Why You Never Seem To Lose Any Weight!

Are you someone who has tried every weight loss craze, fad, or miracle diet pill but still failed miserably every time to maintain the weight you want?

Let me tell you right now that FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK.

You may have heard of the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet or the Hollywood diet, but neither of these promote healthy weight loss or are even manageable to keep up long term.

Here are some simple rules to follow if you really want to lose weight safely and in an easy to maintain way.

Weight Loss Guidelines

1.    Eat fewer calories than you burn. But not all calories are made equal!

When you eat food, it enters your gut where it is digested, it goes into your small bowel and some of it is absorbed through the walls where the digestive trackportal vein transports it to the liver. If it’s good healthy food, your liver is happy and then takes it to other places around your body for nourishment to your cells.

If it is bad food, your liver gets toxic, and it churns out bad fats like LDL. This then gets stored in your belly fat cells, or the omentum. This is what leads to an increase in your waist size.

Calories are the energy values of food and this energy gets stored as fat in your body when its unused. But not all calories are made equal. There are good calories and bad calories.

Bad calories lead to the production of bad fats

So what is a bad calorie? Glucose is the type of sugar our body loves. It gets metabolised by every cell in our body and is very easy to burn with very few toxic by-products. It also tells the brain to stop eating when you are full. Fructose on the other hand is another type of sugar and is found in sucrose which breaks down to glucose and fructose. It is also found in high fructose corn syrup which is added to many processed and refined foods.

Fructose is actually only metabolised by the liver and it’s very similar to ethanol (the alcohol in drinks).  When you consume it, it’s actually like ethanol but without the high. It confuses the liver and ends up making lots of bad fats in the process.  It also doesn’t signal your brain that you are full.  This is why people can drink massive cups of fizzy drinks which are high in fructose and still eat huge meals containing refined foods that are also full of fructose.

Many fruits also contain fructose, but nature has provided the antidote, as these fruits are also packed with fibre which prevents your body from absorbing too much of it.

2. Eat lots of Fibre

Our ancestors used to eat 100–300g of fibre everyday. These days we only eat on average about 12g. This is a very worrying statistic considering all the functions fibre serves. If you have high fibre in your diet then this helps to clear your gut, aids in digestion, prevents the raw dietabsorption of excess sugar and also signals your brain to tell you that you have eaten enough. So fibre is one of the most important things to have in your diet.

You can get this by eating 100% wholegrain carbs, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. If you eat a handful of nuts 30 mins before meals, this can help prevent overconsumption during your main meal by controlling your hunger signals to your brain. If you really cannot eat enough fibre from your diet, then you can get fibre from supplements containing ispaghula husk.

3.    Improve Your Digestion

Your gut serves a very important purpose for keeping your weight under control, having a good immune system and generally making sure you stay healthy. Many people because of their consumption of refined foods which contain very little fibre and water end up with weak and slow digestive refined foodssystems. This leads to all kinds of problems like constipation. When your digestive system is functioning properly, you have a good transit time which means food has enough time to be properly digested, assimilated and excreted.

A slow digestive system is one of the reasons people get skin allergies due to toxins being absorbed into the system. Your gut is also alive with bacteria, both good and bad. Your good bacteria are essential and live in harmony with your body by breaking down food and helping to kill off the bad bacteria.  But refined and processed foods high in sugar promote the growth of bad bacteria and kill off the good ones.

You can solve this problem by eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and probiotic yogurts that contain live beneficial bacteria.  Spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cumin, pepper and turmeric help to stimulate your digestive system and aid digestion.  Also ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.

4.    Get more calcium from non-dairy sources

You can get a lot of calcium from eating vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli, from sesame seeds and even oranges.  Getting your calcium only from milk and cheese is not a good idea because of their high fat content weights(especially is you’re trying to lose weight or avoid saturated fats).

5. No heavy meals after 8pm – If hungry just have a small snack

If you eat after 8pm your body just turns the food straight into fat for storage. This also upsets your digestive system

6.    Muscle building exercise vs long cardio workouts

Muscle burns fifty times more calories than fat. So aim to get a fit toned body.
Long cardio workouts only burn fat and so they stop being effective the moment you stop exercising. You shouldn’t over-exercise because this leads to the build up of lactic acid.  This is why it is also very important to stretch and cool down after exercise.



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