I Am Enough By Marisa Peer

i am enough marisa peer

This article is a review and podcast about the new book called ‘I Am Enough‘ written by Britain’s best therapist Marisa Peer and how it relates to self esteem and self confidence.

You will discover:

  1. Marisa Peer’s explanation her ‘I Am Enough’ movement and why the feeling of ‘I am not enough’ is the number one disease affecting humanity today.
  2. Why you should repeat the mantra, ‘I Am Enough’ to build unshakable self confidence and self esteem.
  3. My personal history with feeling not enough, and why changing my story to ‘I Am Enough’ dramatically improved my success and happiness in life.

Marisa’s own words about her new book called ‘I Am Enough’ are: ‘In my 25 years as a therapist, I’ve discovered that the root of so many modern problems hoarding, excessive drinking, compulsive shopping, and over-eating come right back to a need to fill the inner emptiness of not feeling “enough” with external things. The more you tell yourself you are enough, the more you’ll believe it. It sounds so utterly simple and it is and all you need is the commitment to do it and the belief that it will work.’

After learning from Marisa Peer’s wealth of wisdom as a therapist, I discovered that they came from a story I told myself over and over again, ‘No one will love me unless I am a massive success!’

My early success with a music events business came from my insatiable drive to become popular. I was the only brown kid in my class at school and got picked on a lot, and to make things worse I was one of the skinniest too! This drove me to become ‘cool’ by learning how to make dance music. This got me in with the cool kids and eventually led to me creating one of the biggest dance music events in the UK during that period. I also created a very hedonistic lifestyle that was synonymous with the dance music culture, that had both its good and bad points. My health suffered pretty badly…

However after a serious business failure at a young age I slipped into a deep depression that lasted several years. I turned again towards drugs and alcohol, instead of as a way to make the high of success even higher, to now more as a way to numb the misery of feeling like a massive failure.

Even though I lost my music business, I still had a respectable career as a pharmacist to fall back on, a loving and supportive girlfriend, and I was driving many people dream car, a black Jaguar. To most people I seemed to have it all, but I no longer attracted the people to me who I really wanted to hang out with. I was no longer cool!

I may have appeared to be a success on the outside, but on the inside I felt worse than when I was getting picked on at school. I was deeply unhappy and unsatisfied. A big shift happened when I started learning about how to reprogram my mind and how things like hypnosis works after being forced to attend a seminar by Tony Robbins. This got me hooked on the power of the subconscious mind.

A few years later I had created a respectable music therapy business and quit my job as a pharmacist. I had become ‘enough’ with my environment and no longer cared what people thought of me. It was amazing how many things I would avoid from the ‘fear of feeling out’, a mind virus I call, ‘FOFO’. By becoming useful rather than ‘cool’ did wonders for my success and health too!

But then I became very comfortable with my level of success. I unconsciously feared taking big risks or big action because of the fear of losing it all again. It was almost like I had a thermostat setting switched to a set level of income.

For years my bank balance hardly changed.

It was not like I was particular satisfied with that level of income, it was just my mind avoiding making decisions or taking actions that would inevitably make me earn more money. I would self sabotage anything that may lead to me stepping up even more in my role in this world. I would also attract other people and situations where I would experience the wrath of other peoples insecurities about feeling enough! We would all self sabotage each other success unconsciously together!

The reason for all this became very apparent after I met Marisa Peer and learned more about her ‘I Am Enough’ mantra…

After changing the story I told myself unconsciously and consciously using the power of positive affirmation, self hypnosis and experiencing Marisa’s very own unique rapid transformational therapy, I went from selling meditation music tracks and creating them from other therapists, to becoming THE guiding voice over my own music productions. I was now a change maker, the go to guy for CEO’s, celebrities and giant corporations to realign their spirit with Soma Awakening. I had also attracted my dream life partner who fully supports me and makes me feel truly loved from the core, in a strange and mysterious way after a RTT session with one of Marisa Peer’s students. as you will discover in this interview!

I now feel am more than enough! I am a whole new person, with a completely new belief system! I had turned my self sabotaging feeling and stories of lack and low self worth, to one of high integrity, by creating a life of mission and purpose with high value and passion.

I want to share this insightful podcast interview with you and make you realise that YOU also have the potential to make massive positive change in your life, as soon as you discover exactly how to change the story you tell yourself every single day.

Podcast interview With Britain’s Best Therapist Marisa Peer and her new book ‘I Am Enough’



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