How to Find the Kratom Strain Which Suits You Best

This article will tell you how you can get the most out of kratom. Discover which kratom strain suits you best according to your particular needs.

kratom strain

Not all kratom strains are alike. While one kratom strain gives energy and a stimulating effect, another kratom strain will relax and calm. Some kratom strains relieve pain. Some give a mixture of different effects.

Finding out which kratom strain is the best for you will help you maximize the benefits of kratom, whether for your health, mental well being, or just relaxation, you can find a lot of kratom strains for sale here.

Some people are switching their morning coffee in favor of kratom because it gives a burst of energy in the morning and helps give increased focus.

People with anxiety or depression take kratom to feel calm and enhance their mood without the negative side-effects of prescription drugs.

Or those suffering from chronic pain find that certain kratom strains ease their pain. It’s an analgesic like most over the counter pain relievers, so it can treat mild to moderate pain.

Whatever the effects you’re looking for, this article will give you a guide to find the kratom strain that meets every need. This article will also show you how to maintain its effects to get the most benefits for the longest time.

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What Types of Strains Are There?

Kratom’s beauty lies in its variety of strains. One kratom strain could be perfect for an energy boost or focusing on work, and another for socialising with friends in the evenings. Other strains have more medical benefits like relieving diarrhea, easing anxiety, alleviating struggle with addiction and soothing pain.

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Usually the strains get their names from the place they are grown. The differences in climate and environment mean that each kratom stain has different strengths and effects.

However, not only is kratom differentiated by strain, the vein color makes a difference as well. Due to its chemical composition, the veins of each kratom leaf can come in red, green, white, and yellow. The vein color helps determine the effect that the kratom strain will have on your mind and body.

It is possible to have multiple vein colours within the same kratom strain, resulting in a different effect. For example, in Maeng Da the yellow and red vein variants give a sedating effect, while green and white vein variants are more stimulating.

The reason each strain gives you a different effect is because its alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are in different concentrations. This is why some strains are better for enhancing your mood, some for relieving pain, and others for improving your cognitive abilities.

With this in mind, let’s run through the different strains of kratom so you can find which kratom strain suits you best.

Thai Kratom

Thai kratom is arguably the most popular strain. Its high concentration of stimulating alkaloids, like mitragynine, give you mental focus and energy to work for long hours. Similarly, it is ideal for those suffering from fatigue or depression. It also explains why it’s been traditionally used by manual laborers in Thailand.

The stimulating and mood enhancing benefits are best found in white and green veins. The red strain, however, is the most effective for pain-killing. Its unique alkaloid profile can sometimes have different effects depending on the user. As always, it’s best to try each strain to see how you react.

In general, people who take Thai kratom report:

  • Being more productive,
  • having more energy,
  • confidence,
  • motivation

which makes kratom an effective nootropic.

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Maeng Da Kratom

Created through selective pollination, Maeng Da is among the strongest kratom strain. Like the Thai kratom strain, it has a high concentration of mitragynine which gives you a blend of pain relief, energy, and mood enhancing effects.

It’s origins are unknown, leading some conspiracy theorists to believe this strain has been genetically modified. Maeng Da is known to have been specially bred through a special process called grafting.

Maeng da, in fact, was designed for the needs of laborers in hard manual jobs in humid climates. Its effects on focus and energy also make it perfect for people doing mental or repetitive work.

With growing competition from other producers, kratom farmers selectively bred the plant to produce the most potent and stimulating kratom strain. It lifts your mood, enhances focus, and gives you an energy boost. However, due to increased competition from other growers, it is no longer the most potent strain available.

Those suffering from moderate chronic pain find that it makes a good alternative to their usual medications as it gives them relief without any unpleasant side effects.

The only drawback is that you can build up tolerance quite quickly. This may lead to people taking more Maeng da, and it could become dangerous to your health.

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Thanks to increasing demand from the West, Borneo is one of the world’s largest exporters of kratom. It’s diverse climate and weather conditions mean it can produce more kratom strains than other regions.

Borneo kratom strain is famous for:

  • pain killing,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • euphoric, and
  • addiction treating properties.

This is because, unlike Thai and Maeng Da kratom, Borneo has high concentrations of  7-hydroxymitragynine which makes it arguably the most sedating kratom strain there is.

It comes in all vein color varieties with green and red being the most popular. Borneo kratom has traditionally been used to treat chronic pain, opiate withdrawal, and reducing anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

If you’re looking for pain relief, the red vein is best.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, then green vein will give you the most benefit. Many sufferers have even found it to be as effective as prescription sedatives like benzodiazepines but without the dangerous side-effects.

If you want a stimulating effect from Borneo kratom, try the white vein.

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Indo Kratom

Indo kratom growers in Indonesia have turned kratom harvesting into an art because it has been grown for thousands of years. As a result, Indo kratom is one of the top kratoms you can get.

Due to the high quality of this kratom strain, it also has the least side-effects like “the wobbles”. Depending on how much you consume, your physiology, and other factors, you can have difficulty focusing your vision, giving you a wobbly feeling which can lead to nausea.

Though it depends on the time of the year, the plant, and vein colors, the Indo kratom strain is beneficial for pain relief, combating opiate withdrawal, relaxation, sedation, and also lifting your mood.

The Indo kratom strain has significantly higher concentration of 7-OH-mitragynine and less concentrations of mitragynine than many other strains, which means it’s relaxing and mood boosting, and not as stimulating as other strains.

What sets Indo kratom apart from other strains that offer pain relief is that its effects last much longer compared to any other kratom strain. The red vein kratom strain is the most notable in this case. However, it also gives a sedative effect which needs to be taken into consideration. Because of this, it’s also recommended for relief from anxiety.

There are different forms of Indo kratom due to the different ways it is grown. Here are a few of them:

  • Super Indo gives the pain killing and relaxing effects of a red vein, while also having some very mild energetic effects.
  • Red Vein Indo has powerful analgesic, mood-lifting and sedative properties. However, you may want to mix it with a more stimulating strain to get a nice energy boost.
  • White Vein Indo is the most stimulating variety of Indo kratom. Ideal for those who want pain relief as well as a boost would enjoy this one.

Though both the Indo and Borneo strains offer pain relief, Borneo strains are slightly more sedating and anxiety relieving than Indo strains, as well as having fewer side-effects. The only drawback is their effect is shorter in duration.

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Bali Kratom

The Bali kratom strain is one of the most popular strains as its effects are more varied than merely stimulation and pain relief. Its most notable benefits are pain killing qualities and its affordability. This strain is also cheap to produce, adding to its availability and popularity.

If you’re looking to gain or lose weight, this may be the best kratom strain for you. However, users find the effect can give them either greater or less appetite, so you’ll need to try it and see what effect it has on you.

It’s important, however, to take note that Bali kratom strain can cause the wobbles. To combat this, it’s best to take it in small doses or mix it with another strain.

The red vein strain is ideal for pain-relief, though it does also have a strong sedating effect.

The red and green varieties are believed to greatly reduce stress and anxiety.

The only exception being the white vein Bali as it calms without sedating.

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Malaysian Kratom

Malaysia has a long history of growing and consuming kratom as its wet and tropical climate makes the perfect conditions for growing the plant. Over the centuries, the Malaysian kratom strain has evolved into a unique strain with its own particular effects. For example, Malay strains give a smoother and more balanced energy boost.

The effect depends on the dosage. A low dosage gives you a boost in energy, whereas a high dosage has a more sedative effect. When taken at even higher dosages, its stimulating at first before becoming more sedative. For this reason, it’s best to start taking small doses until you find your sweet spot.

Despite its energizing and sedating effects, it’s the Malay strain’s cognition-enhancing properties which are most noted by users. People find they can focus better, with greater mental energy for longer.

Malay kratom is widely used by anxiety sufferers thanks to it’s balanced energising effect. Unlike anxiety medications which can sedate you as well as lowering your anxiety, Malay kratom offers anxiety and stress relief while allowing you to maintain mental clarity.

White and green vein Malaysian varieties taken at low dosages are the best for achieving this nootropic effect.

Green Malay (or Super Green Malay) is the most popular of the Malay veins. It offers the widest variety of effects like energy, pain relief, anxiety relief, focus, and mood. Due to the thick cell walls and unique alkaloid profile, the effects last longer than other strains.

Green vein together with red is also good for pain-relief without having too much of a sedating effect. So you can get pain relief, and still feel energized and focussed.

Red vein Malaysian has more pain-relieving and sedating effects than green vein. It promotes relaxation and enhances your mood which means it’s good for pain, anxiety and stress relief.

White vein malaysian is the most stimulating and energetic, giving you more energy, increased focus and enhanced mood. Depending on the person, it can have more of mood boosting or stimulating effect.

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How to get the most bang for your kratom buck

Your body builds immunity to kratom when you use it regularly. If you use the same kratom strain every day, your brain’s receptors will adapt. Therefore, the effect will weaken and you’ll need larger doses for the same effect.

However, by alternating kratom strains, you’ll keep the receptors in your brain fresh and maintain the effect. Although you will still develop some tolerance, but at a slower rate. This is especially important if you’re taking kratom for medical purposes like pain-relief.

One way to rotate strains is by taking a predominantly sedating strain one day and a stimulating one the next.

While kratom has not been shown to be addictive, people can abuse it. Be mindful of this when you begin your kratom routine.

Experiences with kratom can vary. Experiment with the different strains and vein types, and record your results. If something isn’t working, try another kratom strain until you find what does work. This way you’ll see what strains and vein colors work best for you.

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  1. Andrew Turner April 13, 2018 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Just so you are aware, most of what you just claimed is marketing BS. Most Kratom comes from Borneo. The rest from Sumatra. It’s basically all blends and very little of it is being tested for alkaloid content. It’s a plant that isn’t exactly cultivated or grown under strict conditions that create any standardization. It’s a great pls t and tool for so many but very little of what you write can be proven.

  2. Lee Parker August 28, 2018 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    I’ve been using Kratom for only a month or so and I think it’s a miracle plant. I am using different veins and strains daily to combat chronic daily pain due to a back injury in 2007. I’m not taking half the amount of chemicals prescribed to me since the injury. EXCELLENT !!!

  3. Calvin McDuffie September 1, 2018 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    After doing some research into opioid alternatives ( I’ve begun to dig deeper into Kratom. I agree Thai kratom is similar to a nootropic effect but I prefer the Green Malay. It seems more euphoric. Have you mixed strains?

  4. Paul September 6, 2018 at 12:52 pm - Reply

    Hi how about ibs and ulcerative colites? Which strain works best

  5. Shelaughs September 30, 2018 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    A life altering mistake during HIPEC surgery 3 years ago leaves me with a 4″ wide scar from solar plexus to pubis. This leaves me experiencing such exquisite pain every moment of every minute. Prior to the discovery of appendiceal cancer I adjusted to living and treating MS peacefully & holistically since 1980.
    As a cancer patient & several drastic surgeries, I am cancer free today.
    I am taking Fentanyl with good results for pain relief and no sense or fears of psychological addiction.
    My concerns are with this being the top end of opioids, where do I go from here if my body develops an intolerance? My dosage is one 75 mcg patch x 48 hours- (applied every 2 days.)
    Thus far my cognitive reflexes, my memory, and my digestive system are all great- other than a soul-sucking exhaustion, I am able to function. This exhaustion is doing me in. I yearn to travel, teach, hike, explore- yet standing to do dishes for 10 minutes has me resting for an hour. A walk with the dog has e napping for 3 hours and going out with friends to sit and enjoy live music? I am in bed for days.
    Thankfully I bear no debilitating or awful side effects from this drug and with no abatement of this sheer pain I see how I could possibly live with this opioid for my remaining decades- barring possible changes in pharmaceutical laws or bans, and of course future issues that I may have with this or other opioids.
    I started doing yoga when I was 12, I practice tai chi, chi qong, and mindful meditation every day. I drink Golden Milk and have diatomaceous earth mixed with water or a cool smoothie every day as well. I am a vegetarian, and my diet is as organic as possible. I envision myself as strong and powerful- and I am aghast at how frail and limited my body is. This has been a tough road. I am aware this is where I am, not who I am.
    And here, I am.
    I am kratom curious. And as cautious as I am curious. I have no idea where to begin, or how.
    If there is a possibility to live as pain-free as possible, I am all about that.
    Today is my 61st birthday and I have SO much more living to do, I’d rather do this actually living a fully actualized life.
    I’d rather nap when I’m dead.
    Thank you for reading. I await your wisdom.

    • Stephanie Barnes January 24, 2019 at 11:57 pm - Reply

      I have MS too and understand what you mean. I started using kratom for pain relief and fatigue about a year ago. Did lots of research and finally dove in. It helped tremendously with so many symptoms. I didn’t need to take adderall or hydrocodone! I alternate days and strains. It takes a minute to find your “sweet spot”. Less is more stimulating while more is more sedating. I would suggest finding a vitamin shop or nutrition city as I’ve found the best prices are there. Maube buy prefilled caps first? If you like it, get the capsule machine. I hope I was able to help! Good lick to you 🙂

  6. Ellen Hughes October 2, 2018 at 1:55 am - Reply

    You got my attention when you said that Bali kratom is known for its painkilling qualities and for its affordability which is why it’s one of the most popular strains. This is something that I will make sure to remember because my arthritis is getting worse. I can’t sleep well because of pain, so I’m looking for the best kratom strain that will work for me. Thanks!

  7. Susan Forsdyke October 3, 2018 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    “Renegade Pharmacist” – I love that. Thanks for sharing. Any recommendations for chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis? Have gone “vegan” but to no available. I rejected big pharma years ago, but am left crippled & in excruciating pain. Any suggestions? Keaton or other? Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Sue Director.

  8. Renee October 11, 2018 at 2:50 am - Reply

    Thanks for all the good info. I am trying to get off Zolpidem, which I was told by my new GP is pretty much impossible after 15 years. I also can’t take OTC or prescription pain relievers for my arthritis/fibro. My old GP was always trying to shove prescriptions at me for this and that, when a simple WFPB diet took care of a lot of things. It’s awesome to have stumbled upon your site. I am always trying to find alternatives for the prescription drugs that the medical/pharmaceutical complex is forever trying to ram down our throats. My new GP wanted to hear all about the amla that I take instead of statins for high triglycerides. LOL

  9. Sharon Wilson-Smith November 6, 2018 at 5:22 am - Reply

    I like that you pointed out that Bali kratom has painkilling qualities that can benefit people who are suffering from chronic pain. This is something that I will make sure to remember because my mother has been suffering from chronic back pain since last year. I can’t afford to see my mother having sleeping problems due to too much pain, so I’m looking for a natural product that can alleviate my mother’s back pain.

  10. Temera Watson November 7, 2018 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    This helped a friend getting off drugs. It gives me energy and focus. the Red vain helps my pain and sleep. I am not sure about Maeng Da. people who think this a drug that gets you high are so very ignorant. In Ohio, someone Over Dosed on this. You can OD on any pill you get. If you take to much yes I believe you can OD. But 99% of the others who use it for pain, focus, energy, etc. so unless you have tried this. then those who want to band this product should try it themselves. I personally believe this is the best thing ever. I don’t feel like I am getting high on it. 30 years ago I used Cocaine and I do not feel that affect. so who ever is saying this is completely wrong. thanks for my venting and my novel

  11. Róbert Arechiga November 13, 2018 at 7:33 am - Reply

    I’m in Slovakia can I get Kratos here?

  12. Sarah payne December 31, 2018 at 10:55 am - Reply

    Hi I am desperately looking for a holistic solution to my issues. Pain depression ibs etc. I supplement with tumeric n some CBD. I am in long term recovery and many of my peers believe u shouldn’t use CBD or kratom. If it will help I am willing to try.
    Which kratom should I try. It says u can develop tolerance. Do u think one could develop tolerance to CBD as well?

  13. Tammy L Phillips January 15, 2019 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    First time user for kratom I’m using it for h withdraws and I don’t know how many pills I should take any body know how many to take?

  14. Veronica January 16, 2019 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us! I learned much from reading this article.

  15. Tomi January 20, 2019 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Can any strain lower blood pressure? A friend’s mom is allergic to almost every medication the drug company she used to take no longer makes it? We’ve been trying so much but it’s been over 2 months and the pressure is high because she won’t take anything else but one time? It’s more the inactive ingredients.

  16. Stephanie January 24, 2019 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    I have MS too and understand what you mean. I started using kratom for pain relief and fatigue about a year ago. Did lots of research and finally dove in. It helped tremendously with so many symptoms. I didn’t need to take adderall or hydrocodone! I alternate days and strains. It takes a minute to find your “sweet spot”. Less is more stimulating while more is more sedating. I would suggest finding a vitamin shop or nutrition city as I’ve found the best prices are there. Maube buy prefilled caps first? If you like it, get the capsule machine. I hope I was able to help! Good lick to you 🙂

  17. Jeff April 4, 2019 at 1:34 am - Reply

    I’ve used all different types of Kratom and any differences are so subtle its completely negligible. Why people say they are so different is beyond me.

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