Even after sleeping long hours and sitting all day you might ask yourself “Why am I tired all the time?”

This is very common question and could be due to a number of reasons ranging from simple lifestyle choices to actual Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Wherever you are on that spectrum, we are here to help.

In this article you will learn:

  • Potential causes of being tired all the time
  • Natural Simple Solutions
  • What to do if it’s actually Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • An overall, natural solution to ALL causes of constant fatigue including CFS, based around Breath Work Meditation and all Natural Supplements.  

why am I so tired

Tired All The Time

Feeling tired all the time could be due to a number of things. The solution is always tailored to each individual case. Like with most health challenges, the answer is usually hidden in areas we didn’t think of before, and interlinked with other areas of our lives.

It is important that we do not see tiredness as the problem, but rather the signal or symptom of a different issue that must be dealt with in your life.

Let’s start with the more obvious answers first, and then move into the more complex cases.

Poor Quality Sleep – Not reaching Deep Sleep

If you’re getting lots of sleep and still feel tired all the time, it might be that even though you’re sleeping a lot, you’re actually not reaching deep sleep.

Energy restoration, cell regeneration, growth and repair of tissues and bones, plus straightening of the immune system all happen during deep sleep. If you’re not reaching it every night, you will likely be tired during the day.

This might be for a number of reasons…


It’s been proven that a diet high in fat (fries, burgers, hotdogs) has a direct correlation with sleep deprivation, irritability, low levels of cognitive function, and daytime sleepiness. People that consume too much fat can sleep, but have problems reaching states of deep sleep.

If you ever speak with someone who has switched towards a vegetarian lifestyle, or at least that is consciously eating more veggies and balanced meals, they will always tell you that they’ve noticed an increase in energy.

A simple switch to a more plant-based diet might be the simple solution to help you feel less tired all the time.


Science has concluded that exercising promotes higher sleep quality. Even for those with chronic insomnia, exercising has proven to be effective in helping insomniacs fall asleep faster, deeper and longer.

If you feel tired all the time, you could benefit from taking part in more regular physical activity.

Sometimes, feeling tired might discourage you from physical activity, however if you push yourself through a simple bike ride or a few jumping jacks, you’ll find yourself actually having a boost of energy. Exercising, or even dancing for example, will get your heart and temperature pumping. This will give you some adrenaline and energy. 

Feeling tired has been also linked to anxiety and depression, and exercise has a strong influence in reducing these symptoms.

It’s possible however that exercise makes you actually feel worse. This is a common symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There’s a solution for that too. We’ll get back to it.

Depression and Anxiety

These conditions are very energy draining. Fortunately, relaxation and proper meditation techniques have been proven to be effective in curing depression and anxiety. If this is your case, we highly recommend you visit this webinar. It’s free, and happens every Sunday.

Many have cured their depression and have stopped taking antidepressants by using breathwork techniques.

If you feel you are depressed or anxious, please know that you are not alone.

Tell a friend or family member that you trust. Maybe you would like to seek professional help. Attend this free event and spend some time meditating.

There are also natural remedies for anxiety that you may want to try.

Instead of feeling tired all the time, you might start wondering where this newfound energy is coming from!


Cookies, ice cream, sodas, dessert, juices, breakfast cereals, canned fruits, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, white bread, white rice, regular pasta…when you start looking into it you won’t believe how much refined sugar we consume everyday.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar doesn’t really give you energy. It actually can make you sleepy. When there’s too much glucose (sugar) in the blood stream, it oppresses the activity of Orexin neurons in the brain, which play a huge role on sleep regulation.

It’s been found that in sufferers of narcolepsy, a disorder where the person can fall asleep at random times, have a lack of Orexin in their system. Research also concluded that Orexin neurons stimulate parts in the brain, like dopamine systems, which play a role in being awake.

It is normal that the artificial numbing of these neurons causes the body to feel tired. Too much sugar does exactly that.


Stress is the biggest epidemic of our time. Many, many chronic illnesses can be traced back to stress, including heart attacks, inflammation issues, and even cancer. If you are tired all the time, maybe you should ask yourself how stressful your life is.

It’s very possible that a busy life is making you numb to your own feelings and sensitivity to your own stress. Or maybe you know it deep down and are not facing it. Alcohol, drugs, bad food…these could all be escapes to a lingering stress running in the back of your head.

If you don’t deal with it, this is how stress transforms into conditions far more serious than feeling tired all the time.

It’s ok to be stressed out.

We all have money issues, relationship challenges, etc etc. It’s ok. It’s normal. The problem arrises when we suppress those feelings, resist them or see them as something bad. Over time we might become numb to them and this can express itself in insomnia or unrestful sleep.

Acknowledging stress, accepting it and identifying where it comes from, it’s actually the first step towards healing pretty much everything. Again, you must be honest with yourself and identify the true issue that is bothering you.

By going from “Why am I so tired?” to “What’s stressing me out?” you will start wondering “How can I fix this?”.

Once you deal with this “thing” and proactively find ways towards fixing it, even if it’s not entirely solved, just the fact that you’re doing something about it will naturally make you feel more exited about your life and will wake up looking forward to your day.

Coffee…might not be helping you

Yes, coffee actually has many awesome benefits, not only physical, but also as a peaceful morning ritual. It can put your emotions in the right place to start the day. However, it’s important to not depend on coffee for that. Also, in some cases, the morning coffee is actually a rush in which we’re looking for an extra boost of energy. This is also the case for caffeine energy drinks.

It’s been proven that some can build a tolerance towards caffeine, forcing the user to drink more and more to achieve the same initial “boost”. As a result this also creates a withdrawal when a day goes by without coffee. This is actually physical addiction behaviour and somehow, as a society, we’ve come to believe this is normal.

“Don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my morning coffee”.

Caffeine can be a great long term health ally for you, however you must pay attention to how you’re drinking it. What’s the “emotional vibe” around the coffee. If you enjoy it, good.

If you NEED it…then maybe you have to ask yourself some questions and again, it might be a signal of an issue hiding somewhere else in your life.


Many studies have linked smoking to sleeping problems and feeling tired. There’s evidence that nicotine addiction will actually wake up a person in the middle of the night.

Some research has found that smoking before bed makes it harder to fall asleep. On waking, since so many hours have gone by without smoking, the person will experience withdrawal and restlessness in the morning.

Smoking also lowers lung capacity, which means less oxygen reaches the brain, muscles, and so on, forcing the heart to work harder in order to do the same normal activities. Naturally this makes you feel more tired.


Indian medicine believes that a person is healthy when they are exited to go to work. If you don’t love your job but must pay the bills and feed your children, that’s perfectly fine. We all do what we must. However, sometimes our work might be slowly harming us. If such is the case, working too much for the extra money might be costing you far more than the hours you put in.

Some actually love their jobs and look forward to going to work and even though tired, the fact that they’re doing something fulfilling is an enough source of energy to plow through the day with a smile.

If you feel stuck in a career going nowhere and feel like there’s no way out, is very possible that this stress is having a toll in your emotional state.

In this case, meditation is actually a great way to find peace and the space to find alternatives. By changing the question from “why am I so tired?” to “what can I do about my situation?” you will find a new source of energy.

If this is new to you, know that science is finding more and more evidence on the benefits of meditation which is why we highly recommend you this Sunday webinar.

It has changed many lives already.

Breathing Wrong

As mentioned above, just becuase you are asleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re reaching deep sleep, which means you’re not really resting so it would actually be normal that you’re tired all the time.

The same can be said about breathing. Just because you’re alive, doesn’t mean you’re breathing properly.

Tired all the time? Most of us breathe only at 20% of our lung capacity and we usually breathe from our chest, instead of our bellies.

Breathing only from the chest actually keeps you stressed and on alert. Sometimes we feel stressed and depressed without even knowing why. In many cases it’s simply because we never learnt how to breathe in a way that is both relaxing and energizing.

Here’s an article dedicated solely to breathing properly. Read it here. You will learn breathing techniques that will boost your energy and help you rest better.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, characterized by extreme fatigue that doesn’t go away for at least six months, is a condition that is very challenging to diagnose because there are many illnesses that produce the same symptoms.

Symptoms of CFS

  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Physical and mental activities actually make you feel worse. This is known as PEM or Post Exertional Malaise.
  • A weakened ability to engage in activity of any kind for more than six months
  • Difficulty thinking, problems with any and all physical activity, sore throat, and issues with thyroid.
  • Swollen nymph nodes in neck and armpits

Scientists believe that CFS happens as a result of a virus or bacteria attack, stress, a weakened immune system or a hormonal imbalance. However each case is very unique so if you feel tired all the time, the doctor usually has to carefully analyse your medical history to arrive to any conclusions.

Some say that CFS is actually the last stage of multiple different conditions rather than a condition in itself. Some conditions that resemble CFS are Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, and depression among others.

Doctors recognize this and will take a look at the patient’s lifestyle and history, usually with some blood tests to rule out other potential illnesses and will actually create a long term plan, involving diet and carefully tailored activities and exercises.

You’ll be surprised how oftentimes, doctors will recommend meditation and Yoga.

Studies on chronic fatigue syndrome have also found the state of modern life, over prescribed pharmaceuticals and overworked individuals could be at the root of the condition. It could also be the high demand that computer and phone screens take on our cognitive abilities.

Other full body affecting diseases such as fibromyalgia or thyroid disorders like Graves’ disease can also have a negatively synergistic effect on chronic fatigue syndrome, and may even be the aftermath of a “CFS warning signal.”

What To Do?

Even though the causes of CFS are unclear, some things are certain. Given the right environment and space, the body knows how to heal and restore itself. This has been proven over and over by people who have healed crazy “uncurable conditions”.

The Renegade Pharmacist himself is living proof. He healed himself from Ulcerative Colitis after having been told by doctors that there was no cure. After going through the process of self restoring his own life, The Renegade Pharmacist has been going around the world helping thousands of people cure chronic illnesses. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of them.

If you follow the advice given throughout this article, you will pay attention to your diet and state of mind. This is the first step towards fixing anything.

If you still feel like you need extra help, here’s where we take things to full speed.


Here’s the Renegade Pharmacist cure all method: SOMA Breathwork and Colostrum Supplements.

Renegade Colostrum

Colostrum has an extraordinary effect in managing health. It contains lactoferrin, and iron regulating proteins that reduce all causes of fatigue such as adrenal fatigue. It contains a thyroid stimulating hormone that supports your thyroid’s ability to deliver regular and healthy energy to the whole body. Feeling tired all the time will become a thing of the past!

When a baby is born, there’s a sort of “pre milk” that the mother produces. This is meant to set healthy babies up for a lifetime of strong and vibrant movement.

The same happens in cows. However, once the baby calf has been satisfied by its “first meal” the mother cow still produces more of this colostrum, which is where the supplement comes from.

Colostrum also has a positive effect on cancer reduction, bone growth through DHEA, healthy strains of bacteria that improve your gut biome and dozens of other functions in the body. It really is a miracle working food.

And yes, it will definitely help you with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Learn all about it here.

SOMA Breathwork

To call this a meditation barely scratches the surface of what SOMA is. These techniques will bring you to new levels of awareness of your body and mind. Experience this mind blowing meditation yourself on this free online event.

Inspired by holotropic breathwork, Vipassana, various independent workshops, and the compiled lifetime research of yogis meditators and scientists, the program is practically designed to cure CFS.

“But I’m too tired all the time to meditate.” This exhaustion could stem from a prison of the past, and Soma meditation can set you free.

Therapeutic breathwork techniques are able to lower inflammation, and address an entire spectrum of health issues in both body and mind. By design, this program caters to everyone. Your journey is unique.

Instead of feeling tired all the time, use the power of your mind to visualize your perfect day and use intermittent hypoxic training to increase the quality of your life.

The real prescription we’re making here is for the synergistic effect of the Colostrum and SOMA program.

Separately, they are highly effective pillars of greater and more stable modern health. Together, they reprogram your body’s ability to combat fatigue on a cellular level, and reclaim your health in a way you never thought possible.

Niraj Naik, the Renegade Pharmacist, has handcrafted both SOMA and the Renegade Colostrum. You can trust his expertise and his dedication to top-of-the-line formulas and program building. This is the actual system he used to heal himself and to create the life of his dreams.

Find a SOMA instructor near you or enjoy some of the online meditations! Also, get some Renegade Colostrum and let us know how these elements have helped you increase the quality of your life.



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