Meditation has been proven to provide amazing results to the practitioner, however, what happens when you do SOMA style meditation?

One of SOMA’s newest instructors, an amazing artist called Lisete Alcalde, posted online a painting that came to her during meditation.

Here’s the painting:

Here’s what she said:

Soma has awoken incredible emotions for me and life in general. I feel more alive, more loved by myself and more in touch with the happiness that I can find in the simple and ordinary things in life. The mere fact of breathing makes me want to paint more and more. I get messages of magic and too many ideas to put in my canvas.

She’s a wonderful example of brain and being in full power. When meditating, you will be in such peace and clarity that ideas will have room to grow. With SOMA meditation, this process is accelerated and intensified.

Many use this creativity boost to help in their businesses and careers, making decisions, creating plans, thinking outside the box, etc.

If you would like to experience this creativity boos for yourself, join us on the next Free SOMA Awakening Meditation where Niraj himself, or one of our instructors will be showing you how to access your highest potential.

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