s an essential way to start the day!

It’s not surprising when you take a look more closely at all the scientifically understood benefits of it’s key ingredients:


This is the main ingredient in Jamu juice. Turmeric has a long history of medicinal use dating back nearly 4000 years. In South East Asia its use extends to religious ceremonies as well as a principle spice to flavor food. In the last 25 years the amazing health benefits of turmeric have been reported in over 3000 publications.

Curcumin and its different forms are some of the 100+ components of Turmeric that has shown to have the most active health benefits.

Scientific studies confirm turmerics benefits as a potent:











Digestiion aid.

Turmeric is a lifestyle herb used as part of the diet. Traditionally the benefits of turmeric are achieved through consuming it, even in low doses, over long periods of time.


Ginger is an extremely popular food flavoring as well as a medicinal herb used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments.

Ginger contains hundreds of compounds and metabolites, however the most extensively studied bioactive components include gingerols and shogaols.

Here are a few of the benefits of ginger in studies:



Reduce cholesterol and improve lipid metabolism



Possibly colon cancer-preventing

Other optional ingredients:


Tamarind is a delicious, sweet fruit that has a wide variety of uses and applications, both for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Tamarind contains  a number of organic compounds that make tamarind a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that includes a significant level of vitamin C, as well as vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.

The health benefits of tamarind have been well-studied and include the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body that can help:

Improve eye health

Boost respiratory health

Heal skin conditions

Improve the digestive system

Relieve pain

Increase the strength of the immune system

Reduce fever

Improve cardiovascular health

Treat piles

Prevent cancer

Protect children against parasites and worms.

Fresh Lemon or Lime

Lemon and limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Limes in particular contain flavonoids called flavonol glycosides, including many kaempferol-related molecules. They have been shown to stop cell division in cancer and have very interesting antibiotic effects. In West Africa, researchers have found its addition in the local diet had a noticeable protective effect against cholera.

Lemons and limes have a very high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is famous for its antioxidant properties.

In animal studies and laboratory tests with human cells, compounds in citrus fruits, including lemons and limes, called limonoids have been shown to help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.

How To Make Renegade Jamu Juice:


7 inches turmeric

7 tamarind (optional/adds sweetness)

2in ginger root, roughly chopped.

2 fresh lemons or lime

Raw honey or stevia (optional as sweetener)

2L clean water




Mason jar(s) or other glass jar with lid


  1. Peel the turmeric – your fingers and chopping board will stain a bit yellow but it comes out very easily with soap.
  2. Open the tamarind to reveal the inner fruit that we will use in the Jamu juice.
  3. Boil the turmeric in a big pot of water for at least 20 minutes until the water becomes a rich golden color.
  4. While the turmeric is boiling, pour a small glass of water in with a peeled tamarind and mix it around to create a jam like mixture. Add more water if necessary. Keep mixing till the seeds pop out.
  5. Cool down the tumeric water a little by pouring a bit of cold water into the mixture. Now blend the tumeric with the tumeric water.
  6. Now put the tamarind into a strainer and strain out as much of the liquid as possible leaving behind the seeds and peel.
  7. Pour the tamarind mixture into the turmeric juice and blend it again.
  8. Now juice 2 fresh lemons. Add the lemon juice and any sweeteners like raw honey or stevia to the tamarind and turmeric mixture and give it an extra blend.
  9. Store the mixture in a fridge for up to 4 days and drink daily!


Niraj AKA The Renegade Pharmacist


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Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects
Editors: Iris F. F. Benzie and Sissi Wachtel-Galor.


A Recipe for Turmeric Juice: A Powerful Healing Beverage


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