Ecstatic Dance – The Best Substance Free Party In The World

Ecstatic dance is a movement slowly growing in all continents. Many travellers agree that certain spots are the best ones and the magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand is gradually gaining popularity as the host of some of the best Ecstatic dance parties in the world.

In this article we will touch:

  1. What is ecstatic dance
  2. What do you get out of it
  3. Where to find the best ecstatic dance parties in the world right now (2019)

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is your chance to fully express yourself and truly dance like nobody’s watching. The fact that these are Drug and Alcohol free events might turn a lot of people off. This is good because the ambiance of these parties are always based around love, respect and community so you know for sure the people attending will be friendly and simply looking to build solid relationships. Even if just for one night.

The music is always, for some reason, very amazing. Most of these DJs are world travellers, lovers of different cultures and Ego Free. Their music is chosen with the full intent of making people happy and to give them a chance to move freely, joyfully and to either interact with others or have the space to close their eyes and enjoy themselves.

Usually you will hear huge amounts of bass frequencies mixed with world beats and textures. Oftentimes accompanied with live, also travelling musicians, adding magic and organic elements of the Ecstatic Dance.

The Best In The World

Places like Goa and Berlin are renowned for big, massive party scenes. Just like the magical island of Koh Phangan, host of the world famous Full Moon Party.

However, Koh Phangan is also exploding as the host of the most amazing Ecstatic Dance Conscious and Substance Free parties today. If you’re looking to enter some of these scenes and connect with wonderful people, we highly recommend you connect with friends from this magical island.

Breathe In Beats

Breathe In Beats, a music collective based in Koh Phangan, Thailand, founded by Niraj Naik aka The Renegade Pharmacist, are renowned for their legendary conscious music festivals. They will take you on a dance music journey that combines live and electronic music with their famous breathing techniques for reaching ecstatic states. Ecstatica and Ecstatic Dance features music of different genres weaved into one magical moment for you to enjoy more bliss, connection and the peak human experience.

Niraj is also the creator of Trypnaural brainwave meditation technology that powers the audio tracks of some of the world’s top therapists, health spas and yogis including the world renowned Garuda Yoga by celebrity yoga teacher James Da Silva (Madonna/Coldplay), Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof (real life superhuman with 20+ world records) and Rapid Transformational Therapy by celebrity therapist, Marisa Peer.

Recommended Up and Coming Events for 2019 hosted by Breathe In Beats

NYE 2019 Koh Phangan – Thailand 

Ecstatica Festival 13 – 17 Feb 2019, Koh Phangan – Thailand


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