what doctors are not that intelligent

I have always been encouraged to become a doctor by my parents, relatives and their social circle, and thank god I did not become one.

Here is why they are not really that intelligent (some of them are, but most are not)

1. Doctors are ‘indoctrinated’ into a system of protocols dictated to them by the government and pharmaceutical companies who ‘bought’ their education a very long time ago. This education is not based on truth. Many clinical studies can be debunked. Many conventional treatments work slightly better or worse than placebos. Most never question these protocols and carry on prescribing harmful treatments even if their patients are dying or suffering from extreme side effects. Worse case they will just chop out the offending tissue, organ or limb leaving an even more traumatised body. They usually do this without question and without any alternative thinking (however this is slowly changing with the new generation of doctors)

2. To pass a medical degree you have to be much more of rule follower and memory master than having any real outside of the box creative thinking. This is not true intelligence. Technology has already started to replace this form of thinking and will eradicate most of it in our lifetimes. Most of my doctor friends at university blagged their way through their degrees by learning how to remember lists and protocols. Real intelligence is creative outside of the box thinking and problem solving. However this does not always pay that well and so not always that attractive to people whose primary driving force is security and comfort. Doctors on the other hand get fat pay checks to keep them happy and to stop them from questioning things that are clearly absurd about the system.

3. Renegade doctors who question the status quo and attempt to break the rules usually get outlawed, murdered or isolated from their peers. This keeps the majority of others, dumbed down, in line and under control.

If you are one of the majority who never got a medical degree and were told by your relatives, parents or school teachers that you were stupid cos you couldnt follow the rules. Don’t worry, you are probably a lot smarter and more creative than those dumb robotsĀ 

On a more positive note, at the last few events I hosted in Koh Phangan and with Wim Hof, I met some incredibly smart doctors – Renegades who have truly woken up, not in some ‘new age’ useless to society hippy way, but in a way that will transform and shape the world and medical system in a better way for all… Respect

Niraj, The Renegade Pharmacist x



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