Brain Food – Increase Your Brain Power With Brain Food

What brain food should you eat to have better focus? To have a better memory? To have clearer thinking? Luckily, there are plenty of options readily available in your local grocery stores or food markets.

Brain food

Do you struggle with memory problems? Maybe you just can’t think clearly sometimes! Or, are you happy with your brain functioning and looking to improve it even further? This article will tell you:

  • Great brain food ideas that you can get ahold of easily.
  • Supplements you may consider adding into your routine for improved cognitive function.

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Not just for millenials at brunch! Eating this brain food regularly has been shown to increase your lutein production and improve cognitive function.

For a long time, lutein was hailed for contributing to our eye health, but there is growing evidence for the importance of lutein in brain functioning and even physical performance.


Blueberries have been used throughout history as a native and folk medicine in North America and they are full of antioxidants! Vaccinium flavonoids give us mental clarity and also have cancer fighting effects.

Keep your brain young and functioning at its peak by eating blueberries regularly. This brain food has also shown to reduce brain damage!


Broccoli contains selenium, which is maintained mostly in the brain. Selenium and selenoproteins have been shown to protect against brain diseases and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s, and increase neuronal cell longevity.

One way to measure the antioxidant capacity in a food is to measure something called an Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC). Broccoli (and blueberries, turmeric, dark chocolate, and walnuts!) have some of the highest ORAC scores measured.

Coconut oil

It’s no wonder Ayurvedic traditions value the importance of coconut oil. It has many uses, but consuming this brain food on a regular basis provides your body with essential fatty acids that contribute to the maintenance of our brain health as we age.

Phospholipids like lecithin (which supplies choline) is also highly present in coconut oil, and plays an important role in brain functioning.


Essential fatty acids are vital if we want to have optimal brain health, but our bodies cannot produce them naturally. That is why we should eat a diet high in Omega-3s and 6s. Eggs are a great source of essential fatty acids, vitamin-E, and choline.

Vitamin E prevents oxidative stress on the brain and protects the brain from neuronal cell death, meaning we can think sharper for longer!


When you open a walnut shell, what do you notice? Walnuts look like the brain! Just as when you slice a carrot into coins and the centre looks like an eye, some foods look like the body organ that they are nurturing.

Walnuts are good for the brain because they are an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Walnuts are neuroprotective, and maintain brain health with age.

Dark chocolate

A delicious brain food essential, dark chocolate – or more specifically, cacao – is great for your brain!

Cacao nibs or dark chocolate (think 80% cacao solids or more) are a super tasty way to improve your cognitive functioning.

High quality dark chocolate contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and zinc. These minerals are all crucial for optimal brainy functions. Magnesium for memory, iron for blood health and bringing oxygen to the brain, copper and zinc for brain development.


We are mostly water. Same goes for our brains. If we aren’t consuming enough water by drinking water regularly and eating foods with a good water content, our brains will not function at optimum capacity.


While it is always best to get our nutrition from a good balanced diet, you may choose to add to your supplement routine if you can’t access fresh produce on a regular basis. Perhaps you are on the road a lot and access to fresh food is limited. Maybe your blood tests show that you need a higher intake of certain nutrients. Whatever your reason, if you would like to supplement your diet with high quality brain food nutrients, check out our recommendations below.


There is an undeniable link between our gut health and our mental and cognitive functioning. Taking a colostrum supplement improves our gut health tenfold and has many benefits. Learn more about colostrum here.

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MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride, which is a type of fat with medium-length chains. Due to their length, MCTs are easily digested by our bodies.

MCT oil is a superfuel because they can enter the cells in your body without being broken down.

MCTs can also be converted to ketones in the liver. Ketones can pass through the blood-brain barrier, increasing your cognitive functioning rapidly.

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High Quality Multivitamins and Minerals

A high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement is a great way to ensure you are getting your recommended daily intake (or a percentage of it) every day. For brain health, make sure your multivitamin contains a good amount of vitamin E and B-vitamins.

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Nootropics or “smart drugs” are gaining popularity amongst all types of people for their neuro-enhancing properties

Most nootropics work on two factors:

  • Increasing blood flow and nutrients to the brain
  • Balancing healthy brain chemistry

Check our article for more information on nootropics.


To maintain cognitive health and vitality, a diet high in nutrients sourced from fresh foods is the best route to take. If you choose, you can also supplement with high quality products to increase your brain function, gain mental clarity, and improve your memory.