New Psoriasis Treatment You Might Want To Try!

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that affects around 125 million people all over the world, according to recent studies. The condition is linked to the immune system. Affecting people of all ages and causing itching, burning or stinging rashes around your elbows, knees and scalp. It can cause serious disruption to your quality of life and damage to your health. Fortunately, there’s a new psoriasis treatment that can help restore your health and wellness.

New psoriasis treatment

What Causes Psoriasis?

No one is really sure why some people get psoriasis and others don’t. However, there is a lot of research showing a link to the immune system, especially relating to T-cells. T-cells are the cells that travel through your body to attack bacteria or foreign particles that are seen as a threat to your health.

In people with psoriasis, these T-cells go into overload. They start attacking healthy skin cells or stimulating the overproduction of skin cells. Instead of your skin cells being replaced at the usual rate every few weeks, there are now new cells pushing up against healthy cells every few days.

This is what forms those thick, scaly patches on the surface of your skin.

The reason for the T-cells malfunctioning isn’t yet known. Scientists do believe, though, that your genetics as well as exposure to certain environmental triggers is key.

What Increases my Risk of a Psoriasis Outbreak?

There are certain environmental triggers that may set off an episode of psoriasis in a person, including:

  • Infections – Your body triggers the production of T-cells to fight infections or an injury and may go into overdrive.
  • Stress – Consistently high levels of stress has a serious negative effect on your body’s immune system.
  • Smoking – Smoking is thought to be a possible source of developing this condition. It is also known to increase the risk of an outbreak as well as the severity of the outbreak.

Having psoriasis also puts you at risk for additional health conditions, including psoriatic arthritis, cardiovascular disease, other autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

This means that psoriasis shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed as a minor health condition. It’s essential that you have the support you need to keep this condition under control and put your wellness first.

Leaky Gut as a Cause of Psoriasis

At first, it may seem unlikely that two conditions like psoriasis and leaky gut could be connected. However, scientific research is increasingly demonstrating how the key to good health is a healthy gut.

Leaky gut is a condition where the lining of your intestines allow particles and bacteria to move out of your digestive system and into your body in an uncontrolled way. This health condition can be triggered by inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, HIV, sepsis or other diseases, as well as stress, poor diet, and a lack of healthy bacteria in the gut.

When particles leak out of your gut where they shouldn’t, the body reacts by treating it as a threat. This is where the connection with psoriasis comes in. The body then releases T-cells to fight off these threats, triggering an autoimmune, inflammatory response. This causes the psoriasis to flare up and affect your skin.

The Link Between Gut Health and Skin Conditions

It’s clear then that maintaining a healthy gut is important to lowering your risk of a psoriasis outbreak. But scientists are only realising now just how critical this is. In fact, your gut is known as your body’s second brain. A healthy gut has been linked not only to preventing and managing gastrointestinal issues, but also your mood, memory, and immune system.

A healthy gut means we can absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals more easily, regulate hormones properly, cultivate mental wellness and regulate our immune system response to threats.

When it comes to skin conditions like psoriasis, the health of your gut is essential to reducing flare ups as well as managing other triggers like stress, celiac disease, IBS or diabetes.

Leaky Gut as a Cause of Psoriasis

When health conditions like leaky gut occur, it makes sense that it can be behind the cause of your psoriasis. When your gut bacteria are out of balance and riddled with bad bacteria rather than good, your system can’t stop leaking particles. These particles trigger your T-cells into overload, and you experience the symptoms of psoriasis.

This new psoriasis treatment will prevent future leaks from your digestive system, so your immune system is no longer triggered to produce the T-cells leading to psoriasis. You can ensure healthy skin and a healthy gut at the same time.

What is This New Psoriasis Treatment All About?

The Renegade Leaky Gut Protocol is a new psoriasis treatment that offers you a way to treat your psoriasis by healing your gut and restoring the balance of your intestinal flora. Our leaky gut protocol takes place over three stages:

Stage One – Diet. For 30 days, you’ll eliminated sugar, gluten, processed foods and gut sensitive foods from your diet. You’ll follow our set diet plan instead, which is designed to soothe your digestive system and keep you fully hydrated.

Stage Two – Heal. Your diet will include colostrum, a high-powered supplement that actively helps heal the gut, strengthens your immune systems and promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria to restore the balance in your digestive system.

Stage Three – Restore. In addition to the colostrum, this protocol includes high-strength probiotics. These are the bacteria your gut needs to work properly, and taking these supplements actively repopulates your digestive system, ensuring that bad bacteria are fully eliminated.

To find out more about how to heal your leaky gut and psoriasis the healthy, natural way, or to find out more about our results-driven leaky gut protocol, please contact us today.