The Renegade Weight Loss Protocol: How To Reverse Leptin Resistance

In this article you will discover my  ‘Renegade’ weight loss protocol that fixes the 3 major issues that triggers obesity:

  • Leptin Resistance
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Gut Microbiome

When I was working as a community pharmacist I had great results with getting people to their healthy weight without resorting to drugs or surgery. It was not until several years later that I discovered the true reason for why my simple protocol worked.


I have since revised my weight loss protocol and made it even more effective by combining it with the latest research on how to reverse leptin resistance.

This is inspired by the work of Dr Jack Kruze who has done extensive research on leptin and its link to health issues such as obesity.

My role as a pharmacist is to ensure people actually do the protocol and for this it needs to be easy. So Dr Jack Kruze’s leptin resistance protocol has been made more easy to implement while still maintaining the effectiveness.

How Do You Know If You Have Leptin Resistance?

If any of the following are true for you, then you likely have leptin resistance:

  • If you are significantly overweight,
  • Are pear shaped with an expanded waistline with excessive belly fat.
  • Crave sugary foods and carbs.

So what can you do to fix leptin resistance in your body?

Step 1: Diet

Follow a ‘no factory’ strict paleo diet that is low in carbs, high in healthy proteins and fats, without any factory processed foods. Check the Renegade Gut Protocol for dietary ideas.

A core component to this Renegade Gut Protocol is daily consumption of Colostrum which helps immensely with Leptin Resistance. You can get high quality Colostrum from our online shop here

Step 2: Daily Routine

  1. Rehydrate on waking with 2-3 glasses of water. One glass can be a lemon juice/ginger tea.
  2. Make the Renegade Smoothie and have it within 30-45 mins of waking as your breakfast. It tastes better than a Mcdonalds milkshake without all the nasty stuff. The Renegade ‘Sex Magic’ Smoothie on the other hand is filled with super food nutrients, rich in colostrum and other ingredients like cacao and maca that provide all the essential nutrients your body needs and will help to promote a healthy bacteria flora. It also boosts your sex drive naturally, that has an added anti-aging and mood boosting effect! It will keep you full up without feeling like snacking till lunch. Note: Leptin found in colostrum is in a form that contains synergistic compounds that your body responds to. Trials done using pure leptin supplementation does not show the same results.
  3. Avoid all snacking! This upsets circadian rhythms that work with leptin.
  4. Replace the urge to snack with the Cleanse breathing technique found in our Breath Control course. This also promotes healthy bacteria, kills bad bacteria, satiates appetite and cleanses the bowels naturally.
  5. Make sure dinner is at least 4 hrs before you go to sleep. This will give your body the benefits on intermittent fasting.
  6. Have 3 meals initially and reduce to 2 as your food cravings reduce.

Step 3: Exercise

  1. Work out in the evenings after 5pm. Do not exercise before or after breakfast. For effective exercise routines follow our Breath Control + F.I.T body weight breathwork/exercise course.
  2. Sweat a bit at least 2-3 times a week. Toxins in your body can lead to fat being stored to protect yourself from toxic build. Follow my sauna detox protocol. Follow it with a plunge in a cold water bath/ice bath/cold shower to get the benefits of cold exposure.

Step 4: Sleep

  1. Good rest and deep sleep is essential for being healthy. Exercise for 10-15 mins before you sleep using our F.I.T protocol.
  2. Use our Deep Sleep System powered by our Trypnaural audio technology  if sleep is a problem.

How To Know If Your Leptin Resistance Is Improving?

Within 3-4 weeks:

  1. You will have less cravings for sugary foods, within 4 weeks they will eventually disappear.
  2. You will start to lose weight.
  3. You will wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy throughout the day.
  4. Your sweating patterns will change.
  5. Women: Moods will become more balanced and you will be able to sleep easier. Men: Weight loss will become quicker – you will gain more lean muscle mass faster.