Leaky Gut Supplements to Heal Yourself Fast

There are a wide variety of leaky gut supplements and foods that may help alleviate the symptoms. But first, let’s take a look at how leaky gut syndrome begins.

Leaky gut supplements

The main function of the digestive system is to break down food and absorb it into the body. In turn, you can use these foods and nutrients for energy and other processes throughout the body.

Normally this whole digestive process goes fairly smoothly. But in some cases, certain substances like medication or alcohol, or specific food types cause leakage. Essentially, this disrupts the normal functioning of your gut lining. It means toxins, bacteria, and other substances can easily enter the bloodstream of the body.

This is often referred to as a leaky gut. And when these substances enter the bloodstream, they can lead to widespread inflammation, fatigue, bloating, joint pain, and other adverse health reactions.

How Does Leaky Gut Syndrome Start?

What exactly causes leaky gut syndrome is a bit of a mystery. Although, researchers and doctors tend to agree that it most commonly arises from an autoimmune condition, such as celiac disease or type 1 diabetes. It’s thought that the intestinal lining becomes damaged causing increased permeability of the intestinal wall. Consequently, an array of substances pass through it, creating even more issues.

Experts also believe it may occur from chronic stress, smoking, a high alcohol consumption, processed foods, and other chemicals that throw the body into an imbalanced or stressed state. Inflammation is usually a critical marker in leaky gut syndrome, and anything that causes inflammation throughout the body has the potential to impact the gut as well.

So, how can you fix your leaky gut problem? Leaky gut supplements and foods may promote a healthier gut, reducing your leaky gut issues and symptoms.

Food & Supplements for a Healthier Gut

What should you eat? Are there specific leaky gut supplements you should try? While what works for one person may not work for the next, there are a variety of foods and supplements you can consume to try to relieve your leaky gut. Let’s dive in!

1. Probiotics

Eat your probiotics has been said enough times but… we’ll say it again. Eat your probiotics! Probiotics are frequently found in yogurts and kombucha. Yet, probiotics also can be found in supplement form.

The theory goes that probiotics help maintain gut bacteria. In other words, they help promote a healthy gut by balancing the good and bad bacteria that aid in digestion. Through this, they help regulate your digestion and reduce gas, bloating, and other digestive problems.

2. Glutamine

Glutamine is an essential amino acid. However, it also works to repair the intestinal wall and lining. So, you probably know where we’re going with this. By repairing the intestinal wall and lining, glutamine may help solve your leaky gut issues. And it may even help regain regular glutamine levels since stress actually depletes this amino acid in the body. Out of all the leaky gut supplements, this one is kind of a win-win. Try it out! See if it works for you.

3. Bone Broth

This is an easy one to start including in your diet. Need a base for your soup? Use bone broth! You can also choose to make your own as opposed to buying it. But the choice is entirely up to you.

Bone broth includes certain compounds that promote gut healing and reduce inflammation. It’s also rich in an abundant of other nutrients, so why not give it a try?

4. Enzyme Supplements

Yes, you can buy leaky gut supplements that contain enzymes. You can purchase these at your local pharmacy. Digestive enzymes, like protease, lactase, amylase, and lipase, help breakdown the food you eat. In turn, they help reduce inflammation in your gut. Try taking these supplements alongside either lunch or dinner. They may help!

5. Colostrum Supplements

If you’re a mom, you’ll know all about colostrum. Colostrum is essentially the first form of milk produced by the breasts. It provides essential nutrients to newborns. And research is starting to support colostrum in supplement form. But don’t worry – the kind of colostrum in supplements is derived from cows.

And colostrum supplements have an array of benefits. They reduce inflammation, support a healthy gut, improve your immune function, and contribute to strong bones, muscles, and other tissue. Basically, on top of healing your leaky gut problems, you also get benefits that optimize your health. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re unsure what kind of colostrum supplements you should try, go for colostrum powder supplement.

6. Licorice Root

Licorice root in supplement form may help maintain and support the intestinal lining. If nothing else is working, it’s worth a shot. But there are some precautions around taking this supplement in large quantities. It may cause high blood pressure or edema when taking in too high amounts.

7. Collagen Powder

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It’s found in almost every tissue. And like other leaky gut supplements, it can definitely help improve your gut health. It aids in the production of juices in the digestive tract that contributes to proper digestion. It also may help repair a damaged intestinal lining.

Are You Ready to Heal Your Leaky Gut Problems for Good?

Gut issues aren’t fun. If you’re experiencing a leaky gut, you may further choose to try our Leaky Gut Protocol. It’s a free course for anyone who wants to heal their gut problems. You may also choose to consume the above leaky gut supplements and food choices. Find your balance, and finally restore and heal your gut. It’s entirely worth it.