The Renegade Gut Protocol

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IMPORTANT CAVEAT – before you read this please understand that I am in no way implying or saying that you should stop taking your medications – this is for people who are on medications that are no longer serving them and are desperate for an alternative treatment plan – as I was.

Always do your own research, do not take my advice as gospel and always listen to your doctor before attempting anything different to what they are already prescribing.

I got urged to make this post as very recently a friend of our family’s son passed away after having suffered from ulcerative colitis. It was not the colitis that killed him, it was a reaction to increasing the dose of azathioprine that depleted his white blood cells, then he got sick with pneumonia, his kidney failed and then he died.

I really wish I knew he had ulcerative colitis, then I could have helped.

This made me really concerned about all the others out there who might be suffering too that I have not had the chance to share my own success story and strategy with.

I also felt it was about time I wrote this article because a) so many people keep asking me for advice on this subject b) I feel I have successfully healed myself from ulcerative colitis for the last 7 years and many others from similar issues. c) I feel I have now simplified it down to a routine that anyone can follow. (now I’m ready to share this advice on a much bigger scale)

I am a qualified pharmacist and feel it is my duty to help people get off medication and get well, not stay on them forever. I believe the same protocol I developed to heal from ulcerative colitis can work wonders for other inflammatory disorders too, so here is ‘The Renegade Gut Cure’ that can be used to treat or prevent: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns, Candida, IBS, Leaky Gut

First up, what’s the definition of a cure according to Google?

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By that definition I feel I have a protocol which if followed will successfully relieve you of all symptoms and perhaps even make you feel a lot better than before you even got sick.

Sound good? Lets move on…

The way I explain this is by no way conventional, and I feel there is absolutely no point in going into all the long complicated words and science that feeds my ego, and that of the nerds reading this, so I am going to keep it precise, short and action orientated.

Why You Get Gut Problems.

Think of this analogy. Let’s say you put the wrong fuel into your car engine? What happens?

It either runs very slow or breaks down.

You then need to clean out the engine or take it to a mechanic to get fixed.

This is exactly the same case with your body that is literally a highly sophisticated bio-engine.

If you stick the wrong fuel i.e food and drink into your body for too long, it’s going to break down eventually, and often your digestive system is the first to get hurt.

What happens if you drive your car to long without a service, or thrash the engine too hard? It breaks down and again you need to take it to get repaired.

Same goes with your body. If you stress it too hard without proper rest and rejuvenation, you are going to get sick eventually. In your bodies case the mechanic is your doctor, and I know too well that when I go to get my car repaired for one thing, I often end up with other problems a few months or even weeks later.

As a pharmacist it was very common to see people coming in for digestive issues who not long after came with prescriptions for other issues.

Let’s stop that from happening to you.

According to the amazing wisdom of Ayurveda, diseases begin in your gut, and that is what Ayurvedic doctors focus on repairing first through proper diet, herbs and lifestyle changes.

So by following this same system, by simple logic, it should help you prevent other chronic diseases from happening in your body too.

So What’s Going On Down There?

In your gut you have trillions of bacterial cells. Some good, some bad. The good ones actually help you digest your food, fight off infection and even make you feel good. However new science shows that almost all the issues of the gut arise from an overgrowth of bad bacteria.

When you eat junk like processed foods and sugar, drink too much booze, or take drugs both legal and pharmaceutical, or ingest chemicals you feed this bad bacteria and kill off the good ones.

Even being under prolonged emotional stress can affect your bacterial flora. This can create a vicious cycle as your mood and emotional wellbeing is shown to be mediated by gut flora too.

So first we need to upgrade the fuel you put in your body and then repopulate your digestive system with good bacteria and clear out the bad.

Over time ongoing stress to your digestive system can result in perforations in the lining of your gut wall that leads to ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’. This means toxins and particles from undigested food can seep back into the bloodstream. Your immune system gets confused by these foreign particles and this can trigger the inflammatory response. This is a mechanism that is often the cause of autoimmune conditions.

However there is a proven fix for this called bovine colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk a baby receives as soon as they are born. It is the most nutritious food you will ever consume, packed with vitamins, minerals and a whole range of antibodies, immuno factors, and growth factors that actually gives you your first immune system. It also greatly aids the development of the gut in a baby so they are able to digest food properly and protect themselves against their new environment outside of the womb.

You can take colostrum as an adult as a way to heal yourself quickly from leaky gut. Bovine colostrum comes from cows and is actually 1000x more potent than human colostrum. The cow also makes 4x more colostrum than the calf needs. Many professional athletes who are prone to leaky gut due to their intense training regimes use colostrum as a way to recover.

So to summarise the 3 major components of the Renegade Gut Cure are:

  1. Correct fuel (natural organic diet rich in essential oils, nutrients, proteins, and free from processed foods, gluten, sugar, alcohol)
  2. Good bacteria (probiotics)
  3. Heal leaky gut (colostrum)

The Renegade Gut Protocol

    1. For the next 30 days eliminate all sugar, processed foods and gluten products from your diet completely. Eat a diet rich in essential fats and oils, nutrients and high quality protein, that is very low in starchy carbs. The specific carbohydrate diet, paleo or ketogenic diet are ways to follow this.
    2. Each morning on waking drink 4 cups of water (pure mineral water), 2 sachets of Visbiome and do not consume any solid foods for the next 1-2hrs. This helps rehydrate the body and soothe your digestive system. After 30mins – 1hr take two big tablespoons of colostrum. Allow it to absorb into your gums for 10-15 minutes, then swallow with water.
    3. For food follow the ketogenic, paleo or the specific carbohydrate diet depending on your preference. This is very low carb, moderate protein and high healthy fats and essential oils. Bone broth can be very beneficial for people with leaky gut and inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis.
    4. Use this smoothie recipe as a meal replacement: Renegade Moringade: Blend in a smoothie maker: 1 tablespoon organic Moringa powder, 1 tablespoon hemp powder, 1 tablespoon ayurvedic tumeric powder, 1 tablespoon 6hr whole colostrum, 1 tablespoon Ayurvedic ghee, ginger juice (juice a thumbnail or use powder), mint, fresh lemon juice, 1 glass organic coconut milk (no added sugar), stevia to sweeten.
    5. Ensure you have high intake of essential oils. Options: 1) coconut oil. 2) Flaxseed or fish oil caps. 3) Hemp seed oil.
    6. Take a tablespoon of ayurvedic ghee daily.
    7. Make sure food is cooked with Ayurvedic Ghee or Coconut oil.
    8. Do the extended exhalation exercise (pranayam), the aum meditation, and Bliss Breath for at least 5 minutes a day.
    9. Follow my sauna detox protocol (however do not use niacin until you are remission as it can irritate the gut lining)
    10. Take up yoga, meditation and relaxing music/sound therapy if possible to dramatically reduce the affects of stress.
    11. Take ashwaghanda, turmeric and any other stress relieving formulas or herbs.
    12. Use the time off work to focus on your passions or to find a new job that is less stress. Learn or focus on creative arts and hobbies that make you feel good.

I cannot guarantee this will help you, but it has helped me and many other people who have followed my advice fully 🙂


Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT!! Focus on the negative stories on this forum or elsewhere, because if you do, that negative vibe will imprint on your mind, you will lose hope and get more stressed, which makes the condition worse.

Instead please seek out positive success stories and listen to people who got well like myself (sometimes your doctor can be your worse enemy as sadly their education is biased towards medication, and many do not continue doing research outside of work, as they are so overwhelmed with their day to day work, so they never learn about new more effective methods.

If you feel your doctor is being overly negative about trying holistic things, please send them my way, or get a second opinion. I am a qualified pharmacist and so know exactly how to handle them 🙂

The Renegade Podcast 002: Gut Health With The Renegade Naturopath, Dr Judy Gianni

Gut health as a topic is a big passion of mine after I suffered from a chronic autoimmune condition called ulcerative colitis. Millions of people suffer worldwide with debilitating conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable gut syndrome leaky gut, constipation, crohns and ulcerative colitis. I was housebound for over 10 months and suffered from many side effects from the medications that stopped working. This is a problem shared by many others who I am committed to help.

After facing surgery for having my colon removed, I decided to go against the conventional medical treatment and find a cure. In a few short months I was healed after discovering the power of Ayurveda, nutrition, meditation, breathwork and stress management techniques.

I was very inspired to interview the guest on this episode of The Renegade Podcast, my dear friend, Dr Judy Gianni, a Renegade naturopath. She has been using similar techniques for many years in her practice based in Arizona. She also has a lot of experience a dealing with digestive disorders of the gut, and has a great understanding of the different methods out there, and what works for some people, may not work at all for others, and may even be harmful.

So you will hear a discussion between two Renegade’s based on our collective wealth of knowledge and experience on what it really takes to have a healthy and happy gut 🙂

Peace and blessings

Niraj x