Cheap Stem Cell Therapy

With the infinite potential and promising benefits of stem cells the demand of stem cell therapy is at an all-time high. More and more people are looking to get their diseases and injuries treated with cheap stem cell therapy. It is preferred because there are less rejection issues and also because people are looking to avoid undergoing a painful surgery or strong medication. 

cheap stem cell therapy

Most of these patients include people who are suffering from various incurable diseases like neurological conditions, orthopedic issues, blood disorders and others. But even with the growing popularity this treatment is still quite costly and it is hard to find cheap stem cell therapy available.(x)

Why Is Stem Cell Therapy So Expensive?

Stem cell therapy is expensive because there is a lot that is involved in this process. This includes the altering, obtainment, storing of stem cells and the use of technology to inject the cells in the body of the patient.

For patients this process is quite lengthy as well, which starts from a diagnosis, the extraction of stem cells, isolating the stem cells and then injecting them in the affected area along with multiple follow-ups and monitoring after the procedure. All of these steps add in overhead costs plus extra charges from the doctor because of the training, time consumption and administration work needed.

Even though stem cell therapy is very costly, people availing it still believe that it much more economical putting up with costs that come along with the treatment of chronic diseases. The treatment of these diseases is complex, requires length procedures, number of treatments needed. All of these factors still remain unknown and it is hard to estimate the final cost of the entire treatment, when the patient first goes to get himself treated.

Cheap Stem Cell Therapy

To undergo the process of stem cell therapy, patients had to travel to Europe and Asia for the treatment which costs above $20,000 to almost $5,000. But over the past few years the cost of this treatment has gone down to a great extent because stem cell treatment has been simplified now and cheap stem cell therapy is available in hundreds of clinics present all over the US. The cost of cheap stem cell therapy treatment now ranges from $5,000 to $12,000, most of which depends on the severity of the condition. However, even this cost is quite high and unaffordable.(x)

Why Does Stem Cell Tourism Exist?

Stem cell tourism is dangerous because various local and international clinics have started offering high cost treatment that are still unproven and not been through regulated trials.

These sites are misleading people and give no information on what type of stem cells are being injected. There is no long term affect effects of the treatment shown on this sites. The potential side effects of the treatment in the long run, nothing is mentioned. Such stem cell centers rely on own made video testimonials from the patients. (x)

Stem cell tourism stems from the fact that there are many strict laws and regulations regarding stem cell therapy in the United States. Because of this reason many stem cell treatment centers provide both local and international treatment. Patients need to afford the expense of traveling abroad and lodging which adds to the overhead costs. Many of these patients travel to Asia to afford cheap stem cell therapy. (x)

Seeking Cheap Stem Cell Therapy?

Cost effective stem cell therapy lies within us already. There is no need to go for offshore and costly treatments that are out of reach.

With the help of SOMA breath and intermittent hypoxia, naturally occurring stem cells can be made to migrate to the needed areas for treatment.

Now incurable diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can also be treated by the controlled differentiation and release of these stem cells and their relocation to the affected areas of the body as required.

By providing the cells with a hypoxic environment, the stem cells can be encouraged to release in high numbers from the bone marrow into the bloodstream providing you with a cheap stem cell therapy alternative.(x)

Using Intermittent Hypoxia To Stimulate The Growth Of Stem Cells

Stem cells have a natural ability to differentiate and self-renewal, but this specific ability is quite low under the normal oxygen levels in the body. This slows down the differentiation process of stem cells. Research has been conducted that shows that controlled episodes of hypoxia aids the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells. This also provides the cell with a supportive environment that allows the cells to survive for longer periods of time. (x)

With the help of intermittent hypoxia cheap stem cell therapy is in your reach. Now, there is no need of going for expensive stem cell therapy that includes the extraction of stem cells from bone marrow and then injected in the affected area.

With the use of induced intermittent hypoxia and SOMA breath techniques the cells can be programmed to circulate and relocate in the body as needed for the treatment of various conditions and incurable diseases. (x)