Stem cells benefits are unlimited because they can be utilized for the treatment of various diseases and disorders. The fact that stem cells have the potential to treat many other existing diseases in the future means stem cell research will remain on the forefront for years to come.

stem cell benefits

Scientists worldwide are working on finding out how these cells differentiate and transform themselves into specialized type of cells. This will help the scientists learn better about how the human development takes place as a result of this transformation of cells.

It is said that various birth defects and serious illnesses like cancer are caused due to some defect in the cell differentiation. The understanding of this process can help scientists learn how to prevent many of these incurable diseases them from developing in the first place.

Even though there is great controversy since the beginning regarding the ethical use of stem cells, the stem cell benefits largely outweigh the ethical controversy. (x)

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a process in which the patient’s own cells are taken from the body to repair injuries and damaged tissues. These cells are taken mainly from two areas of the body:

  • Adipose tissue (fat tissue present in abdomen and thigh area)
  • Bone marrow

This is a quick procedure and is usually performed by injecting the cells in the desired affected area.

Stem Cell Benefits

There is no limit to the stem cell benefits and the kind of issues and diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapy. (x)

Their innate ability to help regrow tissues and undo damage makes these cells ideal to be used for treating various issues like:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hair loss
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Wounds caused due to surgery
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Diabetes

Stem Cell Benefits for Cardiovascular Diseases

It is said that approximately 1 million Americans suffer from a heart attack annually, making it one of the biggest causes of death worldwide. (x)

Cardiovascular diseases can affect the blood pressure and blood flow by causing damage to the heart tissue and depriving them of oxygen. Research shows that stem cells obtained from the bone marrow have great growth factors which has an unlimited potential to differentiate into heart cells to repair the blood vessels and heart. (x)

Stem cell therapy is now being used in the following ways for cardiovascular diseases:

  • Decrease the formation of scarred tissue, restores blood flow and blood pressure back to normal
  • Regrow muscle cells to grow new heart tissue
  • Stimulate the growth and repair of blood vessels
  • Increase the formation of new blood capillaries
  • Limit the overstretching of heart cells, this prevents a heart stroke

Treat Orthopedic Injuries

Mesenchymal stem cell benefits are in great number to treat orthopedic injuries as they have the ability to form new tissues that build up bones, cartilage, tendons, adipose tissue and ligaments.

For complications like bone repair soft tissue repair or for cartilage replacement, stem cells obtained from the bone marrow are great and studies show that they reduce pain due to injury, help heal serious injuries and bring the patient back to their normal healthy routine in just a few days. (x)

Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases

Stem cell benefits also include the treatment of common neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are said to have no cure but the recent treatment with the help of transplanting new stem cells has shown that it is great to form new neurons, brain cells and undo the damage due to brain injuries.

Even though this treatment may not entirely cure the disease, they can reduce symptoms of the disease, slow down its development and improve the synaptic circuits. (x)

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Even though stem cells have not been able to treat every kind of multiple sclerosis, various clinical trials have shown that this treatment is indeed very promising.

For the treatment of multiple sclerosis with stem cell therapy, the patients are first made to undergo chemotherapy to destroy the old affected cells and then fresh new stem cells are injected in the patient’s body that work on rebuilding the immune system of the patient. This process is quite challenging but the stem cell benefits have an infinite potential to help treat this disorder. (x)

Heal Wounds and Incisions

Various clinical studies have shown that stem cells can help with the growth of new skin tissue by improving the production of collagen, it also replaces scarred tissue with healthy tissue. (x)

This is achieved because stem cell benefits also promote wound healing by the increment in the production of collagen which tightens and strengthens the damaged skin and tissue. The same treatment can be used to treat injuries that involve cartilage and collagen loss in patients of osteoarthritis.

No Immune Rejection Issues

Stem cell therapy that uses adult stem cells are taken from the patient themself. These cells can then be programmed into any kind of specialized cells without the risk of being rejected by the body.

This therapy is highly beneficial for patients of diabetes as adult stem cells can easily programmed into insulin producing cells. This makes stem cell treatment very safe and also reduces the risk of taking medications in future to avoid complications.

Tissue Regeneration

The most important an advanced use of the stem cell therapy that shows stem cell benefits in the best way possible is that these cells are now being used to regenerate damaged tissues and for growing an entire organ. Now, scientists are growing new tissues and organs by instructing stem cells to differentiate in a specific way.

To this date, if a person lost his kidneys he needed to undergo a transplant. For this purpose, a donor is needed and there is a great shortage of donors present.

For example, patients of diabetes are also facing challenges because of shortage of pancreas available for a transplant. By instructing the stem cells to differentiate in a certain way they can create insulin producing cells that were destroyed over the course of time. (x)


Stem cell therapy is also being used to increased longevity in humans and to prolong life. A study was conducted that involved aged patients that were injected with mesenchymal stem cells. It was observed that the immune system of these patients was functioning much better. There was also an increase in the tumor necrosis factor, which means the ability to ward off infections and pathogens from the body was increased.

The overall quality of life was improved and the high fitness levels not only proved that this treatment is beneficial for aged people but that it is also well accepted by old and frail patients. (x)

Stem cells to Treat Blood Diseases

Stem cells, mainly the hematopoietic stem cells, are now being used to treat blood disorders like sickle cell, anemia, thalassemia and leukemia. The naturally occurring hematopoietic stem cell benefits of these cells that are present in the bone marrow and umbilical cord, is that they have the ability to produce new red blood cells that are responsible for the carrying oxygen and also help produce white blood cells that are beneficial to fight against infections and improve the overall immunity of the body. (x)

Using Intermittent Hypoxia To Stimulate The Release of Stem Cells In The Body For Treating Various Issues

As research suggests, the population of stem cell keeps declining as the human keeps aging, this leads to an ongoing damage of various organs. It also affects the immune system which gives rise to the risk of various disorders which are still incurable like diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many other. (x)

To reap the existing full stem cell benefits, the use of intermittent hypoxia can be utilized to encourage the release of these cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. (x)

There are many studies that show that hypoxia can aid with injury repair and help in treating and reducing the symptoms of various serious diseases. (x)

With the help of intermittent hypoxia, the cells can be made to migrate where needed and there is no need to perform any kind of complicated procedure that involves the extraction of stem cells from the bone marrow and then injecting them in the affected area. (x)

Bottom Line

Stem cells can be easily taken from either the bone marrow or fat tissues of the patient’s body. These stem cells are now being successful used to heal damaged connective tissue, heart diseases, neurological issues and orthopedic disorders.

We can even encourage the differentiation of stem cells in our body by using breathwork exercises! This means that stem cell benefits are widely available to every single person, without huge medical costs. Check out this free weekly webinar to learn about these exercises!

Stem cell benefits include the increasing of collagen production, increasing longevity, produce new red blood cells to treat anemia and other blood disorders, create new organs and tissues, decreasing the chronic pain in the case of injuries, reducing the use of medication and decreasing recovery time after an injury or surgery.