SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling out to all my friends, future investors, entrepreneurs and tribe.

The Creation Of Renegade Cola – The Worlds Most Transparent, Conscious & Healthy Soft Drink Brand!

I am putting myself out here with the most audaciously mentalist goal ever – to take on Coca Cola and bring to the world a really tasty alternative that is super healthy, conscious and transparent with no secret ingredients or artificial poisons.

Some people will say you should never share your ideas as the competition will steal them. I don’t agree 😉

So I am going to document the whole process from my failures to my wins, and all my pain, fears and frustrations, as well as my methods for overcoming them – there is no better personal development (other than raising a family) than being an entrepreneur with ridiculously big ambitious goals!

Here is my progress so far:

1. 2011 Heal yourself from a chronic autoimmune condition where probiotics were a huge part of it.
2. 2011 Go on a epic adventure around the world filled with a lot of ups, downs, tests, failures and successes, creating my own genre of healing music therapy now used by some of the worlds best therapists (super grateful), and learning some real wisdom on what it really takes to become healthy and happy, often the hard way – as entrepreneurs we will no doubt make some crazy decisions that lead us down the wrong path, but daring to going down that path and learning from those experiences is one of the most incredible things for self growth you can do.
3. 2015 Create by accident the most viral infographic of all time about ‘What Happens One Hour After You Drink A Can Of Coke.’ This launches my Renegade Pharmacist blog into the mainstream and I now I have more listings related to my article on google under the keyword ‘Diet Coke’ than Coca Cola! Amazing what one article I wrote years ago can turn into!
4. Get asked to go on a mainstream ITV TV show all about probiotics as the Renegade Pharmacist 🙂
5. Solidify a vision for making Renegade Cola! Now it just makes sense, the inner calling is now yelling! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
6. Find a potential manufacturer who already makes super healthy probiotic elixirs + knows how to make a cola flavour. My man Kenny Swann and the awesome Excalibur Cafe – If you want to see the most mystical and mythical place in England – go check out Glastonbury 🙂
7. Practice daily gratitude & Prepare for the ride 🙂

Jun Elixir With Kenny [email protected] Cafe, Glastonbury UK



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