Cow Dung Medicine

As we know, in India, cows are considered holy, and rightly so!

Ancient Hindu Texts talk about the healing properties of Panchgavya, the term used to describe five major substances obtained from cow: urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung.

The Vedas, actually have formulas on how to prepare remedies based on cow excrement and urine to heal almost anything, including some forms of cancer. This is hugely accepted in Ayurvedic medicine and it’s been used for centuries.

In this article you will discover:

  1. Cow Dung Medicine – its benefits and preparation.
  2. Science of Cow Dung Medicine
  3. Uses Of Cow Dung Medicine

Cow Dung Has Healing Properties

In our western world, we have a lot of faith in science and modern medicine. It’s interesting because our science is about 300 years old. We seem to think that elder healing traditions such as Ayurveda, Osehtopatie, Herbs Medicines, etc, don’t work because there’s no “evidence”, even though their wisdom is thousands of years old.

Thankfully, our western science is slowly catching up to this ancient knowledge and that has brought us to something quite unique.

Cow Dung Has Healing Properties

Modern science faces the problem that many bacteria and negative organisms become antibiotic resistant. Also, in the quest to deal with bad side effects from drugs and antibiotic residues in the food chain, scientists are looking into different and new ideas, which is another reason why Cow Dung is getting more and more scientific attention.

In 2017, India’s Hindu nationalist government announced publicly that they will set up an initiative to scientifically research the benefits of cow dung and urine.

This sparked quite a controversy since many believe this to be a waste of resources. However this has also been applauded by many since A combined effort of scientist, researchers and clinicians will definitely strengthen this alternate low cost therapy having no side effects, and thus inspire confidence in the public about its good virtues.” 

Despite mainstream’s lack of support, Indian scientists have been on the case for much longer.

The city of Ahmedabad hosts different “cow labs”. Back in 2010, one of them made it to the Telegraph, a renown UK journal,  where they explained a bit how the production of medical cow dung works.

The Process

It all starts with the nutrition of the cows. Labs specialising on the production of healing excrement and urine must pay very careful attention to the well being and nutrition of the animals. Once the cows release, here’s how they describe the process:

They literally take the cow excrement and let it dry for some days. Then they “blend it” to really high temperatures to kill bad bacteria and germs. At the end, only powder is left. This powder is used as the key ingredient into other mixtures to produce creams, supplements, medicines and cleaning products.

For the urine, they have a system to distill it from impurities.

Here’s the original article from 2010 

Indian’s way of thinking about sacred cows is against eating them, however their excrement and urine falls under the category of diary products. In some states you can literally find cow dung and urine next to milk and yogurt.

Uses of Cow Dung, also known as Panchagavya and Cow Urine, also known as Gomutra

Ayurvedic Medicine

Panchagavya and Gomutra are covered extensively in Ayurvedic Medicine. Although Ayurveda believes in the antibacterial properties of cow excrement and argues that it can cure even some types of cancer, scientists agree that more research is needed to reach solid conclusions.

However, here’s an example of the advancement of modern science on its research:

In 2015, the US National Library of Medicine posted an article called Chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine: A review

“ good antimicrobial activity of cow’s urine, comparable with standard drugs, against a vast number of pathogenic bacteria”. “Interestingly antimicrobial activity has also been found against some resistant strains such as multidrug-resistant (MDR) Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae.”

In other words, it has been found that cow urine is capable of fighting back drug resistant harmful bacteria.

You can access the whole review here.

Also, there seems to be a common link among the stories of those that have witness results from Cowpathy:

“It has been observed that the sick individuals first try allopathic doctors and medicine for cure but when there is no hope in modern medicine then they switch over to either Ayurveda/ homeopathy/ naturopahy or cowpathy”

These are the words from Joint Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, from his document  COWPATHY: A NEW VERSION OF ANCIENT SCIENCE


Cow Dung has been found to be a very effective fertilizer and pesticide. You can find the exact recipe and detailed chemical and biological properties of the mixtures from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University website.

Cleaning Products

If this is your first time reading about the topic, you’ll be blown away when you see how many household products have been developed. has specialized in Soaps, shampoos, oil, toothpaste, baby soap, disinfectant…and the list goes on. They seem to be doing pretty well too and there’s many more of this companies. 

Energy and insolation

Many families in india use Cow Dung in their walls as insolation from heat and cold. Also they burn the excrement to produce heat and electricity. Since the dung is rich in Methane, it can provide a renewable and stable source of power

Maybe the expression “Holy Cow” does make sense after all.

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