Mula Bandha Pranayama: How To Perform Mula Bandha Pranayama That Can Be Used As An Energy Booster That Releases Mood Stabilizers Dopamine And Serotonin

Through practicing these Mula Bandha Pranayama Breathing Exercises We Will Learn:

  • How Mula Bandha Pranayama can be utilized as an all natural energy booster.
  • How Mula Bandha Pranayama is used as an all natural way to increase the mood stabilizers dopamine and serotonin in the body.

What Is Mula Bandha Pranayama And How Does it Work?

This is actually an ancient Yoga practice in which you are “applying a lock”. The direct translation from Sanskrit is, “Mula” meaning root, and “Bandha” meaning lock or binding. Essentially, we are working with the muscles that are found in our pelvic floor or perineum, which is also where our root chakra happens to be located.

When we work with this energy it can be a helpful practice in assisting with the removal of any resistance to change that we may be currently dealing with in our lives. It is no wonder that this would be the case, as the root chakra is associated with our fight or flight response, our sense of security and safety, and a place where our primal sexual energy is stored.

This chakra is also known as your “foundation”, in relation to the rest of your chakras. Just as it goes with any type of building construction, a strong foundation is vitally important. When this chakra is in balance and in harmony it also deepens our connection to mother earth and brings about a deeper sense of feeling grounded and secure.

How Does A Mula Bandha Pranayama “Lock” Act As An All Natural Energy Booster?

When practicing the combination of these two techniques It creates a natural boost in your metabolism while at the same time giving you an adrenaline boost. This creates a natural caffeine type effect in the body that wakes you up without the usual caffeine crash you might feel when drinking coffee.

This technique will also raise your heart rate. When this happens, realize that this will be for a brief period of time rather than an extended period of time. So you don’t have to worry about your heart rate being up for the rest of the day, or inducing any additional stress throughout your day.

After you have this brief elevation of your heart rate, your body’s parasympathetic response will kick in which brings you into a more harmonious state.

How Do These Mula Bandha Pranayama Breathing Exercises Increase Serotonin and Dopamine Levels That Act As Mood Stabilizers?

Serotonin and Dopamine are very important neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, that act as a bridge of communication between brain cells. These neurotransmitters also work in conjunction with emotional reactions and the brain’s pleasure and reward system.

When serotonin and dopamine are found in much lower levels in the brain it has been linked to a host of other health issues such as depression, and Alzheimers.

When we practice Mula Bandha Pranayama breathing exercises it actually creates a natural release of serotonin and dopamine within the brain. With an increase in these natural mood stabilizers being produced in the body we can greatly assist in shifting the chemistry of the brain without the use of harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

How To Do The Mula Bandha Pranayama Breathing Exercise As An Energy Booster While Producing Mood Stabilizers Serotonin & Dopamine:

1.) Sit comfortably in an upright position with your back straight. Now take a deep breath in and hold your breath.

Mula Bandha Pranayama

2.) Now contract tightly all the muscles you would use when holding in your urine. This means contraction of the sphincter muscles, or the perineum as tight as possible. With anal muscles clinched, imagine your pulling up and drawing energy from the base.

Mula Bandha Pranayama

3.) Contract as long as you feel comfortable and watch your heart rate go up on your heart rate monitor by around 20-30 BPM. You may also feel a rise in body temperature.

Mula Bandha Pranayama

4.) You can also close your eyes, lower your head and relax. It is fine to hold your breath here for as long as you feel comfortable, or until you can’t hold it anymore. When you relax and return to normal breathing, you will then observe a drop in heart rate even below your normal resting heart rate for a few minutes as your nervous system has a reset.

Mula Bandha Pranayama

These Mula Bandha Pranayama “locks” can truly assist us in creating a solid foundation from the root up, while at the same time producing the mood stabilizers serotonin and dopamine that enhance our overall brain function and productivity.