7 Steps To Personal Freedom So You Can Live Anywhere & Do What You Love

Back in 2010 I was first diagnosed with a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis and in my darkest hour I had to make a decision that would go on to change my life.

When I heard the words of the late great speaker Jim Rohn who inspired the lives of millions:

‘You can’t get much worse than being broke, sick and stupid. So make sure you get that information, it’s key if you want to save your life.’

I realized I had become all 3 and I had a serious challenge on my hands, and my search for that information began.

Prior to this time, I was gaining recognition in my community for my unique work as a ‘renegade’ pharmacist, in being able to uniquely get people off long term medication.

I would write simple shopping lists directing people to make healthier lifestyle choices based on their conditions.

I developed this system because every day I saw people go away with shopping bags filled with
medication, taking more and more, not less. Often suffering from horrendous side effects, in many cases worse than the illness they are designed to treat.

Community pharmacists tend to work long hours with a factory like job dispensing prescriptions, with pharmacylittle or no time, and little training on how to get people well without medication. Over the years It has increasingly become an unfulfilling job, with many pharmacists leaving their job in search of something better.

It made me very confused about the intentions of our current healthcare system. It seemed people were getting worse, not better, and I wanted to do something about it. At least it might make my otherwise robotic career more enjoyable.

After endless struggle trying to get my unorthodox approach to more people, ironically I was about to face the same pain and frustration of the millions of people who suffer from chronic disease do every single day.

I plunged into deep depression after feeling completely hopeless and disillusioned with the world and the power of big corporations and the media at controlling beneficial information from reaching the masses.

After being told by every ‘health professional’ I knew that there was no cure for what I had, and that all the advice I had previously given to my patients was useless for fixing my condition, I decided to concede to conventional health care, and do what they told me.

Then I lost everything from my job and bank balance, ended up housebound for 10 months with no no moneysocial life, and told by my doctor that I may have to have my entire colon removed if this ‘untested’ drug fails to work.

I was now faced with two choices: surgery or to be put on a trial on a new drug.

Not content with being a guinea pig or to have to relieve myself through a plastic bag, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and take option 3, a path that had not been created yet.

Hearing the dooming words from my consultant, was my darkest hour, but this experience went on to become my greatest gift.

I studied countless online medical journals, uncovering the latest research into conditions similar to mine. I gathered research from a multitude of sources, including seemingly miraculous stories of recovery.

Some research seemed outside the realms of possibility. And while I viewed it with a sense of skepticism I was open minded enough to consider all potential cures.

(When you’re suffering from a chronic illness you need to be open to all chances of healing, especially when the mainstream health care system has already failed you.)

What I eventually uncovered changed my perception of the world around me. I began to piece together a system which, in just a few short months, led me to a remarkable recovery.

This led me to create my own system of self healing and personal transformation that has helped me break free from the chains of a failed health care system, and help many people around the world enhance their own lives and the lives of others.

Not to mention being able to travel to different countries, have time-freedom and attract an amazing team and friends I would never have had before.

Here are my 7 steps to personal freedom:

1. Look after your gut:

According to the ancient healing systems of India and China, healing begins in the gut and most diseases start from dysfunctions of your digestive system. Modern science has shown that your gut is a major part of your immune system, with an eco-system of good and bad bacteria and that even your emotions are linked to the health of your gut.

Here are simple ways to make sure you gut is health and happy:

Probiotics – get a high quality supplement (usually ones you have to keep refrigerated) or include gut healthfermented foods like bio-yogurt, saur kraut, kumbucha, kefir and kimchi, to feed your gut, good beneficial bacteria that help you digest food, absorb nutrients and maintain a healthy immune system.
Reduce or completely eliminate refined sugar, carbs, gluten and toxic chemicals from your diet. Basically avoid food made in a factory. This will stop feeding your bad bacteria, and will help prevent issues that lead to toxins being absorbed back into your system, and malabsorption of nutrients.
Colostrum – my number one health supplement. Backed by over 4000 studies for its amazing immune boosting properties. It can help aid the repair and healing of the gut as it is a potent source of growth factors, antibodies and essential nutrition. Make sure you get whole, organic, first milking colostrum where nothing has been added or taken out.
Have a diet rich in essential nutrition your body cannot produce itself. Fish, lean grass fed, organic free range meats, and a variety of vegetable and low sugar fruits is the way to go for that. Keep your carb intake to a small amount of white rice, absolutely no grains or cereals and you can’t go wrong.

2. Manage stress in your life:

Stress is inevitable. we will always face a certain amount of stress, but science has shown that chronic stress can lead to chronic disease. When your sympathetic nervous system is switched on you go into fight or flight mode, you get a surge of adrenaline and your blood pressure goes up. Humans actually do not have an ‘off switch’ for stress like animals do, meaning we stay stressed for prolonged periods that affects our health, happiness and ability to get stuff done. So we need to learn ways to manage itmeditation instead. If your job really sucks, now is the time to do something about it. If you are being bullied in a relationship of if your relationship is emotionally traumatic, get some help fast and fix it, or end or take a break from the relationship for the sake of your health. Stop multitasking immediately, you will seriously suffer the consequences otherwise as your brain likes to focus on doing one thing at a time. Watch funny films, stand up comedy or do anything that makes you laugh out loud! Laughter is the best medicine! NLP and self hypnosis a tools worth learning as quick ways to eliminate negative thinking, stress and worry from your life. Do simple single focus meditation for 10 – 20 minutes a day. Use brainwave entrainment technology, music or simple mantras as tools for meditation. Learn simple breathing techniques like pranayama, sleep well and eat good healthy nutrition food. Most of all don’t take life too seriously!

3. Find something you are passionate about and love to do.

I was very fortunate that I could turn my passion for music and health into a living. It may not be possible for you to do that straight away, but you can learn new skills, or go back to things you loved to do when you were younger. Make a list of things that really get you out of bed in the mornings! Take up a new hobby; learn to play the guitar, the piano, a new sport, and painting. I don’t know what turns you on, but do something! Most people’s working days are 8 – 10 hrs and that’s a large part of the day. So you may as well focus on doing something you enjoy, or at least have a hobby that takes your mind off a soulless job, or else you will just filled miserable and unfulfilled.

4. Change your environment and surround yourself with more positive and supportive people.

I cannot “stress” the importance of doing this. We absorb so much energy from our surroundings, good and bad. Finding a new community online of like minded people through Youtube, Facebook and Meetup I believe changed my life for the good, it can for you too!

If you are sick from a chronic illness like I had you can get time off work and can claim some benefits friends laughingto help you manage the bills, then use this precious time to really plan out the dream life that you always wanted. Speak to an occupational health advisor. My one was brilliant and my place of work gave me a lot of extra support and time off because of her recommendations. I used that time to build my own online businesses so that I did not have to go back to work, and you can do something similar with your time too, if you use it wisely! Being able to work from home is a godsend, and also means I don’t have to go back to that horrible negative environment!

If you are holding on to any negative emotions like anger, regret, guilt, envy or hatred from events in your past, now is the time to forgive and forget. Not just the people or events you hold these feelings for, but most importantly, yourself. We all make mistakes, it is part of life and from these mistakes is how we grow! Use your past and even future mistakes as learning opportunities that you can also use to teach and inspire others.

5. Stay active.

For every one hour you sit, studies have shown you lose 20 minutes of your life. Your lymphatic system that is responsible for clearing toxins from your gut has no pump unlike your circulatory system that has your heart. The only way to move your lymphatic system is through movement and exercise. This is why things like stretching, yoga, exercise and even deep breathing are so important to staying healthy and toxin free. Science has also shown that high intensity interval training is much better that long boring workouts for getting fit. There is a seven minute workout routine that requires just a chair and a wall to do that in scientific studies is proven to beat almost all other forms of exercise. Throw in some simple yoga routines and you can bring your exercise time down to less than an hour a week.

6. Get daily sun energy.

Without exposure to sunlight your body cannot produce one of the most essential vitamins it needs, vitamin D. Vitamin D is more like a hormone in that it governs the function of all the other vitamins invitamin d sun your body, and even the functions of your DNA.

You need around 20 minutes of exposure every day for adequate vitamin D production, and actually more if you are dark skinned. Many leading health experts recommend vitamin D supplementation to make up for the lack of sunlight exposure from working and living long hours indoors.

I’ve now become a sun worshipper, living a life of endless summers, spending 6 months in Asia and 6 months in Europe thanks to having an online business.

7. Learn to create multiple streams of income.

A friend gave me a now very famous book called The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. In it, he discussed his own story of running an Internet business that is fully automated by various technology and services that you can use online. This gave him so much free time that he could travel around the world and break world records doing what he loved.

I was shocked by the potential of this, and thought there must be a way I could create an online business of my own based around my passion too.

I have since created several streams of income, all based around my passion, by leveraging selling platforms like Amazon, iTunes and Clickbank.

With jobs being outsourced to cheaper workers overseas, and many bricks and mortars closing due to competition from online businesses, it may be time to start thinking about your own financial future.

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